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    How to sum this up? Celtic fans, nah mate, its definitely not tainted. Rangers fans, yeah mate, course its tainted. Abody else, fuck off you cunts, we don't care.
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    Is there a dont give a flying fuck option? Ill take that one. Cheers
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    I think complex systemic racism is the root cause. Today about 64% are white with 16% latino, 13% black and 5% Asian. Wind it back to 1950 and black is 11%, Hispanic 2% and 0.2% Asian. If you take their population increase at 6% for Hispanic in 1980 and Asians now at 5% is their median income an indicator of how other races have been more accepted into society as it progressed whilst the black population still suffer the stigma of centuries of institutionalised racism? Even in 1950 Hispanics weren't segregated as were included in 'white' numbers and Asians were in a half way house. There's stories of Asians including Japanese being instructed to sit at the front of the bus so people who were a few years earlier involved in a brutal war with America were more welcome to sit with white people than black folk who defended it or lost folk doing so. Simply ending segregation in the 60's isn't going to sort a cultural norm as embedded as that.
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    Why is it stupid? I'm not sulking, I am merely defending my rights as a human being. Yes, I am classy. Thank you.
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    What do you mean, who started it? It's a virus. It started itself. Unless you think human agents deliberately created it? But you earlier said "I just don't like people getting the blame for peoples deaths." so why ask "who started it?" You seem to be saying it's easy to blame people in hindsight. I agree to some extent, in the sense it's a 'new' virus and not all the ways it's been transmitted were predictable. But it was very clear to most people and governments what was going to happen a long time before it happened. It was not like an earthquake or tsunami that suddenly destroyed a city with no warning. We saw what happened in China, we saw what happened in continental Europe and what people were doing about it. People were crying out for the government to act, to follow WHO advice, to test, to lock down. People in Italy were crying out, appealing to other countries to avoid their horrific fate, but we seemed to shrug, and we have ended up worse than Italy. People have been discussing it on TAMB since January! People on here were already anticipating what action to take.
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    You live in a nice house in a nice little street Mr Rice 10 doors down, his house goes on fire, but he is a bit secretive and tells people there is no fire, the fire now has complete control of the house, and has spread to the front and back garden fences, he now admits that there is a small fire, but everything is cool. All the neighbours can see thats utter BS and start planning. Some clever neighbours say to themselves Im not having my house on fire, so Mr Pho, whose house is right next door, takes off some of his fence panels and he survives just fine, no damage, clever chap. Meanwhile Mr Pasta, Mr Paella and Mr Baguette all live a lot further away, and despite having more time to prepare, still make a complete arse of it, and suffer massive losses. Theres error after error, some good decisions, but mainly bad. Mr Hamburger goes to the golf course and doesn't care if his house burns down, he didnt like the people in it anyway. Lastly Mr Pie who has seen Mr Pasta, Mr Paella and Mr Baguette suffer losses from close up, is too stupid to do anything really, he then panics and gets the fire brigade involved, but they put the fire out with petrol, and oh you bastard, it doesn't work, everything they do make it worse. His house is burned down, but its ok as he was at someone else house watching. Meanwhile, Mr Rice is now back to normal.
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    Not been on here so much in the last year or two so haven't encountered this comedic combination of Alan, a three year old and challenged cocker spaniel before. Interesting.
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    You are not a whole one.
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    Tainted probably not the correct word, that suggests Celtic have done something wrong. Bit of a hollow victory maybe? I know i felt very little emotion about Motherwell finishing 3rd. Won’t remember it like previous 2nd/3rd place finishes. 🤷‍♂️ This can be added to the never ending cyclical arguments about Pacific shelf, sevco, side letters and historic child abuse. 🥱
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    Some thread btw. Thank you for your honesty lads...👍
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    Thanks mate, means a lot. Will have to be tomorrow though, struggling for words now.
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    Listen numbnuts. You and I will never be friends, pals, mates. You blew it. You are a diddy. End of. It is 9 also, soon to be 10.. I tried to be nice, as I am a helluva fella.
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    All 9 have been tainted for me as in that time Celtic have not had a significant, realistic challenge in any of them due to significantly greater transfer and wage budgets than all the other clubs.
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    Ffs Rolling Eyes . my tuppence worth though . It was the mild mannered janitor. or it was one of a few laboratories, maybe in the US or in China. Or it had to do with the world military games in Wuhan last year . Or it was in the Wuhan wet markets . I know which one most right wing westerners have already decided is responsible and that’s all that matters to right wing westerners. what we do know is that the UKers in Westminster have the WORST record of handling this. No hindsight, just observing what they have and haven’t done and their continued efforts to thwart any control of UK borders , do as yer telt jockland, that the likes of Smirky Patel are championing.
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    Maybe they should have awarded van de velde the open before he teed of on the 18th too......
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    Okay latest figures, the UK has now overtaken Spain for deaths per million. I'm absolutely blaming the Tories, this Tory Government because of years of underfunding the NHS, not learning from history (I'm sure there were even posts on this message board about the centenary of Spanish Flu), paying sod all attention to Operation Cygnus, sitting on its collective arse when Covid-19 was ravaging Italy (we had warning!), allowing tens of thousand of people to jet into the UK and not self-isolate, not locking down quick enough when a blind man could see what was happening, ditching track and tracing at the first possible opportunity, bare faced lying to the electorate, being chronically abysmal in its communications strategy and public health messages, refusing to sack Cummings and sending out the message you can now do what ever you want, all underwritten by a massive delusional dose of BritNat racism and caused by a bunch of narcissistic psychopaths who really don't seem to give a toss. I'm not blaming the Government for people dying but I am blaming them for the amounts of death. It was their responsibility and they failed, they have blood on their hands.
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    Without reference to the same stats for white, Asian and other ethnicities, those stats don't really tell us much other than showing that a conservative thinks that the breakdown of the family unit is responsible for society's ills. If those stats aren't reflected in the white community in particular then there are further questions to be asked about why black children are more likely to be brought up by a single parent than white children, or why that has a disproportionate effect on black kids compared to white.
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    Yeah but its attributed in the video to the "legacy of Liberal policies" without even naming what policies and how they know it was due to that.
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    He is saying the policies enacted in the 60's are the causal link. That Black Americans were doing much better in 1960 approximately 100 years after the abolition of slavery than they were 30 years later after the introduction of liberal policies. These policies have resulted in the relative destruction of black family units for one example. 22% from a broken home in 1960 to 66% in 1990 (I am quoting from memory). That was a very short clip from a longer interview. You can find them on you tube.
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    Expand your argument, list the complexities and how they interact.
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    I've been compiling the daily figures of Corona Virus in Scotland into a spreadsheet with charts so anyone interested can view historical trends etc Link below. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YuHUTB0HsE-rdOBDgwdt4DWfg8eFeW4YZBxp8QNmOcs/edit?usp=sharing
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    While in no way justifying the actions or tactics of the Israeli security services, they operate in an environment that is highly charged to say the least. It makes you wonder about the state of US society - or the mindset of those responsible - that US law enforcement are being given training in this way.
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    C'mon then. I am between classes and like a bit of honest debate. This is a serious issue and you want to chuckle rather than the other posters who put up a reasonable argument. Tell me.
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    I disagree, there was plenty warning. Look at Greece, their management has been very good. The UK has been terrible and blame should rightly be apportioned however it won't.
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    I disagree mate - the Italian and Spanish governments could use that excuse but we had a lead in yet still are fucking it up spectacularly. We also 'war gamed' it 4 years ago and basically ignored the output. Boris would have been foreign secretary at the time so the need for third party ppe suppliers would have landed on his desk. It's been ad-hoc all the way through with quarantine not even being in place until 1st June and is pretty much diluted already. There's stuff in the paper today that Boris told the Italian Health minister in March when it was kicking off there we were still looking at herd immunity too. That didn't change until they corrected their modelling and realised that could lead to 500k deaths.
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    Our player at Chelsea is getting MOTM's for their first team, so if that's a sign of things to come i'll take it.
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    Thoroughly interesting conversation. The word 'invented' is the key one. No one can claim invention of football, but you can ask the question of which style of play do we watch today? The Scotch Professors are the innovators of the passing and running game that we know today. If it been left up to England, we would today still have scrimmages and be playing a 1-1-8 system. Just like they did when England turned up in Glasgow on St Andrew's Day in 1872. Scotland on the other hand had been playing the passing and running game for centuries. England had five attempts at creating international football, and failed. David Wotherspoon and Robert Gardner, of the mighty Queens Park, had one go, and they created the World's 1st Football International at Hamilton Crescent. Scotland played their 'box defence system of 2-2-6. The English were horrified when the Scots passed around them rather than dribbling until they were kicked off the ball. The English also considered practice as cheating and passing as cowardice. Recently I managed to get the Scotland 1870s-1880s into the search for the Greatest International Team of all time. They came 3rd out of a 32 team knockout competition. Check out the twitter thread here: https://twitter.com/TFHBs/status/1254464672968966150?s=19 The Hampden Collection mission is to get the #ScotchProfessors the recognition they deserve as the founders of world football. Without them you would have a game more like rugby. Find out more here www.hampdencollection.com
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    This season will be the same as always. Celtic win it, 10 IAR 🙄. Statements galore. Yaaaaay The only fixture i am sort of looking forward to is aberdeen at tannadice and rangers at tannadice. Aberdeen at utd is always a great atmosphere and if united beat the huns at tannadice i think i will piss my pants with laughter, thats assuming utd are still top of the list
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    Why is it every time I have an educated factual thread, with only good intentions, a couple of jobbies Pipe in and out kicks off. I have been on this board over 15 year, I demand respect. I think I have earned it..
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    Mate. Ye cant catch coronavirus from a horse. Even I know that! Nah I agree with you in certain ways. I/we are due to go back next week. I don't think that is the correct decision. But it is John Swinneys.
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    Energy saving = bad Energy efficient = good Theyre led and light instantly, they don’t warm up like the top ones. Trust me, I’m a professional 😳
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    We’re just doing stableford with our group of boys just now. 23 points by the 8th and nailed one down the middle on the long par 5. Standing over my 2nd shot, I was already counting the 4 points for a birdie as I had a stroke too. One duck hook into the shite later and I was walking off with a 7 and 10 points accumulated for the back 9 😂😂

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