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    Rangers and Hearts are to resign from the SPFL and form their own breakaway league........ it will be known as the Hundesliga. 👀
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    I wonder if this will change peoples attitudes about using A& E in the future. Unfortunately there will always be road accidents , and sporting injuries is part and parcel of the game so hard to avoid, but I imagine A&E deal with a lot of avoidable ailments and unnecessary visits. Folk will probably just go back to normal but it would do no harm for the government to highlight how much the low A&E numbers during this virus has taken pressure off the NHS, in the hope it might make people think twice about whether they really need to go there in future .
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    No upside? Apparently you're getting "lucrative" preseason friendlies against SPFL teams! if that's not worth selling your soul for I don't know what is!
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    Just been watching the news regarding the deaths in care homes, absolutely shocking, disgrace. BJ and his pals are making a arse of this crisis. Also, if it is proved that PPE is being diverted to England this Tory gov. can go fuck themselves and they need to be held to account. To everyone who has lost someone close to them my thoughts are with you.
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    Serie A-rseholes
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    It is and all I reckon cheers!!! Just watched it on YouTube. If you can find me a yellow v orangey team playing during the night between 86-88 that would really help out
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    Conservatives on 55% . FfS. Would almost drive you to opening a big cat rescue park in America.
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    UFO? I was saving that one up for transport! (Managed to avoid Starship, and Barbaba Dickson's Caravan though!)
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    Wtf , are you all famers ? 5.30am? I crawl out bed during the week at either 6.30 or 7.30 depending on my starting time at work. At the weekends between 9.30 -10 am. I sleep very lightly and sleep later at weekends to catch up as I am knackered. Sleep deprivation is pretty debilitating , if I could change one thing in my life that would be it.
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    Last time I heard this word widely used was in relation to a young James McFadden 😀

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