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    Bono has apparently written a song for the people of italy haven’t the poor cunts suffered enough
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    That's me working from home for 12 weeks due to underlying condition. It's going to be a challenge especially with 2 teenage girls and a stressed Mrs Slasher for company. Might need to move my 92 year old Dad in for company as well. Anyway I don't give a fuck as long as we all get through it. Good luck to all tambers and as Dave Allen used to say 'May your God go with you'.
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    Don't know who wrote this but I thought it was bloody good. Tae a virus Twa months ago, we didna ken, yer name or ocht aboot ye; But lots of things have changed since then, I really must salute ye. Yer spreading rate is quite intense, Yer feeding like a gannet; Disruption caused, is so immense, Ye’ve shaken oor wee planet. Corona used tae be a beer, They garnished it wae limes; But noo it’s filled us a' wae fear, These days are scary times. Nae shakin hawns, or peckin lips, It’s whit they a' advise; But scrub them weel, richt tae the tips, That’s how we’ll a' survive. Just stay inside, the hoose, ye bide, Nae sneakin' oot for strolls; Just check the lavvy every hoor, And stock-take your loo rolls. Our holidays have been pit aff, Noo that’s the Jet2 patter; Pit oan yer thermals, have a laugh, And paddle ‘ doon the waater. ‘ Canary isles, no for a while, Nae need for suntan cream; And a' because o' this wee bug, We ken tae be..19. The boredom surely will set in, But have a read, or doodle; Or plan yer menu for the month, Wi' 95 pot noodles. When these run oot, just look aboot, A change, it would be nice; We’ve beans and pasta by the ton, And twenty stane o rice. So dinny think yell wipe us oot, Aye true, a few have died; Bubonic, bird flu, and Tb They came, they left, they tried. Ye might be gallus noo ma freen, As ye jump fae cup tae cup; But when we get oor vaccine made, Yer number will be up.
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    Are you playing the piano out on the balcony?😃 I heard a clip on radio forth this morning of some guy down in Wales trying to start of community singing there,he started singing Queen and then about 3 lines in some guy shouts out shut the fuck up. 😂
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    Could be a good time to try and finally complete football manager by winning the CL with Morton and World Cup with Scotland. Even as a relatively young healthy person this is a boot up the arse to prioritise health now and not tomorrow.
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    Thank you and thanks to everyone for the kind thoughts. I appreciate them all. ❤️ My offer on the other thread stands to all. We're all Jock Tamsons bairns as far as I'm concerned and if we stick together we'll fuckin beat this 👊
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    I had to visit Hairmyres hospital tonight to say goodbye to my terminally ill mum. (not corona related) It was an eerie experience with the place on lockdown and the doomsday feel wasn't helped by the army trucks we saw in Motherwell on the way home. Ive implored my wife to stay home from work and she's finally agreed. Everyone should stay at home if they can for now..... not possible for all I know. Good luck to everybody and try to stay positive 👍
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    I am getting a bit snow blind to these numbers now. But the USA is starting to go... 2,500+ new cases today alone. May have to tune out now and go watch pornhub for free.
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    For those of you on facebook😃
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    As far as I know this is a hoax, however, it is known that ibuprofen can make respiratory conditions worse. Current advice is if you are taking ibuprofen for an existing condition, contact your GP. If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, take paracetamol (NOT ibuprofen) to reduce your temperature and drink plenty of water. For the record, the French authorities are advising against taking ibuprofen, which is in line with my point in a previous post about UK sending out different messages to the rest of Europe! https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/14/anti-inflammatory-drugs-may-aggravate-coronavirus-infection
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    Aye, the real number of actual infections is probably more than 100,000. They also seem to be doing a pretty good job of keeping it quite that the initial modelling was done for a different virus.
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    that was a bad one ; they scored early on , we had to win to stay in contention but WS continued in with the lone striker role with the hope pinned on kenny misser - okay he scored a lot of decent goals , but he wasnt really that prolific for us (norway beat slovenia away i recall to put a dent in our slim hopes) i just checked the archives , and turns out was my last home game at hampden too - more of circumstance tho as moved to Canada few months later - remember being in Puerto Pollensa when we played faroes & lithuania since then ; ive only seen live games which were friendlies - v USA in jacksonville , & Mexico in the Aztec keep telling the kids i ll take them to a tournament....... altho we have a north american world cup on the horizon ?
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    Information, I think...in older times, people knew nothing. In Churchill's times, people 'knew' largely what they were told. Nowadays, you can find any fact, theory, myth or bollocks you want.
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    Rangers Bayern Munich 72 Cup Winners Cup semi The game was played during a series of power strikes/rationing, so it was an afternoon kickoff instead of at night. My Mum insisted that my dad took me and my sister to the match, that way he could not go on a bender after the game and miss his night shift. Due to the fact I was only 2, I don't remember any of it, and if it was not for my dad and various other members of my family, constantly bringing up the fact for the next 48 years, that I slept through most of the game, I doubt I would ever known I was there. My older sister (Her first game as well) remembers it better, but even she say's I slept through most of it, and was more interested in going back to my granny's and playing with her dug.
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    Does she have a message board you can post on...?
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    Who are you and what have you done with Slasher?
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    One wee tip before I crash out. Its easy to get trapped in into the 'bytheminute' news. Fuckin patch it, it's just gonnae stress u out! Stick to looking to news updates twice a day, spend the rest of your time validating your loved ones and fulfilment of the commitments u need to do for work or whatever. Good luck and God bless all of u ❤️
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    Cheers bud that'd be great! Ive no doubts I'm going to be fine 👊 but thanks for the support. God bless you and yours x
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    Hang in there, Slasher. We'll all hopefully meet up in 2021 or at least Hampden. God bless you and your family.
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    Like wise. I've been stumping away at the piano so fine time to get good at and bone up on my Gàidhlig too ; plus record my album. I'll end up doing none of that, but at least good to have lofty goals.
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    I'm the same as you jcs,i install and decomm cabling so i can't work from home. Fingers crossed that everyone can get something sorted asap as the longer it goes the more worrying people will become. Good luck slasher and i hope the underlying condition doesn't cause you to much grief.
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    Not sure, as the Chinese Superleague is due to start on 18 April. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8117613/Coronavirus-China-Chinese-FA-set-restart-Chinese-Super-League-April-18.html I think playoffs in June are pie-in-the-sky, but I wouldn't rule out a return to football early Autumn.
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    I believe JCS was looking for advice and support not a lecture and the bit in bold shows what a hypocrite you are. You called me selfish a couple of days ago, pot, kettle, black.
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    "I've got an idea for this interview with this Jock fella yeah. Fink about this... 'aggis! I've gone and played a blinder there guv."
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    You dont have to say she is a plant or a mole. Neither of us could know if that were true or otherwise. What we can ask is do we find it credible that NS knew nothing about 6 out of the 9 Salmond accusers being from her innermost circle of advisers (not civil servants but political advisers chosen by her)? She had no inkling as the disciplinary rules were changed while she was in office (by the same clique) to make retrospective anonymous accusations possible? She was unaware who liaised with Police Scotland to ensure charges could be substantiated as their own disciplinary farce collapsed due to it being a blatant stitch up? She is not a mole. She is a rat.
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    Stupid idea. Would just end up in fights.
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    Huns deed again yet?
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    What do you mean? I meant that everybody is having to readjust at the moment, so there is no reason to moan about your own individual situation, because we’re all in the same boat.

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