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    The timing of the letters was admittedly poor, but its not like the rotas were drawn up the day before the letters were sent out. The preparation for for all this will have taken time , at a time when there were still too many people being infected to make a bold enough call to allow all kids back 5 days in August. Yes some work will have been done that may never be required , but I would rather have that then no alternative plan come August. The people that are moaning are moaning about the proposed original plan and the effort that has gone in . They are not moaning about the schools going back so this must be a positive change of direction. You may see it as a u turn , I think of u turns as completely back tracking on something . With this I see an effort having originally been made to get the kids back in August in a safe environment amidst an ongoing pandemic, to getting them back to normal schooling should the data be promising. I dont see that as a u turn , I see that as 2 completely different situations, however my interpretation of this may be flawed.
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    So here's the problem. Schools can open - close to - normal in August, assuming that fall in transmission of the virus continues on the same trajectory. If that doesn't happen then schools will have to have contingency plans in place to provide alternatives and those contingency plans will involve spending money on things now in the hope that you don't have to use them but have them available if you do. Even if there isn't a national increase, I'd say it's inevitable that we'll see localised outbreak which will result in individual schools having to either close completly or to works at some reduced level. Since it's impossible to predict which schools will be impacted, every school has to be prepared. God forbid those people who put the Louisa Jordan together would complain about having to cart beds in that haven't been used.
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    There are two things which are pretty much guaranteed in education. It doesn't matter what happens, teachers will moan like fuk about it. It doesn't matter what happens parents, will moan like fuk about it.
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    Not The Broons twins and their pals, is it?
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    Tbh I think I'd rather do that for a living than face classes of disinterested teenagers.
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    The work that's been done may or may not be a waste of time, we just don't know. It can't be picked apart at the drop of a hat however. On your last point you don't see it because you don't have any idea of the scale of it. It's massive and there isn't the manpower to do it quickly.
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    I’m only looking at this from a primary school perspective so secondary is currently a mystery to me but don’t envy them at all. However, the perception I’m getting is the perceived needs of the teachers at our primary school are superseding the needs of the kids. Despite the announcement yesterday we’ve had documentation through this morning about the bubbles and how they’ll operate on return unless they’re advised to the contrary so despite yesterday’s announcement looks like we’ll be cracking on with blended initially regardless of where the infection rate sits. I’d not really be that grumpy about that if the Wednesday had been used for deep cleaning as I could just about buy it but a Friday! What use is that in protecting teachers (5) and students (50) in Group B from Group A and if they can have Group A & B going in back to back why not clean over the weekend to free up a fifth day of teaching? Swiney’s done them no favours in that he could have announced it during school holiday so they could have used the holiday as an excuse not to put it in place for a few weeks. Now, teachers need to just get on with it or folk will be totally pissed off if they just sod off on holiday for 6 weeks without being ready for full return. Got be honest running out of patience and moaning about getting setup for something not needed will just exacerbate it as that’s just the way it is for almost everyone else. I know two teachers pretty well and one believes they’ve the hardest job in the world that should be held in as high esteem as nurses whereas the other one sits 427th on the Fortnite league table so not all of them have been busting their pan in for the last 3 months. It’s all likely to go tits up anyway and we’ll be shut down again by end of October doing School nativity via zoom and eating starved greyhound for Christmas dinner with Jools playing his piano solo for 5 hours to see in the Bells.
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    It's an absolute cluster fuck from Swinney. He's done a complete 180 in a week ffs! The logistics behind this are huge never mind teaching prep. As an SNP supporter generally I'm none too happy at how this has been handled. 😕

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