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    That is racist. Sorry using Sky wifi. Got lost in translation.
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    False or never investigated? Lord Janner should have been investigated properly. I say that as a person who despises child abusers, not as a nationalist, surely we can put aside political opinions when it comes to child protection?
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    Are you at it, have you completely lost it? Hanley isn't even in top ten for us, he is absolutely shocking.
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    Michael stewart has been dropped by the bbc highlights show and monday sportsound for this weekend Very dissappointing to hear this. If anyone should be dropped from the bbc, its that shite bag, kenny mcintyre. His apology was enough to.make.you vomit
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    Am I detecting the false moral superiority of the British Nationalist?
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    1. I am not a moron. 2. I have nothing to be ashamed of. 3. I am NOT your mate.
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    Haha, just noticed that after I posted. Is that his first goal since his winner against Cyprus?
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    Of course it is exactly the same. Hence my original question - is it the translation being the issue here or do they refuse to accept and acknowledge the racist video. The statement about being abhorrent to racism given the Logan stuff is pathetic. Whether it be 1 person or 50,000 there is still a problem with the OF support. Both Rangers and Celtic need to stop pandering to these cretins and sort their own out before coming out all holier than thou. We have been punished by UEFA this season and got off lightly, for some unknown reason but at least they've got the balls to highlight it.
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    I can't remember the Rangers fans having such an outcry of outrage when there was a similar video of somebody in the Copland calling Dembelle a "Black bastard" when he scored IIRC. As far as I can see it's exactly the same. That's not even getting into the Scott Sinclair abuse. From the outside looking in, it looks like Rangers are trying to use this to push an agenda. Otherwise they would have actually have highlighted the above instances and really pushed an anti racism message. In reality the biggest anti racism message at Ibrox this season was when UEFA closed sections due to the Rangers supports behaviour. The whataboutery amongst the old firm supports is alarmingly obsessive though.
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    You could put the names of all our centre halves in a hat, pull two out, and whatever pairing you get would make no difference whether you made that draw once or ten times.
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    I agree. We do have quite a few options now. The problem is that they are all of similar ilk. So we need to think about other factors. Experience and dynamics between each other. So, if everyone is playing regularly, we should really be giving it to Hanley and Mulgrew, based on experience. But do they gel as well as some others might? We really don't know who would play best with each other. No disrespect to Gallacher, Porteous, etc, but they have never played against high quality opposition. I'm not saying they aren't capable, but there will be a significant psychological barrier to overcome. Hanley has been tested many many more times than all of our options, barring Mulgrew. I'd start Hanley and McKenna.
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    Would have loved a go on that big unit Dawn Steele back in the day if I'm honest
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    Feathers and piper jaikits galore this time just tae piss off you weird sounding Weegies. I’m going to try and find the most Tory looking Glengarry too. More badges the better. 😂
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    Problem is we don't have any decent centre backs. Guys like McKenna and Findlay would be playing at a higher level by now if they were any good.
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    If that screenshot is the worst of the contact, then all it shows is Mackay to be desperate and weird, and Cameron to be a wimp. Even at 21, I find it hard to believe than any man wouldn't tell someone to fuck off. So Alan, fuck off.
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    Morelos has done another interview with colombian radio stating there was definitele someone under the car. @Big Ramy 1314 can you confirm your whereabouts on the day in question?
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    I see you don't quote me of course. Showing your true colours here now though. ..."that was all false'. Tripping over yourself to have a go at the SNP while whitewashing peadophiles. Sums you up.
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    Ocht lighten up...... we don't get to this point very often. Let folk dream.
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    FFS that is rich. Two notable figures in the SNP have had accusations against them and both have been dealt with. Westminster had a renowned paedophile ring involving Tories, Cyril Smith and Tory supporter Jimmy Saville. Conveniently the papers on them were 'lost' by a Tory government and police were told the matter hsd bern dealt with and the matter was not to be discussed again. Thst is how your beloved union deals with paedophiles. Fucking sick if you ask me.
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    Seemed appropriate after one of the last discussions on here..........
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    I'm going to assume there is no link. The issue is that it is all weird as fuck. Rangers football club, Steven Gerrard, and sky sports are all out saying morelas has been racially abused by a bunch of Celtic fans, that his murder is being plotted and Scotland as a whole has a problem with racism. At the same time no evidence has been presented for these fantastic, almost lunatic, claims (even though folk like you infer to have it), interviews have been fabricated and a bbc pundit who seems to have called it out as bullshit originating from Rangers HQ has been silenced by the bbc. Smells like a load of shite, concocted for morons in the rangers support to guzzle upon, has got way out of hand.
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    https://youtu.be/zrEklsVyMJE Dandydunn and his pals a few years back
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    He is a fucking gimp. Some pish he comes away wae. Nearly as much as I slaver pished as you’ll know. 😂 It’s an absolute riddy fae him. 🙈
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    What a fucking gimp
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    see where you're going but don't think it will bother people. She'll still be elected and is the only person unionists really have to muster around with any excitement. That Duncan guy was a minister even though unelected and noone batted an eyelid. It's one of the great mysteries to me that people can actually serve in cabinet in the House of Lords. I can just about understand the reasons for an unelected scrutiny chamber but to actually be in the Government? it's incredible it's barely mentioned.
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    Just letting you know that it was me that reported you for this
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    😂 If I drew it myself I would NOT be in red trousers and a green jumper. Nor would I be smiling. On the bright side , my legs still look longer than Ramy’s .
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    I had no idea Mackay was a buftie - not that it matters Always thought he wasnt an asset anyway - a very confrontational attitude Kate Forbes is tremendous and is a good thing to come out of the whole affair
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    You are missing my point. My point is that unionist PM's get away with indiscretions. Look at this Tory government where the PM had police called to his house with heated arguments and thudding being reported and others in the cabinet freely admitting to taking cocaine but that was not exactly made into anything and they carry on win their jobs following indiscretions that we know about without questioning the whole being of Westminster. Double standards are at play here. Mackay loses his job (rightly so) and the media will find a way to intertwine this into reasons to beat down the independence movement whereas Johnson and Gove's indiscretions are forgotten.
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    Where will the Iron Horse regulars be gathering now before and after home games? Just so I and many other normal fans know where to avoid
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    Its quiet for once.. Ahhhhhh🙂💤💤💤

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