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    WTF, is the TAMB now Grinder for dwarf scooter enthusiasts who think they are hard?
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    Someone with photoshop skills could have a have a laugh with all the material posted.
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    The tit for tat whataboutery from both sides over this is pathetic. Any Cunt in public office displaying this creepy, predatory, noncey or deviant style behaviour needs binned immediately. And anyone attempting to make capital out of it needs to fuck right off.
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    😂 , in that case thankfully your arms are longer than your legs 😁
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    It’s his laddie not his lassie. 🙈
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    Next time you post one of your pics, go and post one where we can see the back of your heid, just so we can all see if it’s a zip or buttons that runs up the back 👍🏼
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    ...although to some extent they HAVE to report it, at least. Because they can't hide an election and covered a bit of the build up but weren't expecting to have to suppress the story. Whereas the BBC can very easily suppress any Scottish story, of things like favourable indy polls, huge marches, FM speeches abroad, etc. And no one (who only followed BBC) would even know they took place.
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    Not being a complete helmet would have shut a few up on here too. Why the majority think he’s a dickhead, doesn’t care about Scotland & is largely pish, is his own doing.
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    MoM performance by Mcburnie today, it's a pity Clarke is unlikely to set up the team in a way that would see the best of him. The distance Mcburnie covers in a game is amazing considering how lazy he looks. Gutted he didn't get to play in any of the easier qualifiers over the last campaign a couple of goals and assists would have shut a few on here up.
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    Hat trick for McNulty against BSC. Nice to see he’s found his level.
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    The jacket is 100% a Sergio Georgini
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  13. 1 point
    TAMB's own David Brent. I feel like I should be calling some protection agency and reporting something... The best I can come up with is it is like watching Bernie Winters torture Schnorbitz.
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    DD, I never meant to disrespect your son. OMG. This is fucking pointless. I have 2 children, I coach football, you honestly think I meant that?? I did not have my glasses on. You quoted your daughter was almost as tall as me in a previous post. How am I to know. Think whatever you want of me, call me a cretin, but no harm was meant. Like I said, great pic of your wee laddie. I live in Canada, wish one of my boys had that chance to lift a trophy like that. Fuck your lucky. One supports Chelsea, the other Man Utd..Oh the pain..🥺🥺
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    🥺🥺🥺. I cant fuckin win. I know he mentioned he had a daughter, I dont have my glasses on and I am the shop getting dog food. My apologies DD sincerely I'm as blind as a fuckin bat without ma glasses.. Great pic with the wee laddie.
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    OK Ok, forget the hash tag then. How about, each week someone suggests a new theme, starting Saturday morning. Or put another way, first suggestion after Friday midnight becomes the theme of the week.
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    Ramy, I'd let you work go to work on my pipes any day of he week and im sure you'd do a grand job too.
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    Teeko husnae a clue whit team he follows pal. The cunt cannae even agree on whit country he supports actually. 😄
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    Why the need to be so aggressive? It was a perfectly reasonable, thoughtful post and trying to imagine being in someone else's shoes - I can imagine plenty people thinking that way, it's a normal, human response, maybe even the silent majority. As I said earlier, even some in the opposition in Holyrood are big enough and decent enough to show a measured, thoughtful response, so it's not a sign of weakness, far less shame, to do so. There are a lot more people who ought to be ashamed tonight, whose lurid barbaric responses do no favours for the victims.
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    Wow. You just disrespected my son like that? His low can you go? What an absolute cretin you really are. For the benefit of the doubt, that’s the super cup, something that no other Scottish team will ever see, reserved for the best of the best. Take your 1 trophy and always stay in the shadow of the famous. Stand Fucking Free

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