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    If ma maw had baws then Ryan Christie would try and grab them.
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    In my experience, this whole issue of taking family to football is a complete minefield. My wife hates football & always has. I thought (when we were first together) that by persuading her to stand in the open end in the pouring rain at Barnsley, then hitch-hiking to London afterwards in wet clothes, she'd realise what a great life it was, but she always was stubborn & wouldn't have it. Our eldest (miraculously she stayed with me) was mildly interested. I took her to a couple of games & as long as the sweets kept coming, she was fine. At 3, she had a bit of a thing about Fabrizio Ravanelli so I took her to an away League Cup game at Middlebrough. We got tonked 5-1 but she really enjoyed it, which perturbed me a bit. A couple of weeks later, the temperature started to get into single figures & she never went again. She later discovered my 1992 diary (her year of birth) & discovered that I'd written in the dates of the play-offs in my diary more prominently than her arrival. She still goes on about it today & doesn't realise just how hurtful that is, as we lost 2-1 to Peterborough in injury time. My son, however, is a different kettle of fish. He was born addicted to football & will happily travel hundreds of miles to a pre-season friendly, spending money that for some reason people think should be going on crap like clothes & mortgages. So it can be hard, but you just have to persevere & get them to understand that the soul-destroying misery of supporting the teams that most of us do is actually good for them.
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    Jesus, that sounds awful, hope she is ok. Bet it’s some daft wee wanker who has fucked up.
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    Allesio won that then got sacked. Good luck Slippy.
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    If we’d turned up in the second half v Accies Robinson would’ve won it.
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    I can see people's reasons to question the membership, but I've always considered it worthwhile for the convenience alone. Home or away; no pissing about; straight in and bought. I remember when Safeways were a sales outlet for tickets and people were queuing to buy tickets and one fan living down south - who was dead-set against joining the SSC - was driving up to Scotland to queue at a Safeway through the night. I mean c'mon. You can make life easier for yourself. I realise the team is a long way from those days, of course, but even so. As for the away matches; do you want to get on and enjoy the start of your trip or do you want to spend your time trying to secure tickets in a foreign city? What is it? £25 per year? Over priced for what we actually receive, but I've seen others charge more.
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    Understood. Sorry, I thought you were talking about our qualifying campaign.
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    Surely they'll be plenty of Croatians & Czech's looking for tickets now for that fixture.
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    Agree agree with most of that apart for the Morelos learning bit, he won’t learn until the rangers publicity machine stops putting out excuses for every stupid thing he does. With his natural ability it must really piss you off when he does the things he does.
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    I think the 2010s were a great decade for the Scottish Cup. Decent spread of winners, some classic semis and finals especially, even in the last couple of years with Celtic dominating the finals were good games (apart from the Motherwell one). Just a pity my own team are absolutely rank rotten in the competition.
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    The Scottish cup has lost something too. Could it go the same way? I remember the 3rd round of the Scottish cup being a big occasion. Was large travelling Motherwell supports all through the 90s and early 2000s for games at love street, rugby park, stair Park, Tannadice, Easter road, even Ibrox. Not sure if it’s TV, old firm domination or other factors that have dampened the appetite? (It’s not just me, is it?) I’d have taken the kids to Dens for a 3pm ko, but as it’s on TV at 720 on a Saturday night, I’ll be watching in the house. Last 4 finals I’ve been to we’ve been beaten by Celtic x 3 and Rangers once. Best thing that could happen would be Celtic going out early, that would make the competition interesting.
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    Please do. You are an arsehole and you are polluting cyberspace.

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