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    Barry Ferguson is the last midfielder that we have produced who could dominate, control, dicate a game... I like McTominay a lot, I also like McGinn... But I don't think either of these guys are that type of central midfielder. Also, on the point about Lambert being a 'steady eddie'... At his peak, he was one of the best holding midfielders in world fitba.
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    Celtic will win by 3. We are playing well, Christie is on top form and our defence is solid. Mickey Johnston aswell. Even without French Eddy we will be fine. Bench is strong. I hope Griff gets the start. Rangers are vulnerable at the back as they blew a 2 goal lead to Aberdeen, and by no means any disrespect to the Don's. If we get an early goal it's all over. 4-1..
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    Ferguson was a much better player than Brown.
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    First of all, Fletcher played for a Man Utd team that were far superior to the current team. That McTominey is a first pick says as much about the state of Man Utd as it does about him. That's not to suggest he's not worthy of his place but it's a fact he's got no real competition for it. McTominay has recently turned 23. He's played around 65 games for his club and made 12 international appearances. By the time Fletcher turned 23 he'd made around double the number of appearances for Man Utd and around double the caps. He was also vice captain and acted as captain when Ferguson wasn't available. At the age McTominay is now, Fletcher was mufurther advanced, was an established player in a successful team with real competition for his place. McGinn and Lambert is a fairer comparison especially as they both started at St Mirren. It's also fair to say that Lambert was transformed as a player when he moved to Dortmund and played in a completely different role from anything he'd done before. It's also worth pointing out that while he was there, Motherwell finished second and third in the SPL. He was also a bit of late starter at international level but that probably had more to do with the quality of more experienced players playing in his position, in particular McAllister and McStay.
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    Why is anybody in a job apart from the Celtic manager? Now off you pop, go back to mocking the handicapped and digging at lesbians. You are a weasel.
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    Just about to head out for dinner, all good so far. I'll post a full verdict when I've recovered lol
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    We have some of the best players we have had in 20-30 years in certain positions at the moment. Unfortunately we also have some of the worst players we have had in 20-30 years in certain positions at the same time. That being said Iā€™m starting to believe we may somehow qualify now...
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    There really are some fuckin dafties on this messageboard. Just sayin like. I post I'm happy that the Don's have equalized, then some dafty posts the confused emoticon. Deary deary me...šŸ¤£

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