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    Was clearly just defending himself...
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    I'll let others compute the sheer idiocy of that statement 😂
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    They'd have to be very fucking stupid... If anything they may get something back for the games not played, however the bad publicity would be prohibitive
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    Rage? I think you'll find the majority of us will just get on with it, it's hardly as if we've just had a bad run, the season was fked as soon as it started and it's nothing to do with the league set up, one man is to blame for that and the club for being too damn stupid to punt him (IMO 6 years ago). You sound like a very bitter individual, strange mentality to for someone to have. Even I don't hold this level of hatred for Hibs... I pity them more than hate them.
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    Yeah shouldn't the government on our behalf be giving out the money. The fact some old dude and others have to do this is actually pretty troubling.
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    It’s my favourite part of the day. Sometimes I even don’t buy anything.
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    So, how you doing Duncan, you okay?
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    Am not reading through 95 pages of this, so apologies if someone’s said it already, but I feel I have to get this off my chest. All this asking “are you alright?”, “how are you doing?”, “how are you finding it?”, etc. is getting right on my tits. People at work I couldn’t give two shits about are asking me what I’ve been up to and how’s the family (that they haven’t even met), etc. Fuck off already and mind your own fucking business. Yes, some people find talking about shite a valuable exercise, but speaking as a relative introvert (until I’ve had a sniff of a shandy) and someone who is more than happy in their own company, I find the intrusion unwelcome. Bugger off. And yes, I do appreciate the irony of going to the length of posting on a public forum to make me feel better. However, I stand by my guns.
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    That would just be 2 though. They'll have to keep going until the year 2030. And that's assuming we don't have only half a season next year because of another lockdown.
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    Pie roll and brown sauce, absolutely. Peas is a no no though ffs

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