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    Keep the season suspended for now then play the conclusion when it can be played, regardless of how far away that is. This season has started so should be finished, future seasons haven't and can be amended to fit the necessary schedule. Nobody should be getting declared champions or relegated on the basis of current league places.
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    Only folk that I can see that want season null and void appear to be huns.
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    A best guess would be Thursday 4 June with the final on Tuesday 9 June.
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    Aye but everyone knows your big team is Rangers....
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    And me. I’ll use this seasons money that I get refunded to pay for the season ticket that I got asked to pay for last week for season 20/20something. 😜
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    Maybe they'll do a semi final and final now that's not 4 days apart?
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    Cheers. Back tae normal then. 😉
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    I'd like to take this opportunity to apologise to absolutely no cunt
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    The scary thing is nobody will hold them accountable. This latest brand of tories seem to get away with whatever they want
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    This is it - 100%. The research centre I have dealings with were sending out messages to people to go into complete social isolation when Boris was still doing his 'keep calm & carry on' routine. I find myself watching this bunch with horror really. I have no doubt there are thinkers of some sort behind the scenes, but I don't think I've ever seen such a clueless, simpering, sycophantic set of 'leaders' in my life. Matt Hancock is one of the worst - every time I see him he looks like some sort of bullied kid, scared of his own shadow & worrying that he's going to get a kicking on his way past Downing Street.
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    This is classic boris and co. Make sure yer millionaire buddies arw looked after first and then take action and fuck over the little guy. I disagree with those who say boris and co are in a no win situation right now, a government is always in that position because its decisions will have a critics however the lack of decisions is what is letting them down right now and not listening to the right advice. Boris is being made to look even more srupid than usual, he is so far our of his depth its scary.
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    From what the guy said not everyone would have a policy that they could claim on in this situation, but some would , which would at least provide help to those pubs/clubs. So I don't think it would bust the insurance companies as it was probably only the more expensive policies that covered this. It just seems sneaky to me for the government to stop short of demanding a close down of pubs etc, and therefore the ability to claim on insurance, yet at the same time tell people not to go to them.
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    When Chelsea bought Hazard's brother he was immediately put on loan back to a club in Belgium. The whole of his time at Chelsea was spent on loan in Belgium and Germany. Nothing to do with keeping Eden company.
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    What is also blatantly obvious, is how out of his depth Johnsone is, he's absolutely shitting himself.
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    I watched some painful interview on the BBC website with him, (I mean the interview was painful, not Gilmour), where they ended up discussing ‘haggis, neeps and tatties.’ Gilmour didn’t know what ‘neeps’ were. Let’s hope that Scott Brown left his colouring books behind when he retired from international duty.
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    We need someone like this to corner the government

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