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    Dont worry, your not hated for being a hun. It's because you're an arsehole 👍🏼 Hope this helps
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    ^^ a confused Tim if I'm not mistaken
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    There’s a thread on here about pundits, I don’t think anyone rated Boyd, he offers no insight at all, he is a hun cheerleader and nothing more.
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    Some guys just can't handle a knock back....
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    Finally finished it:
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    Yae mate. Just watchin some football videos on u tube and came across this. I love the old grounds, or just football grounds in general. Whenever I am over I like to drive by any grounds that are on my drive wherever I am going that day. I dont care if it is division 4 or the premier league. The exception is ibrox of course, no need to go anywhere near that fuckin shithole..
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    Oh ya wee bugger ye Ormond. Are you a detective or what??? I never thought in a million years I would get found out. Big Ron, Dapo the dude. It was all me gov. I blame the Glenlivet. You are so clever Ormond. Hip Hip xx
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    Does Fringo have two accounts? 😨
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    I had one of theirs on a mixed-playlist I put on a computer to play over speakers in a gym (who needs headphones?). One day it disappeared. I think a pal of mine deleted it. I think he was embarrassed for me as he thought Green Day uncool 😄
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    I believe I can appropriately follow that up with...
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    You just wouldn't let it lie.
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    I'd have been punching above my weight.
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    This is too easy lads. Got chumps on strings.
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    Pish? Tell me what your club has won since its inception in 2012? The Petrofac Cup! Not a bad return for the 2nd biggest budget in Scotland. I would rather Killie were 'pish' and play by fiscal rules than be your kinda pish and waiting for a knock at the door again by Lizzie's henchmen!
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    I reckon people let Sutton off the hook because he does talk up Scottish football and he should be applauded for doing so. When it comes to actually discussing the in and outs of a game however, he is absolutely fucking useless, he's not got a clue.
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    I must have been the exception to that rule. I was at the game and I was leathered. It was the first time I'd vomited (through illness or drink!) in over 10 years and I've been vomit free since!! I also spilled a pint over Michelle McManus in Jam in Shawlands before the game (although I'm part blaming her for that for shrinking my turning circle....)
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    IF they are going to do the same as Norway and stick to 5%, then around 2,500-ish
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    Sutton is miles ahead of Boyd as a pundit and at least Sutton talks the game up.
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    Just look at this threadLast posts have all been about Boyd and he is mentioned on here time and time again. He is cuntroversial (there's a new word for the board) like Sutton. Both doing their jobs and making good money then. The more they are cuntroversial, the more people complain about them and the viewing figures...………… Need I say mair?
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    Very little they can do, as there is no leverage for them to use. Usually they are very good at this kind of thing, but as there is no return game, they can not offer the carrot of a larger amount of tickets in return for a larger amount in Oslo. Flip side, would you be happy if the SFA were offering Norway or Serbia more tickets than they were entitled to if the final was at Hampden? Not great, but Norway totally within their rights (blame should be with UEFA, as they should have made it that the away team for the final got a guaranteed allocation of at least 10%)
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    This thread is bonkers.
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    So are we on G? My first ever single was ‘Leader Of The Gang’. If only I’d known what type of gang 🥺😳
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    I really like McGregor but he’s not quite been at his best this season and you can’t ignore Fleck’s form for a top 10 team in England. Looks like McTominay will be back mid/late February. That’s a decent amount of time to get back to match fitness. McGinn is looking more like late March. Can’t see Aston Villa declaring him fit until after the international break. Think it’s a similar situation for Tierney. The centre back problem is really awkward. There seems to be lots of players at a similar standard playing at different levels so it’s really hard to know who’s the most capable to play these games. Do we go for Hanley whose playing at the highest level but playing for the worst team in his league? Or McKenna/Gallagher who’re doing reasonable at a much lower level or Cooper who is playing well for a team at a higher level to the SPFL. Would McKenna struggle even more than Hanley at centre back for Norwich..? I’ve got a feeling he would. My gut says Hanley and Gallagher is the best option even if they’ve never played together before. So assuming the above in terms of injury I’d go for. GK: Marshall RB: Palmer CB: Gallagher CB: Hanley LB: Robertson RCM: Armstrong (would be tempted with Jack in the final if we get there) CM: McTominay LCM: Fleck RW: Christie FW: Griffiths but McBurnie if he’s not getting minutes/goals LW: Fraser I could be completely wrong about Hanley and Gallagher but I’ve not seen much from McKenna or Cooper to convince me otherwise. McGregor, Forrest and Naismith are really close to the starting 11 too but would need to do quite a bit from now to force their way in. I guess Souttar and Findlay are there or thereabouts too.
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    Gone a bit quiet here so it's about time for a wee joke or two....... I was once applying for a blacksmiths job and was asked if I had any experience shoeing horses. I said no, but i once told a donkey to f*ck off...
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    He’s hands down the striker for the play offs if he’s even playing semi regular.
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    That’s a thing of beauty. ‘Sure to ruffle a few pheasant feathers in some piper jaickit clad Tory cunts.
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    She must be a shite Mrs or else you’d have given her the goalie top seeing as she’d be a ‘keeper.
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    Fucking pathetic from you. Nothing wrong with the tackle? So now making no contact with the ball and assaulting players is fair game? As fair game as abusing players then greetin like a kid when they give it back. You’ve made a cunt of yourself Here.
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    You were never a Glasgow man. You moved to Canada when you were a bairn by Christ. 😂
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    Of course they do. This lie enables them to engage in whataboutery by claiming that calling someone a Hun is a bigoted or sectarian insult.
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    I respect rewarding loyalty, but not to the detriment of the team. I'm sure we all appreciate McGregor's commitment to the team. And he is a very good player. However, if McTominay, Fleck or anyone else is playing better at the time, I'd happily bench him. There is no room for niceties in such a critical game.
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    Dont worry. You will have the broad shoulders of the union to depend on . So long as you are not actually a fisherman.
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    Oh ok Barnewankercuntarseholecocksuckingfudy.
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    This meltdown from the piglets has been hilarious hahah. The weirdos trying to get Boyd sacked now lol
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    I’d understand the banning more if someone in Dundee was slagged for looking like a normal cunt.

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