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    I think this is as about a well laid out explanation as it gets. Tony Livesey, is a 5-Live presenter, on the Drive show and is a Burnley fan himself. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/53163342
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    He reportedly fled Libya cause of "Islamists" as well. He does sound Muslimy so there is that...
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    Nah oor janny is ok. He gives me sweeties and lets me sit on his knee. I am a teacher though πŸ€”πŸ˜†
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    Rare footage of Mr and Mrs Tidier arriving at Bournemouth beach yesterday....
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    I was about to make a point last night about this being an interesting moral philosophy question for students of logic/ethics. why is it OK to say "All X matter" and not "All Y matter". But I didn't finish posting it. I think it may have become overtaken by events. Strictly speaking the two statements (black and white) are or should be interchangeable but it's all about context. As I understand it, people saying "Black Lives Matter" are trying to draw attention to inequality and injustice. For some reason, some other people are annoyed by this. Those who say "All Lives Matter" appear (to those supporting BLM) to be deliberately diminishing the significance of the statement BLM, as if meaning to say that 'race' is not an issue, and that inequality and injustice are OK or irrelevant, or not an issue. Even if I agree that "White Lives Matter", if I'm a non white person in Burnley I would not be comfortable to think my townsfolk would go out of their way to fly that banner over my town. (Or, if you're a Scotsman in London and you see people around you with "English Lives Matter" banners you might feel uncomfortable about your own position)
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    If you cannot come on here an have a laugh and a joke which Ramy and I do. Then...…………….
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    Cheer a lot of people up tho, enough do it he might just implode and disappear off this board for ever πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
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    The sensible thing to do would be to put him on ignore 😜
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    The Reading suspect converted to Christianity, has a big cross tattoo and volunteered in a Baptist church.
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    We've donated it to our charity trust that does community work - ie lunch clubs for kids in holidays, Football Memory sessions for locals with Alzheimers, Walking football classes for elderly fans to keep fit. Really chuffed the club choose to do this.
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    I was waiting on a clipping from the sunday post to appear to be perfectly honest 🀣
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    Stats wise McGinn was just about passable, Fleck was was worse than awful. McBurnie despite only 45 minutes on the pitch was Sheffield United's best player. McTominay did nothing wrong and Robertson, as he often is, was well above average for an EPL player
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    Went into school today for the first time since mid-March. Taught a four hour lesson to 8 sixth form students with one quarter hour break. Then went home, dealt with emails, did some marking, and have still got some lesson preparation for tomorrow. I reckon we had about 1/10 of our students in, year 12s and key worker/vulnerable children. It was a strange an slightly eerie experience but nice to see people again. I think I was probably the only teacher who wore a face mask and I didn't see too many students wearing them either. I had kicked up a little bit of a fuss earlier in the week and ended up moving from my normal room to a substantially larger one which had far better ventilation. As far as I'm concerned 1m or 2m doesn't make a lot of difference. 2m you get 1/3 of students in school, 1m you get 1/2 students in, whether its 1m or 2m there's still a substantial problem. I know there's been a big fuss in Scotland but a similar thing has happened down here. Whilst the UK/English Govt hadn't said anything about blended learning I think most of us anticipated that's what would be happening in September. So it was a surprise to hear Gavin Williamson announce over the weekend that everyone would be back full time at the beginning of September. Admittedly Scottish schools will go back a couple of weeks earlier than English counterparts but Scotland appears to be in a far healthier position than England in terms of Covid deaths and circulation of the virus among the general population. What I would say is the skills teachers have acquired over this period and the practices that have been followed mean that we could switch to blended or remote learning quite quickly if necessary.
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    That's one of the problems with schools these days. Too much fun no enough work. A lot of these teachers have just had 9 weeks off and they are about to go on another 7 weeks holiday. They don't know what work is. The worst ones are those folk who leave school, go to university, then teacher training college then straight back into school again. They've spent their whole lives in educational institutions. If I was dictator of Scotland, I would make them all do four sets of weekend night shifts in A&E before taking up a teaching post just to let them see what real work is. If only we still had deep mines, I'd send them doon't pits for a fortnight.
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    We have, 6 weeks. Many parents furloughed. I imagine you would have plenty volunteers to put it all back in no time and we now have a plan in place should the worst happen. A fuss about nothing. A phrase repeated daily at briefings 'if circumstances change'.
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    I'm not sure I agree with that. McGregor is clearly closer to the end of his career than the start however his overall form for us coming back has been excellent. I agree his temper is an issue and will probably see him booked more often than he should be however I can't, off the top of my head, think of any time in the last 2 years that has cost us points. I'd definitely say he saved us more points/games last year than he cost us. He'd probably still be Scotland number one if he hadn't retired.
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    Aye, you dont seem raging at aw
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    Nobody gives a fuck
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    Thanks, I had a read over it. BLM - you are supporting an injustice in society WLM - you are racist and oppressive Every life matters - you are ignoring the injustice in society and therefore giving preferencal treatment to racism and oppression
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    Haud on... McBurnie? I thought the Scotland-know-fuckalls had decided he was worse than pish?

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