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    Tell me big boy, what is so toxic about saying - "And those of us (who are also the descendants of immigrants) who point out the huge benefits we see every day thanks to immigrants - are in turn pilloried as rabid commies." This year immigrants have - Fixed my buggered heating. Sold me my train tickets. Took great care of my Gran after she had a stroke. Fixed my buggered roof. Made and served me meals. Saved my cat from going blind. Cut my hair. Help me take care of a skin condition. Drove me back and forth across the World's Greatest City. They were in those jobs because the thick cunts who sit at home watching daytime TV and moaning incessantly about immigration either didn't want to do these jobs or weren't remotely qualified. Immigration is fine by me.
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    In a couple of WhatsApp groups, I/we were speaking about this, thankfully most of us support Dundee, or United, think theres one Celtic and a St Mirren fan of all things, and everyone was happy that Rangers were beaten by Celtic. Everyone of us wants almost anyone to stop them winning every trophy, but not that horrible bigoted club, anyone but them. They are universally hated by everyone.
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    MB has made his bed. Willing to hoor himself out at the earliest opportunity to the other side of the world, him an that Souttar brother. If they dont consider themselves Scottish then fk them. Absolutley embarrassing, imagine turning up at the squad there, yeah im an ozzy now. Total frauds.
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    Wait until United eventually get promoted. 😂👍
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    I really don't think Tierney is relevant to this topic. This is for discussion of players that actually play for Scotland.
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    If he’s successful he’ll be heading to the smellies after Lennon goes tonto
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    In England youre right but up here there's only one show in town.
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    I just can't get my head around anyone in Scotland voting Tory. They hate us with a passion yet won't give us independence. This simple dichotomy proves we have the finances to survive on our own. I can understand voting for just about anyone else but not the Tories. They offer nothing positive and are run by the biggest group of liars, charlatans, rogues and incompetents I've ever seen.
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    Loon, you are , by your own admission, pretty critical of Nicola Sturgeon but from that article it would appear the SNP’s affiliation with the EU started long before she was ever in charge. I would suggest most of the voters in that article already have a political party, its called the Brexit party. If they are prepared to give their vote to another party, or refuse to vote SNP in an election where the SNP make Indyref2 part of the manifesto , because they do not like the SNP’s direction on Europe, then being out of the EU is clearly more important to them than scottish independence. This is absolutely fine, they make their choice like anyone else. Creating another independence party , one that is anti EU , I think is too much of a risk and is simply going to split the independence vote and let the unionists in. I am not even certain that offering an EU vote , should we gain independence, would be sufficient for Eurosceptic / Pro independence voters to vote Yes in another Indyref in fear we may then vote to stay in the EU . Why would they risk it if being out the EU was more important than in the EU in an independent Scotland ? They would just stick with the UK. There are many people who vote SNP , not because they think the SNP excel in their job, but because they are adequate and realise the only way we will get independence is to stick with the one party that has the strength in numbers to deliver it. I am not saying that is right , infact its shit , but much bigger sacrifices will be required further down the line if we do gain independence so if people are not prepared to back them now I doubt they will have the appetite for what is to come. It really is an awkward situation and I genuinely sympathise with people who are Eurosceptic for the right reasons. But I am not convinced playing a neutral card on the EU would garner more support for the SNP or independence.
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    It specifies that the sale is for 2020/21 members
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    Well me and the wee fella went last weekend, Plane to Milan ,Train to Turin and return that was around 120 quid all in Accom about 25 a night so all booked up and waited for ticket sale... WTF they were 89 Euros for him and 119 Euros for me, howeve I had booked everything else and I bit the bullet and bought them The stadium is pretty impressive, alothough smallish fro a club that size Aprox 40.000 -45000 Anyhoo after Ronaldo not playingthe previous game and having been substituted in the previous 2 he had started we were delighted he started played whole gamer and he Scored ( also had a belter ruled off for offside) .... a Pen in a 2-2 draw. Cue one very happy wee 8 year old.
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    I love how PIAK seriously considers himself to be on a far higher intellectual level to the rest of us plebs on the TAMB
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    That is rich considering your post history. I have eczema as it happens. Not pleasant. I need help managing it. The NHS have done a great job and the professionals that have helped me have been Eastern European. Want me to upload photographs ? Otherwise stick your comments.
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    Yeah, well not as funny as pretend internet anarchists.
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    Would seem there are quite a few anarchists on this thread. Do you all live in a special TAMB commune or different ones?
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    I’ve just read on twitter that Celtic intend to appeal the Frimpong red card. As it was Morales it cant be considered a clear goal scoring chance.
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    The BBC don't even try and hide it. Lead item on Reporting Scotland was basically a party political broadcast for Lesley Laird. Trying to track down the "elusive" Neale Hanvey. I won't hold my breath waiting for the similar features on the four other candidates who've been suspended by their parties.
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    I still stand by what i said a couple of weeks ago Every bigot in Scotland is voting Tory - more than at any other election or referendum The Ulsterisation of politics has succeeded
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    Just a nudge to one of the worst offside decisions you'll see anywhere in football from the Well v Hearts game on Saturday. 2 Hearts players playing the linesman onside clearly wasn't enough 😂 https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/50713338
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    Independiente in Argentina’s new third jersey. Can you imagine how many of these beauties would sell with a Scotland badge on them? 😳 It’s all to do with the Scots who gave fitba’ to Argentina when they named their club St. Andrews.
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