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    Wasn't sure whether to post this in the coronavirus thread or not but anyway ... A couple of weeks ago on twitter, the permanently raging ultra-unionist journo Paul Sinclair criticised Nicola Sturgeon for having the sheer audacity to wear a tartan face mask. He was predictably joined in this attack by a couple of pathetic Tory MSPs and non-entity Labour councillors. Sturgeon then replied that her tartan mask was actually sold by a company who were donating a fair slice of the profits to Shelter Scotland. The company then got inundated with orders for the same facemask as Sturgeons and announced the other day that since Sinclair's wee rant they have now raised over £30,000 for Shelter Scotland. Nice one Mr Sinclair
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    I was, a very pleasant evening it was too. Didn't realise I'd attracted the attention of the boards resident arsehole. 🙅‍♂️ Edit to say, I didn't mean you lol
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    Try replacing England with Pakistan and see how it looks.
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    If that’s the case, I’m gonna report it for real now.
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    Rich coming from you with all the snide remarks you make. You even told your paranoid gay bar drinking buddy to come up and arse me! The wife had a good laugh though and asked what school you went to? Oh and also why did not have the bollocks to face me yourself. More or less sums you up.
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    What really excites me is the possibility that in the next season or two we might see the rise of a couple more top class players. In the two years since I joined the TAMB we've seen the stellar rise of 6 players, namely Robbo, McTominay, McGinn, Fraser, KT, and Gilmour. Imagine we could add just two or three to that list over the next two years? Our squads looked a lot worse two years ago, and I hope in two years time I'm saying the same thing about our current squads.
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    Ramys not the sharpest tool in the box for sure and Ive given him a bit of ribbing in the past but there are a few snide cunts on here constantly itching to jump all over him. Same ones every time. Shitebag behaviour.
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    To be fair to United, and I would say that if it was any club. Its a fucking disgrace that we, Cove and Raith have been dragged in to this personally and will have no choice but to shell for legal fees. What a lot of fans seem to have overlooked is that any compensation, which looks a very likely outcome, will have to be met by ALL clubs taking a hit. Some of these clubs simply may not have the funds to pay this. Which will of course lead to the compromise of reconstruction. I suspect this was always Hearts end game. Ive said all along I have no issue with Hearts taking issue with the authorities if they see fit but what they have now done is a fucking disgrace, Ive no sympathy at all for them now unfortunately. Budges almost daily statements about only wanting what’s fair for everyone is I’ve always expected, she is a lying devious old hoor.
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    If it’s worth double, then fuck off again 👍🏽
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    Just want to introduce you all to the newest member of the Tartan Army. Odin Bryan Laird was born last night in Warwickshire. Posted by a proud grandfather.
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    shankland is miles away yet... but I agree, mcburnie hasn’t impressed me. Naismith better than both. Griffiths too if he is fit. Let’s be honest we have nothing up front. 4-6-0 is looking tempting.
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    Were they shouting that as well?
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    I think your just pissed off that I suggested the fact that Che Adams and karlan grant would easily walk into our squads. The epl is top level football, I know alot of Scots are bitter about this fact, but the more players we have in this league the better. Especially if they manage to stay in that league. You have to have a certain level of ability to last in that league. That's not me suggesting that there are no good spl players or in other leagues for that matter. I have always praised the celtic players and they are easily good enough for the Scotland squad. Sadly very few players playing spl football are good enough for international football. This is just a fact, like it or lump it. There's a difference between worship and stating facts.
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    To confirm, you mean RH and not me?
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    Point scoring with child abuse doesnt go down well with anyone, many people thought you were being a bell end there 👍🏽
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    Can't see how that would be racist.
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    You obviously dish out so many insults you forget. Now here you are trying to make me look bad and involve others. Reply as you like with your silly faces, I am bored with you already. Goodbye
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    I saw the posts that led to Big Ramy receiving the ban. Hmm, he lost his temper a bit with someone who he had already identified as a troll. He should just have put the person on mute and carried on - just my two cents worth. Not sure of his ban history but 2 weeks seems a bit harsh. Perhaps a 7 day suspension would have been sufficient. Anyway hope he returns once his ban is up - I know some on here don't like him or whatever but he starts some decent threads at times and is fairly active on the board in other threads.
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    It is the hypocrisy Residents of Cornwall try to turn back holidaymakers from the rest of the UK (mainly England) for fear of Coronavirus Residents of Scotland try to turn back holidaymakers from the rest of the UK (mainly England) for fear of Coronavirus Only one is newsworthy Scotland is the only country in the World that cant even suggest closing it's border during a pandemic for fear of offending England
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    I don't think there isn't a piece of verbal abuse that you haven't said to me on here. But I never respond to it except with a laugh and joke. So your kind words about Ramy reek of hypocrisy.
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    Since Sunday, he’s called someone a clown, idiot, a fukn Hun troll, Jakey cunt, been banging on about Celtic being champions on the anything goes section and mentioned someone’s mum, something that he sees to deem unusable after a remark was made about his family. The man is a complete fucking balloon that can’t see the hypocrisy that he posts every time he thumps the keyboard. I know a few decent Celtic fans, but that man comes across as the stereotypical Celtic fan who can’t see past anything that isn’t green & white. If I knew him in real life, I’d genuinely feel sorry for him.
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    I deliberately never mention Gauld. I try to not even think about him and let him come good in peace. That said, I follow his every match!
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    I didn't know this, if you are right, it makes the decision to end the season the correct one IMO
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    You are sounding more and more like a Rangers fan by each passing day but given you support Hearts that's not too hard a switch. My team (and only club team) win at Gorgie basically every time we visit, so in that respect I'm sad to see you go. Even last season when we were utter pish, we still got 6 points whilst visting. As I said, enjoy the seaside. I'm sure the locals will remember you.
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    I’d have given anything to be that talented at any one of those things never mind all three. Jammy bugger.
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    Budge is doing a great job at deflecting away from the shit job she and levein did at hearts. Several votes took place, even with some untoward behaviour from some, the clubs STILL voted to end the season the way it ended. Thats tells you a lot about the game in scotland but they still want it that way. Hearts were living in another slightly more warped universe if they thought reconstruction was ever going to happen.
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    To the bastard that broke in to my car and stole my trainers and hi-viz jacket. You can run, but you cant hide. 😳
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    The Scottish cup should’ve been playing this weekend and the final next weekend, or by the end of July at the very latest. That would’ve sorted the european places. It’s a disgrace that Hearts or Hibs have been robbed of a potential europa spot and Aberdeen have been handed it.
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    I still disagree and would again use examples of other leagues in Europe. UEFA too should have reorganised accordingly for this/next and even the following seasons. Postpone next season if required and work it out from there but you can't stop this season after 3/4 of it done.
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    PS - I've said at least once on here weeks/months ago, the one really bad decision was ending the 2019-2020 league early. It should have been completed however late and the next season started whenever possible. If they hadn't done that then none of this would have happened, Utd (and Raith, Cove etc) could/would have won their leagues, Hearts probably relegated and Partick had a sporting chance with one game in hand etc, etc.
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    The same was happening in Cornwall Were they Cornish Nationalists or just folk concerned about a virus ?
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    Good man sticking up for yer real bhig team who dont have a plastic pitch
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    Ritchie, Quashie and Morrison all appear to have said "yes" the first time when they were approached. They didn't need to be chased for years and years until they finally said "yes". Adams can GTF. Don't need or want him.
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    Debatable. They won't declare for us. Just like Gabriel Agbonlahor, Andy Carroll and Jonjo Shelvey did before them. So there's your problem solved. I'm confident that in three or four years time a couple of young Scottish strikers will have emerged. Btw playing well in the English Premier League is no guarantee of a player being any good at international level. We have had several players who could do it in the Premier League but just couldn't do it at international level for whatever reason. Forgive me if I don't join the wankfest over that particular league.
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    The Affair was awful. Omar should have blasted McNulty at the end of The Wire and saved us all rom that terrible show. 🤓
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    “ footie’ Or ‘footy’ 😡
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    If you reported people that were out of order, the board would be a far better place 👍🏽

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