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    If Gerrard, Lennon or Roy Keane were getting scudded 3-0 at home you can guarantee they would have done the exact same. Anyone who thinks otherwise is deluded. All 3 massive winners. Hibs were an embarrassment to the league last night at least that boys got the right mentality.
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    Rangers and Linfield - used to have friendlies to raise funds for the UVF
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    https://streamja.com/bXZo If there’s any chance of an upset on the cards, you can rely on the officials to deny it happening. Absolutely disgraceful decision, apologies for the morons on commentary, favourite part was when they claim he follows through with his left leg, despite it not moving. Close Scottish fitba, it’s full of cheating and corrupt bastards.
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    Ian Duncan Smith has a song?
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    That lad is thick as shit if he thinks Italy would ever call him up
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    I want to play for Brazil. Same chance of that happening. 😂
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    I take it your basement is one of those half-height ones? You’ll have no problem running around upright in there pal.
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    But in this case the reporter has seen the incident and he is, frankly, wrong. There was not excessive force by any stretch if the imagination. So calling him a cock is valid in this case. WCTA appeal - Upheld.
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    In the space of 28 minutes, he’s shown just how much of a clueless buffoon he really is.
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    "Not looking good" re McGinn and is going to have an x-ray on the ankle. Also apparently villa have been giving him injections on his thigh muscle which he injured on Scotland duty in the last games. Was certainly looking off the boil for villa in his last few games that I watched him. Looking ominous for the play offs now...
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    Was a wild challenge, but don’t think you can take much from a still image, can always make it look worse. 1st 15 minutes of an old firm game and that’s not even a booking. 😂
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    Thats my wedding song
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    Got the ball. Decent tackle back in the day...

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