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    Absolute fucking tedious shit.
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    Despite me posting a link for every bit of criminal behaviour that you accused Ajax of doing, but you refuse to acknowledge it in the same way. You’re right, you do behave the Celtic way, deflection & denial. ⭐️⭐️
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    I’m changing my team. 👍😂
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    It means cocaine, buckfast, songs glorifying republican paramilitaries, offensive banners, breaking seats, bottling 12 year old huns and racially abusing Columbians(but making sure the last two are done so discreetly that they can't be proved) THAT'S the Celtic I fell in love with.
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    Is it Valentines or what? 😍 St Vanentine was the patron saint of courtly love... Sorry.
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    Is that a wee cup aff subuteo?
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    I do, what's it have to do wae you wee man? Are you filling in at the moment?
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    For doing this to my mate at his place of work
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    👍🏽 ⭐️⭐️
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    It is quite astonishing that you know so much about a man whom you have never met, spoke with, or been in the same company.. I was supporting Celtic AND Scotland when you were still in nappies. So show some respect to your elder.. Thank you..
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    Fuksake your legs are even shorter than I thought.
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    Is the wrong answer Is the correct answer and is it too late to buy a season ticket for celtic park?
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    I see at least one conflict of interest in there....
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    Thankfully, you’re not picking the team!
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    New telly? Is he not bankrupt? 😂😂😂
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    I seen a 9 darter by Phil Taylor 8 years ago tonight 🎯 It’s funny how you remember these things.......
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    Perfectly good goal my hoop. He's got two hands on findlays back and pushes him to the ground. What planet is Gerrard on when he thinks that is allowed. In any case, Morellas was lucky to still be on the park the horrible cheating cunt that he is.
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