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    Good post - a lot of the African American TAMB members living in St Louis should be able to assist with this.
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    I see this nonsense has raised its head again...the absolute state we have managed to get ourselves in since March, calling leagues early, dishing out medals for incomplete seasons, relegation for teams within touching distance of safety, the bribes and lies around the votes...the pigs ear we are making of reconstruction, the absolute and obviousness of the 'every man for themselves' attitude...and now this... ...an abomination of an idea, that will only allow the old firm a further stranglehold on our game, hoovering up even more youngsters. I honestly fucking despair
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    Hearts just need to take their medicine and fuck off.
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    You're in the right place 👍fuck the good auld US of a 🖕
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    Its perfect, what an abundance of hats ! And my reactions are back ! 😁
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    Off current topic. Just for you.
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    Huns been in lower leagues before & couldn’t get oot of the championship 😜
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    No. Being in my 50’s is enough of a crisis without jumping out a fookin plane.
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    Absolutely oppose this unless it's opened up to other clubs. Also they should not be allowed to be promoted from the bottom tier.
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    Will it make that big a difference. People won't turn out to see a diet version of a team. The challenge cup showed that. The 3 grand for a Rantic game will be around 1500 after VAT/tax and that's before increased costs. I think it will be shit.
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    So now we are seeing why Inverness were so compliant in making an absolute cunt of themselves with their bogus threats etc. The Huns flashed a bit of leg at them and they dived right in. This idea is horrible. In addition to allowing them to build further influence over Scottish football, it will also allow for increased hoarding of young talent. They will widen their net, bolstering their own ranks whilst depriving other clubs, most of whom will never ever get a sniff of first team football but will still be able to be punted on. No doubt sky would want to televise it, giving the hardcore bigots even more of a platform. Everything about this is wrong.
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    Oh yeah, I forgot there were only 8 teams back then. 24 now and we still can't get there 😒
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    Mmmm that might a future topic..... misheard lyrics 🤔. Free Nelson Mandela by the special aka my wee sister used to walk about singing "please don't mess my cellar".
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    It stinks. If you haven’t got enough sides you don’t just go back to the big two and help them out by giving their kids ‘real’ games. stretches the advantage even further.
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    😂 I really like it , I will have posted it too, but it seems to have shoehorned its way into every topic. Food, colours, cards, and now hats. I remember Mr Tidy used to think Prince was singing ‘Mad Molly McGee‘ rather than ‘Raspberry Beret ‘ 😂 wtf doesnt even sound the same. Och, here we go. All together now 🎼 Maaaad, Molly McGee 🎼
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    For anyone who hasn't seen the Stones live... If the opportunity comes around again... Go and see the dinosaurs in the zoo before they become extinct. I saw them in 1995. Absolutely superb. I was supposed to see them in 2006 but that was cancelled (owing to Keef's alleged fall from a coconut tree). I saw them last year. Absolutely superb.
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    I was expecting it to look like an easy game for the Dutch but we more than held our own for long periods of that game. Considering the players the Dutch had at that time it was a better than expected performance. As usual we just didn’t have that touch of magic in the final 3rd, sums up the whole of the 90s really.
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    That might have (hat) been me 😄
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    Jeez this was a no bad side we had. Take this side over the euro 96 team. Richard Gough - what a player, him and Colin Hendry parternship could have been quite a prospect. I like the fact we played 4 at the back. Mcstay in his prime here, certainly enhances the midfield.Brian Mclair has been anonymous, wasn’t he a centre forward, waste of a jersey if you ask me. Stuart McCalls tackling in all these tournament games has been immense. A fit and available Mo Johnston would have been just the ticket, shame he retired too early. Last 8 in Europe though I suppose.
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    I wouldn't. I don't think my wife reads the board, but you can't be too careful.
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    The mentalist started the thread.
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    Aye Ramy. I gave him his first paid gig. Then nearly broke his jaw. He stayed with me at the farm that night. 1999. We were getting in to a taxi and I went to shut the door and it slammed on his jaw. Oh god I felt so sorry for him. We thought it was broken. Not very good news for a piper!!!! But great guy. Many a Tartan Army trip together with Basta and the Sons of Wallace. Have a good day pal.
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    Fatman’s still following me around I see. Marvellous. 👍😂
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    Yer no’ the only bawsack stirring the pot. 😆

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