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    😂😂😂😂😂 Phenomenal against the worst defence in the league. How many times did you shoot your bolt writing that? Are you pasta micks lovechild?
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    Theres been a few suggestion on here regarding players like fletcher and whether we would want them back for the finals if we got there. The answer should be absolutely not. You dont get to fuck off your country, the fans and your team mates then come crawling back because theres a tiny amount of success. That type of player is the one you dont want in the team.
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    Stephen Robinson is also competing with Tommy Wright for the NI job.... 😂 That is a horrific list! Not even a good pundit in there! Add Marvin Andrews and a flute band and you’ve got a good line up for a cultural event in Airdrie.
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    Clarke will know who's committed or not. If Robertson, tierney, fraser or anyone else just wants to play when it suits them, they should be told to fuck off
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    You wouldn't know logical discussion if it punched you in the face. Let's go back to the start, you gave tierney the benefit of the doubt but slagged fraser all because tierney ran to the press with his story and fraser didn't, I said they're as bad as each other. That's why I laughed at you and told you take off the green brigade tinted specs, your posts are insanely bias towards anything celtic, that's fine in some contexts but not when discussing a scotland line up or injuries to scotland players. Its obvious to a blind man you cant leave club allegiances at the door. Seems fairly logical to me.
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    Breaking : a Celtic supporter who posts about Celtic players form a team who are top of the league.... the scottish players in action thread is where you post updates what’s happing with current Scottish players, correct? And you call me thick? Would take your own advice since it’s clear logical discussion is beyond yourself. So giving a majority of celtic players are in the current Scotland set up and are performing in Europe and domestically I’ll give posts on who’s performing. I also post regularly on other topics and have created threads discussing many other topics such as team discussion and player call ups. But ok boomer!
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    That's not why I accused of having tinted green specs. I accused you of having tinted green specs because the majority of your posts are laughably pro celtic. Whether people on reddit agreed with you or not is irrelevant. Maybe you dont have green tinted specs, maybe you're just thick. I'm not sure!
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    Does the fact that Lewis Morgan is starting ahead of him not suggest something?
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    Andrew Robertson is only 25 years old and already has 34 caps and 3 goals (from left back!) for Scotland. He will most likely go on to be one of our most capped players of all time barring serious injury. But he missed one game to get an emergency dental procedure and suddenly he's persona non grata? Get a grip.
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    Some people on here like to cut their nose off to spite their face.
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    I totally agree and when I lived in England I did vote Labour - may even have voted Lib Dems once but NEVER EVER Tory. However, we live in sad and confusing times. Many will vote Tory as they are drawn to BJ's racist side and all his macho BS mistaking that for him being a strong leader. Others voting Tory being Brexiteers who would vote for their hand to be chopped off if it got them their Brexit. Also there are those sucked in by anti-semitism against Labour plus, of course, the upper class toffs who know the Tories will always fight to look after their massive nest eggs. So you see Toryism expands various classes of people no matter how repugnant it is.
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    Absolutely. Unbelievable how many idiots are in the UK - that mind sound harsh - but they fucking are if they vote for him as PM. All the working class people too who will vote for him and JRM. Well, the joke is on them useful idiots. Bit like the Hicks in rhe American south who don't have two dimes to rub together but vote Republican. I'd never vote Labour in Scotland, but certainly would consider it depending on the candidate in England.
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    His performance on Andrew Marr was a fucking disgrace, how anyone can think of putting that imbecile into power is beyond me. He stuttered, mumbled and bungled his way though, he can't even string a sentence together for fuck sake, whilst refusing to answer a single question.
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    Nice. I do know it was a cover though 😉
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    The managers job is to pick the best team to win games. If that includes young players, brilliant but it’s their club’s responsibility to make them better players long term.
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    The point is there is no evidence Porteous is better. He might become so but might not. He plays at a poorer level, has less experience, is clearky extremely rash but he is younger so some people on here think, right, he's younger therefore he will eventually become better. Not necessarily the case. Porteous might continue to be unbelievably rash, as he is just now, get a move to eg Southend and go on to have a far inferior career to the other two. I'm all for giving certain young players who maybe haven't quite proved themselves the chance at international level but only at the right time. As I said earlier if an 18/19/20 year old is playing at a good level with his club and clearly better than others then he is selected. If we are talking about an 18/19/20 year old who is playing in spl and showing potential at times but not an absolute standout ie Porteous or plays occasionally in an epl league cup side, a manager who values his job would need to be careful about when he selects those sorts of players. He might call them up in friendlies for a run out or have them in to train but he's not going to pitch them into qualifiers or replaced experienced players (even if they are universally unpopular with the TA) until they prove themselves at the requisite level.
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    Our fans are becoming worse than embarrassing. Crawling tae cunts who see our national side as an irrelevance. Get a fucking grip by fuck. 🤦‍♂️
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    Amen to that. The folk we need to push us over the line won't even think about media bias. How many will know that the SNP recently wrote a stern letter to the BBC about being referred to as the Scottish Nationalist Party? Just a slip of the tongue I'm sure, and I'm betting that their stern letter achieves the sum total of fck all. However, going through them like a dose of salts in front of a live mic...
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    I can see morelos going for a massive fee. Mcburnie went for 20m and hes not as good as morelos.
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    Of course he was. How much are the authorities involved though ... Expect another terrorist attack before the election.
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    You are like that mouth that stands in the corner of the boozer that nobody really drinks with as they are somewhat embarrassing. You were the same crater that was describing women as split arses not so long ago. A sad, sad, Chubby Brown tribute act. Nobody likes him much either.

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