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    I honestly can't see why a club would buy another club and rename it so they could get back into the leagues through the backdoor after the original had died through mismanagement but there you go. I'd say that's a lot more unfair than relegating a team that's bottom of the league and been pish all season.
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    You'd like to think that the delay in the game could benefit us. Gilmour could be a first team regular. Tierney, McGinn and McTominay could be fit and hopefully Fraser will have found his form. Can't say how good it is to be back on here talking football!
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    Let's not forget it's not just Hearts that's been affected, but Partick and Stranraer too. The latter two however are behaving with considerably more class and dignity than the former. They don't like it, it's unfair but they're accepting it and vowing to get their justice on the pitch next season. A year from now hopefully both are celebrating a trophy and a promotion. The whole situation is borne out of a situation that is nobody's fault. The SPFL and the clubs are dealing with it as best they can knowing that whatever the outcome there will be people unhappy. Without meaning to sound too harsh, we have three clubs out of 42 who are adversely affected which in the grand scheme of things is about as good an outcome as could possibly be hoped for - not forgetting that the concerns and adversity faced by these three clubs is very real. By all accounts it's not going to put them out of business which has to be a positive even if they are somewhat unfortunately relegated. Bottom line is if they had performed better for 75/80% of the season they'd not be in that position (granted, someone else would). Life is full of unfairness and ill fortune often beyond anyone's control. Football is no different - in fact it can be even more unfair sometimes. Unfair that Rangers lost the league cup final due to a goal that might have been ruled out with VAR, unfair that Cardiff City were relegated thanks to a desperate offside decision against Chelsea, unfair that England got knocked out of the World Cup when Frank Lampard's "goal" may well have completely changed the outcome had it stood, unfair that Scotland failed to reach the 2012 Euros thanks in big part to a rotten penalty given to the Czechs in the last minute. The list goes on. Its also unfair that some people have more money than they could spend in 100 lifetimes whilst others haven't a pot to piss in. Unfair that some kids are born sick and don't live very long, unfair that some bloke down the road won several £million on the lottery and I didn't, unfair that some good people have lost their jobs due to the bad decisions of idiot management. Life is full of unfairness, but it doesn't mean that there's potential litigation in every situation does it? Hearts are experiencing a bit of unfairness here, visited on them by events outside of anyone's control. The clubs voted in accordance with league rules (several times now) and the SPFL as a company have acted within company law as far as I can see (I'm not an expert though). Decisions were made in the basis of those rules and those laws whether or not we like them. I fail to see what Hearts' case actually is other than "wah wah wah it's no fair 😩😩" and I doubt there is much legal weight behind that. If the clubs or SPFL have acted outside the league rules or outside company law then I'll stand corrected, but I have yet to see any sensible robust argument made as to what that might have been.
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    Hearts, Thistle and the rest have been absolutely fucked over...the response from the rest of the 'I'm alright Jack' clubs has been scandalous as well
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    Anyone in the UK desperate to visit a pub will be pleased to know that pubs in Northern Ireland will be reopening on the 3rd July. They'll probably be pretty busy at first so anyone who wants to go over might want to wait until the following weekend when I'm sure things will be a lot quieter.
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    Coco Pops was trending on Twitter for a while yesterday after someone asked why it has a monkey as its mascot (and Rice Krispies has three white boys). Of course, it might have just been a wind up, but in the current climate...
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    A simple phrase. 'the league wasn't finished'. Comprehede? Any good news?
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    All very fair points. Situation in Belgium & France certainly different in sense of clubs didn't vote for season termination. Then again, vote in Scotland may or may not have been valid...will we ever know any more on that? Presume if Hearts think they even have a small chance of success on the legal front, they will throw money at it. Can hardly blame them. Sadly, Scottish football has run with its head very deeply in the sand for too long. We have a national team who can't even get near finals tournaments anymore, an SPFL that can only attract a tiny fraction of tv money that other leagues manage, down to just 5 clubs who can hope for crowds over 10k. Only glimmer of hope for me is below the SPFL where the pyramid is finally coming together much better - the switch of ALL the West Junior clubs into the senior system at long last is very welcome, and follows most of the East Juniors doing the same last season. The remaining East Junior stragglers will doubtless follow along in due course, and hopefully we may see a proper Highland pyramid in place soon with the Nth Juniors and Nth Caledonian clubs feeding into Highland Lge. Just needs the SPFL to come up with something approaching sense!
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    With all respect DS. Putting the ball in the net is not a new idea. Rangers are a great example. They played a lot of lovely football this/last season. Passed teams off the park but couldn't score. Alex McLeish had an interview on some channel a couple of weeks ago. He spoke about Gaurdiola. And Guardiola admitted that sometimes you have to play the ball long and nearer the goals. Not just tippy tappy. That was where Rangers fell down after January. They beat Celtic because Celtic opened up and Rangers played better on the day. But most sides Rangers or Celtic play sit really tight and wait for an opportunity. Celtic managed this better than Rangers. I am all for new ideas but putting the ball in the net is the main GOAL!! There. Tuesday morning rant over!!
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    OK, feck it The lyrics are actually dark of course
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    Yup. Monumental fuck up by those in charge. Now off to court we go.
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    Absolutely. Don't know why Hearts, Partick and Stranraer didn't push for resuming the season. Surely out of contract players would have accepted a month and a half contract extension, clubs would still have been able to use the furlough scheme..
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    Where have I said Dundee Utd wouldnt get promoted? Ive said a 14 team top league would mean Hearts and Partick not being unfairly relegated. This would also.mean Utd, Inverness and Falkirk getting promoted and both non league sides getting entry into the league instead of unfairly being prohibited. Hearts have been rotten this season. So have Partick. But this isnt the same as either league winners as imo both Cletic and Utd were vastly in the distance ad highly unlikely to be caught. That cant be said for Hearts and especially Partick. Both clubs had a more than realistic chance of moving up a position. All Partick had to do was win their game in hand. If Hearts are successful in legal action what then? Forced recontruction? Leagues cant start or more likely compensation which could easily run into 7 figures. Are all the SPFL clubs going to take their share of that cost? On a side note if it does go to court then Rangers will get their independent investigation through the back door which will carry a lot more weight. Could get messy. As I say though. I generally cant see the downside for any club with the proposal just refused. What does a club like Motherwell just as an example (i dont know how they voted) have to lose. Top 6 is still top 6 but less likely of being in the bottom 2 because in theory 2 weaker sides have been added to the league.
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    I've replied to a few loyalists on twitter, thanking them for their efforts in protecting the statue of Robert Peel, who did so much to prevent discrimination against Catholics and helped to allow them to play a full part in British public life.
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    Perr jambos 😏
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    I think you'll find all clubs are equally raging, but only Hearts have anywhere near the financial muscle to take it further... ...I didnae read the rest as I couldn't get over the fact you think Partick and Stranraer are handling it with dignity, rather than probably feeling bullied and victimised by the spfl
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    The vast majority of member clubs voted in a particular way, these members are the league so the decision should be accepted. Hearts seem to feel as though they are being dug out here, they aren't. They are, largely, an irrelevance to most folk, perhaps barring Hibs fans and you could canvas football supporters across Europe and most will never have heard of them. They have been pretty irrelevant throughout the lifetime of everybody on this board, the only time they have stuck their heads above the parapet was in 1986 to give us all a severe bout of belly laughter, first allowing Albert Kidd to tickle their bellies then following it up the week after by repeating the trick in the cup final. Nobody has any reason to dig them out. So run along now with yer pishy strips, yer shitey stand and your camp as a row of tents Jambo handle and give us all peace and just think of those tasty Smokies you will be able to gorge on when you visit Gayfield next season.
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    Cubs v White Sox. I went with Stevie May.

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