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    🙉. Quite possibly the dumbest post I have read in a while. Even for you this is low.. so because I live in Canada, and not at match on Sunday, I am a plastic Celtic supporter, not a "real" fan .. Does this go for everyone not living in Scotland, or just Celtic fans not living in Scotland, and why??. Genuine question...Thank you.
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    Plus, Farrell is a cock.
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    Well that was an enjoyable night. Welcome to the party indeed. I believe that winning goal is what you'd call a head shot.....
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    Maybe 135. There’s been a good few posts calling you a cunt. That must count for something too 👍🏽
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    I wonder if they have any conclusive videos of Rangers fans singing about hating fenions.
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    What in the actual fuck are you going on about now? Have you been drinking that killer water again? ⭐️⭐️
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    It’s not 2 cup winners cups. If you’re going to try and be smart with your comments, at least make sure they’re factually correct, it just make you look fucking stupid otherwise. ⭐️⭐️
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    I hold in my hand a piece of paper. It is a Velentine’s card from DD to Wee Ramy. It reads, “Stand free. Wherever you may be. Even in Ottowa. Unless you are standing in poisoned water; in which case you should move sharpish. We both hate huns, let’s call a truce. You stop banging on about sellic like an old Jungle alkie and I’ll stop rag-dolling you with wind-ups that you bite at every time.” Problem solved. Next; the Middle East. Please send my Nobel Peace Prize to: Mr Killiefaetheferry, Broughty Ferry, Sorry, Barnhill, Scotland. Near Parkhead. The real football ground where plastics are always welcome to spend their maple 🍁 syrup pound 🇨🇦
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    Plastic withoot the plane fare. I feel your pain.
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    "Kumnio, I'm just calling to say that I know we've had our big differences in the past but that was a really nice thing to say. Much appreciated. The next time the Dundee job comes up I might even apply for it..."
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    I don’t know how you behave at games, I mean on here. You don’t go to them, but act like you’re all over it, we know the score, we know who scored, no one needs to see the postings of a 10 year old boy every time they score, that’s why I say you’re plastic, you don’t go to games, you are an armchair fan sitting in the internet, people that go every week don’t behave like that and certainly fans of other teams don’t either. Before you call rangers fans sick, but you also support a team who’s have a section of supporters that revel in the murder of people like Lee Rigby, so if you’re going to taint all rangers fans like that, then you should be equally embarrassed by your own. ⭐️⭐️
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    each to their own but i question how much this show matters these days. not watched it in years and don't feel any less informed. just people trying to one up each other and wannabe politicians on the other side. It's match of the day for some but don't see it having the affect as in the past.
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    Dandy you going to Rugby Park on Wednesday or you being a plastic fan?
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    You did not answer the question properly. I, and everyone on this board is aware of your dislike for me, that's your business. What I would like to be clarified, is why I am a plastic supporter and not a "real fan"? I have supported Celtic my entire life. I was born in Glasgow into a Celtic supporting family. My Father never missed a match.. I am.a shareholder with Celtic FC aswell. I have spent a fair bit over the years to fly over to Scotland to see Celtic FC. So please explain to me your reasons for this. I would imagine because I do not attend every Scotland match that would make me a plastic Scotland supporter and not a "real fan" also. Am I correct in my assumptions? Thank you..
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    You think we should bench our only World Class player and Captain in favour of a guy who has played half a dozen games for Celtic? The message that would send would not be one of punishing the "no shows".
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    He's an up and coming Tory and was the one they wheeled out for one of the election debates. He must be a real short arse as even in her heels, the FM is toaty and he was shorter than her. Probably about Ramy's height then.
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    He definitely seems to have more about him that McKenna. I’d say the left side of central defence should be between him & Cooper with Findlay probably better imo
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    As in, we shouldn't be exposed to you for long periods of time. 😉
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    82,000??? You sure that’s not just your followers you dilbert Not really, it was a game we were expected to win, even though we’ve been in a sticky patch, Sunday not so much, we’re still low on confidence and will be up against a better team, but you enjoy beating a one legged man in an arse kicking competition. ps I’ll see plenty real fans on Sunday, I’ll see zero plastic ones that pretend to support a team from the other side of the world 👍🏽 ⭐️⭐️
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    Because you posted about 2am you muppet ⭐️⭐️
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    The short 2 minutes spent on Scotland in the Newsnight leaders debate with Starmer and Thornberry Laboursplaining Scotland was cringeworthy I fucking hate them
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    Rangers media "Bears den" is in meltdown. Beaton getting it tight, Gerard being compared to Warburton.
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    Would certainly explain all the pish he posts.......
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    I have no idea how to value footballers to be honest. But I'm guessing we couldn't turn down a couple of million and maybe we would take less. But whoever got him would be getting a brilliant deal at that kind of price.
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    No chance they'll be able to afford him. I think he's got more to his game than McKenna anyway.
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    No, you’re incorrect in your assumptions. My dislike for you comes from the way you troll over everyone every time celtic win a game, constantly posting pish about what “we’ve done”, posting absolute pish when you beat Hamilton or St Mirren “easy easy”. Of course it’s easy, the players at celtics disposal have the same monthly wage as some of these guys earn in a year. Maybe a little bit of decorum would go a long way, but I just can’t see that. People that go to the games don’t behave like you do, so why should you? You refuse to acknowledge that rangers exist, but spent most of last night laughing at a team that lost to killie, I just don’t get it. Anyway ⭐️⭐️

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