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    You are in no place to level that at anyone.
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    Who left the gate open at the cunt farm?
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    You need to have a loon at what you post first of all, maybe read it back and maybe you’ll see that you’re talking utter nonsense. God knows how many people have said here that Griffiths stamp was a red card (Celtic fans included) and you just can’t see it, instead calling the ref all sorts instead, you were the same on the rugby thread, you see what you want to see and will not change an opinion of it. That’s why people think you’re an idiot, but it’s still fun to call you out on it. You keep bringing this family thing into it, which I would think no one else can see me abusing your family, apart from you. I won’t name them, but I’ve had several messages asking where I’ve abused your family, because no one else can see it either. You’re just a wee bit deluded, must be all that sugar in maple syrup that does it to you. Ps, phone boxes are bigger in Edinburgh as opposed to the design that they have all over Britain? You’re mental 🤣🤣
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    Don’t ask Sky sports FFS. 😂
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    How much CAD is it for a pint in this Fen..... Celtic club pal? You taking me? 🤔
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    Ye dae yersel’ nae favours by Christ. 😂🙈
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    He "came out" a couple of years ago, on the surface it seems pretty genuine and he took a load of stick at the time. The SNP really does need to up its game as far as comms is concerned though. Whether he's the guy to do the job, time will tell. The Yooniverse seems pretty pissed off, which is probably a good sign.
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    𝚊 𝚐𝚕𝚊𝚜𝚐𝚘𝚠 𝚜𝚎𝚕𝚔𝚒𝚎 @JennyLConstable as a fellow no to yes voter, I am buzzed to see Murray Foote appointed head of press for the SNP, but am exhausted at the alleged Indy supporters who can’t let go of the vow. Independence is simply not possible if you won’t let people change their minds. grow up.
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    We've gone past M on the tunes, so this one's just for Mrs T...
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    No mate, your just hateful. Insulting again. It's sad really...
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    Watch yourselves the boss is back
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    Surely a good thing for a head of comms to be able to do?
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    Aye on the basis of this thread there is probably a set of stairs down into the basement you have not noticed for 30 years. He is like... why does she always piss herself when I go down to the basement...
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    To fight the Kaiser ?
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    I would agree. I’ve never once said it doesn’t include him, but ramy seems to think I hate him and therefore don’t want Scotland to qualify with him. He wasn’t banned for the stamp because the panel are a bunch of incompetent morons that know if they ban a Celtic player, they’ll have to ban a rangers player too as all hell will break loose. The other 10 teams dont matter.
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    I've popped into this thread now we are out the EU and in the transition period. To manage the mob. I voted Remain. I donated to Remain. I even campaigned on phone and door chapping. I always classed myself as a Euro sceptic but shat it as campaign went along. In Glasgow it was Remain in better off areas to ambivalence and Leave in worse off areas. Pretty low turnout. The grievance and blame has been packaged, owned and marketed by Scottish nationalism and a First Minister who is so proud of her European identity she joined a small anti-EU party in her teens, has never lived or worked in Europe and doesn't even holiday there. Always cringe as politicians do a "staycation" for politics. Labour, Lib Dems and SNP royally fucked up granting a General Election. Boris was boxed in and they let him off. We could have had a soft brexit be it Mays deal or even closer to Norway but the opposition failed and will be judged in history books. Unfortunately the electorate has been blinded by our politics of slogans and flags across the UK. Any real Remainer/Pro European should have struggled to vote for a nationalist party that allowed a GE to be called. The SNP helped "drag the Scottish people out." If indyref2 is called the voters who stay away at elections will be micro targeted to swing it as they were by Yes movement. However do you think some ordinary punter in a scheme will be attracted to higher immigration, €uro currency, Donald Tusk, VAT on childrens clothes and the "woke" movement of transgender, vegans and the luvvies this time? Events have moved the political spectrum.
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    I wanted tae kill one last week. 25 years I’ve had those bastirts ripping intae surfaces thinking guys like me will fix the mess. 25 years they’ve been correct tae. 😫
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    No however I did point out the abuse that was handed out by the sheep on here though. 👍
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    Maybe I’m being cynical but when clubs bang on about racism, it’s usually to point score over their rivals, the idea that Rangers or Celtic in 2020 care about the racist abuse of players is laughable.
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    Just listened to the Michael Stewart on Traynor section from last night. He maybe gets a bit tangled with all his theories, but he’s bang on the money. I see the record are saying it wasn’t them, although it’s semantics really, they quoted others saying it and implied it and shouldn’t dilute his point. They could give Traynor the opportunity to respond on this evenings show although I suspect any response will be in the form of a statement containing veiled threats.
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    Passed by newsagents at lunchtime and I see his interview in front page news in the Record, I think. Alfie - My Racism Hell. Note the "softening" of his name into a nice cuddly Alfie now, cleaning up his image, no longer the (alleged) love rat and obnoxious player.
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    Best Scotland video on the internet.
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    Did Glee consent to this?
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    I know a guy fae Japan who would disagree......
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    Holy fuk. Some folk just shouldn't be allowed on the road. Now be honest, you tried it in daylight, didn't you? Nae fibbin, noo. The flip switch only works in the dark. If you try it in daylight all you will see is your back seat, assuming you have one. The fact that you didn't even know it was there should get you 6 penalty points on your licence. Maybe you should do one of those auld folks driving courses? Are you sure you didn't just forget about that switch?
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    That was brilliant 😂. I listened as I made the tea. Stopped and laughed when MS was ripping the fuck into JT and Kenny McIntyre flew into a blind panic 😲😀.
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    Any excuse to post this, won’t be the video but has the foo fighters
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    Where will the Iron Horse regulars be gathering now before and after home games? Just so I and many other normal fans know where to avoid
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    Ken whit, on second thoughts, hae a word wae yersel’. It’s not inconceivable that folk might know these guys you are wishing death on. Scotland’s a wee place. I don’t know May but I did work next door to his parents house in near enough my last job I did in Scotland before buggering off. Throwing death wishes on someone is taking your panto villain pish too far.
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    Nope, I’ve seen plenty people call you out, but it seems you fancy me the most, sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not into Canadian midgets.
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    But I don’t like ice hockey. It’s a sport for fannies.
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    Classic tamb weekend Abused by macy - check Stalked by rolling hills - check A big ramy metldown - check 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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    I only asked if he was on the wind up. 😕
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    Slowly but surely the coaching he had at Aberdeen is fading away Bit by bit he is regaining the form of his first spell at Saints 2 goals today and, if it hadn't been for an unconventional yet brilliant stop from the Hearts goalie, it would have been a hatrick. His confidence is returning 😍
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    I'm sick and fucking tired of his abuse towards anyone who supports Celtic. Fuck him..
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    Playing football manager

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