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    Don't mind referring to a man who has had a sex change as she, or vice versa, but if you're still walking about with a dobber then you should not be using female bathrooms. There are only two genders imo. These cunts who don't identity as anything have a mental illness.
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    Couldnae agree more. No time for eedjits like that...
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    I remember the last time Celtic and the Dons had a TAMB meltdown. Celtic called out Aberdeen who were on their toes quicker than you could say "A single to Holland please". Lets see if same happens here. RIP Rossy. Aberdeen always running away.
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    Feel great today, never hand a wank, but cheers for asking SH. 😉
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    Aye he comes across that way, always plenty of time to talk to the young kids and has a laugh with the fans, genuine big lad and a cracking goalie to boot.
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    Hopefully Dandy and Ramy had an angry wank last night and relieved some pent up frustration. What a car crash of a thread.
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    We need @PamelaDeary on to give you both a tug.
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    Hey pal. Don't rise. Especially the facebook thing. That wee prick from America keeps calling me someone else as well. Fuck them. Scotland Forever. Fuck I am trying to have a Glenlivet free January. DD seems like a good guy though. Vanderark is English wi a Scottish Grannie. Erzatz isny too bad if a little bigoted. Farcity is a total bigot. Ormond is delusional and paranoid about the social media site called sit on yer facebook. Apart from that...… Fuck it. Got an 18 year old in my cupboard that needs a good seeing to. Stand on boys. If I have missed anybody out then apologies. I have just discovered that Blue Monday wasn't named after the Famous Glasgow Rangers. Stand on.
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    Correction, he's in the top 2 😂
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    Calm doon. Do really think anyone would believe YOU of all people would send me a friend request?? Come on man. It was a bit of fun. Remember??? Your words. Funny how the toys come flying out your pram when the shoe is on the other foot. Then resorting to calling me a weirdo and a cunt? It's a message board. Then you go running to the yank. You lot had your fun with me in the "Canadian Water" thread. Do you see me moanin like a wee fanny? No, it's called banter.. Get over yourself ffs..
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    Eisegerwind, you are extremely boring. I've no idea who you are but you are extremely tedious and offer much less than fuck all to this board. If you are trying to kill this place off then you are doing an awesome job.
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    That's it get him to fuck. We should have no queen loving, monarchy loving cunts in our squad.
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    We can really when even in the last year, he's shown more in a Scotland shirt than McBurnie could ever dream of. I'd rather go with tried and tested players at this level that somebody with an overinflated price tag that goes with their over inflated ego.
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    I think you take this place too seriously.

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