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    I'll be heading along to the anti racism protest this morning, hopefully a good turnout to show these fascist cunts they are hugely outnumbered in this city. Might see you there @thplinth, what statue will you be defending? I'll pop over and say hello.
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    Och, people are usually much nicer in person, dont be too harsh. I dont think we can invite Killaefaetheferry into the competition as he is too experienced a cook. He has however been an integral part of this thread so maybe he could be the taxi driver . ๐Ÿš• Big Ramy could be good fun with his bagpipes , and his inclusion means I may not end up in last place. He lives in Canada right enough , that might be a bit too far a drive for Killae, plus I doubt my Entertainment in Isolation budget could afford the petrol cost . Maybe Ramy could swim across those shark infested waters instead ๐Ÿค” If he agrees we may have to edit out him browning his meat in case there are any children watching. Piak , Dave and Tiny Tim are also too far away . Are there no cooks left in Scotland ??? That said, I am taking their word for it. Every one of them could be living at the end of my road . This whole messageboard could be The Tidy Show, like the Truman Show. I might sail down the Clyde tonight to test it. So. What about Lairdy, heโ€™s a good guy. I am pretty sure we could sign him up if we bung him a few Begonias for Mrs Lairdy. Daviebee can make a good Thai Curry and we could bring Fringo along for the jokes. I dont know about you but I think this could take off. And better still, we could premier the video on my Entertainment in Isolation thread. Any TAMB cameramen or women out there ???
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    That's fine I can find them myself, I was paraochially thinking you meant folk on here lol. I was thinking not seen who has said that! I've basically never listened to Murray in my life!
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    This thread needs a tune tonight.
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    lol. So I guess this makes 'sense' of Mox's behaviour here. The Goon Brigade have obviously aligned themselves with these Antifa / BLM nobs. While the 'Orange Brigade' have aligned themselves with the usual 'far right' statue protecting orange walk nobs. FFS. All this faux outrage and foaming at the mouth garbage is just another ultra boring front in the OF wankfest that never ends. Tits.
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    Haw you! It tasted great!
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    ๐Ÿ˜‚ I didnt see the bit in bold and I thought I had my first contender for Come Dine With Me . Was just about to give you my address. I have seen plenty of cremated pizzas appearing from my oven. I am not much a fan of pizzas.
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    Hanley and Norwich are as good as down though. Really can't see them staying up, not after yesterday's performance.
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    Both McTominey and Tierney ended up playing centre back for their clubs this week, could somehow we get a decent centre back partnership almost by accident? Would be good and their normal positions are well covered.
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    So you are breaking the corona virus advice along with your friends I take it? Just as bad as the loonies you are against. Absolute nuts.
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    Only gf for my wee lass. Le Creuset pot in the oven after the first hour on the stove top to reduce liquid a bit. Was still fairly liquidy at this point though. You can always reduce it later but I didnโ€™t need to as it turn red into a nice gravy sauce after 5 hours in the oven about 160. Did a stir and check every hour. The secret is using beef shin. Only trim the outside sinew. The internal connective tissue melts to make the gravy. Itโ€™s pretty foolproof but comes out like a masterpiece.
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    How much did Hearts pay their creditors in terms of pence in the pound when they were in administration? A similar figure should be offered, it's only fair.
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    Purely down to money...self serving cunts
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    Celtic were coasting the league. The league being awarded suits Rangers (and Gerrard) more than them as it hides the fact that Celtic were going to win the league probably before the split.
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    Jesus๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ rolling hills esque shite right there
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    Iโ€™m gonna go 3-5-2.... since itโ€™s what we used most of the decade. Goram Gough. Hendry. Mclaren Mckimmie. McCall. Robertson McAllister. Collins McCoist. Roberston difficult call up front as mo Johnston would be a good shout but Robertson gets the nod.
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    If hearts are so interested in sporting integrity, why donโ€™t they offer the chance of their place in the league to teams that have lost out in the playoffs, with playoffs. They can at least have a chance to seem like itโ€™s in everyoneโ€™s interests like they say and leave sporting integrity fully intact.

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