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    How is it appalling? Scotland is around the 25th biggest country in Europe by population, surely to be up around 15th, 16th isn't so bad? I know there are a lot of other factors, but appalling it is not. Some folk need to get real in what they expect.
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    Meh, I have abandoned my cheery thread, happiness is overrated. What is it with some people at the gym ? I joined a month ago after 23 years in exile as I need to get a bit fitter. But I cannot get on the body strengthening weight machines as folk are sitting on them forever, just fookin texting , Txt txt txt. Txt txt . Txt txt. They occasionally lift the weights with their legs then back to txt txt txt. They are sitting with hoodies on and look as white as a ghost, whereas the sweat is lashing off me even though i am wearing less clothing than is deemed appropriate for a woman of my age. Why do they bother going and hogging all the machines ? A girl was on an exercise bike calling a fookin chinese takeaway on her phone last week. She was just sitting on it, she wasn't even peddling.
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    Looking at the countries around us - 13. Czech Rep Slavia Prague have Inter Milan (H) and Dortmund (A) in the CL. They really need to beat Inter to drop into the Europa League but I doubt they will pick up many more points. 14. Denmark Copenhagen have Malmo (H) and Kyiv (A) in the EL. Currently top but probably have the toughest fixtures left of the 3 teams going for a top 2 position. 15. Cyprus APOEL have Sevilla (H) and Dudelange (A) in the EL. I'd expect them to get through but it will be close. 16. Scotland Celtic have Rennes (H) and Cluj (A) and are already through in the EL. Hopefully they will look to top the group rather than see the last two games as meaningless. Rangers Feyenoord (A) and Young Boys (H) in the EL in what is probably the most competitive group. Winning the next match would put them through. 17. Greece Olympiacos have Spurs (A) and Red Star Belgrade (H) in the CL. Currently bottom with the match against Red Star key to finishing 3rd. 18. Croatia Dinamo Zagreb have Man City (H) and Atalanta (A) in the CL. They are unlikely to be eliminated and should finish at least 3rd but 2nd still a strong possibility. 19. Serbia Red Star Belgrade have Bayern Munich (H) and Olympiacos (A) in the CL. Currently 3rd with the match against Olympiacos key to finishing 3rd. Partizan have AZ (A) and Astana (H) in the EL. Currently 3rd, 4 points behind 2nd. Unlikely to reach the next round.
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    I used to work with an absolute tool who would wear one of those sovereign rings that said Dad on it. Needless to say he was a monkey Hun. 😂🙈
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    Anyone above the age of 14 with a name and number on the back of a football top is for the watching. Ive specifically told my wife if she even considered getting me an aberdeen top with my name or dad on the back and 40*, it’ll be straight in the bin. *When I get there that is, ages yet.
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    It’s the most basic of basic thing. But the point I’m making is that it’s a way to try and get into mild pepper eating if you don’t have great tolerance. I just noticed I meant to type Philadelphia cream cheese and not just cream. 😄
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    Probably because of the utter bawbag upper class cunts that he represents.
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    Trust me, us Perthites fae Tayside sound bugger all like those spoon burning pikeys. 😎 I will say though, my first Wife was from Dundee. She was forever after “Fehv fingers no’ twa”
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    According to this handy tool http://www.electionpolling.co.uk/swingometer/uk-parliament?election=2017&region=scotland&SNP=42&CON=22&LAB=12&LD=13&GRN=4&BREX=6#Scotland Liberal Democrat gains Fife North East SNP gains Aberdeen South Angus Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock Banff and Buchan Dumfries and Galloway Gordon Moray Ochil and South Perthshire Renfrewshire East Stirling Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill East Lothian Glasgow North East Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath Midlothian Rutherglen and Hamilton West Labout also have just sacked their third GE candidate in a fortnight. The Embra South West one was dropped for accusing JCQC of hating transgender people.
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    Great work with this. I'll be reciting it in pub later on !
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    Nae wonder they cut aff his arms look at the state of his eyes.....too much manual relief 😄
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    Neither are really DM's though He is
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    You can tell from his face, when he was on the ground, he was in loads of pain. It was more of a muscle injury than an in impactful one. He went over on his ankle. Knowing injuries like that personally, he may be able to heal in time for Sunday, if he does, he'll probably meet up with our squad
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    Just seen that Celtic are facing fresh sanctions from UEFA because fans let off flares at the game. Now I hate flares and their use at games by sad wee boys trying to act big is pathetic but wheres the UEFA backlash on Lazio and their "fans"? I think going around stabbing folk definitely exceeds flares in the needs a sanction scale!
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    Two great results for Rangers and Celtic, I’d stop short of saying it’s great for Scotland and/or Scottish football.
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    For sure. Frustrating, given the relative strength of the record when compared to rUK, that Yousaf didn't challenge it forcefully. That being said, it's such a piece of jingling keys nonsense . Haha, aw Nick Robinson, he who killed irony the other day when indignantly taking someone to task for playing fast and loose with the answer someone gave to a question in a video they edited. Must have felt he had a monopoly on it.
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    I couldn't have been much further off in my predictions, what a pair of results! Superb. Really outstanding from both sides. Now I can go back to hoping they get beat at weekends. So fucking weird wanting them to win every other Thursday.
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    Mcgregor, Forrest and Christie were excellent last night. Jack also had a good showing, maybe not quite as eye catching as the Celtic three. Four squad members playing important roles in outstanding results has to be heartening. It goes some way, you would hope, in dispelling the idea that these guys only look good in domestic football because of the poverty of opposition. Lazio and Porto. Winning in Rome is especially good. Brown had a great game as well. He'd be so handy for us at the moment. Ce'st la vie.
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    Aye, exactly. We shall see if it bears fruit in the Spring.
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    Great addition and very good research! A couple people (including the OP) laughed my original assertion. I'm still not clear why. I mean, it only stands to reason the more players you have playing (and winning) at the top level, the more successful your international team will be. As you said, we are where we are because of the standard of our players. We can't keep blaming the manager.
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    Yeah, I will add I have always found sides that have players regularly competing in the UCL (Further you go the better) or going far in Europa League (At least Round of 16) seem to have good consistency at NT levels. 1. Belgium (Majority of squad play in the top 3 leagues in Europe, pre 2012 that wasn't the case) 2018 - 3rd 2016 - 7th 2014 - 6th 2012 - DNQ 2010 - DNQ 2008 - DNQ 2006 - DNQ 2004 - DNQ 2002 - 14th 2. Russia (Majority of squad play in 6th best league in Europe always have strong domestic presence in clubs competing in Europe ) 2018 - 8th 2016 - 23rd 2014 - 23rd 2012 - 9th 2010 - DNQ 2008 - 3rd 2006 - DNQ 2004 - 10th 2002 - 22nd 3. Scotland (Half the squad play in the 20th best league in Europe / one third play in the best league and one third second tier of England) 2018 - DNQ 2016 - DNQ 2014 - DNQ 2012 - DNQ 2010 - DNQ 2008 - DNQ 2006 - DNQ 2004 - DNQ 2002 - DNQ
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    I think so. No doubting his love for Celtic, but there's no doubt that they stretched him to his limits. The only thing we can do is wait till he's 100% fit and see how many squads he pulls out of.
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    I could not agree with you more there, mate. It doesn't take much effort to be respectful and treat people how you would like to be treated. That's one lesson that's been lost, especially when people are online, they have the protection of distance, so it gives them the freedom to talk to people in a manner that they would never do to their face. Fake bravery is a thing. Cool. Thanks for the link, mate. I'll give it a look. I tried eBay but no luck, I'm afraid. I actually don't mind spending good money on a shirt if it's durable and is good quality. I have a fair few Under Armour compressed shirts, so it'll make a nice change of pace running and lifting whilst wearing something a wee bit different.
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    NT Performances 1) Trophies (Especially in recentlyish..last 15 years) 2) How deep teams have gone in tournaments 3) How regularly teams qualify *What league they compete in and how it is ranked on UEFA Coefficients, if the players are regularly competing in the UCL or going far in Europa League* Judging by that.. Scotland is exactly where we should be in qualification
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    Good to see, still appalling how low we are ranked but glad to have a good season in Europe for once.
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    Haha, at the same time, each to their own. I'm not going to be judging folk by what they wear or if thy have a name on the back etc. Wee bit more respect between humans and each to their own today would probably have us in a bit of a better shape as a species. Aye, that's the one. https://www.oneills.com/uk_en/scotland-gaa-jersey.html Says Albain on the back and has the saltire. The colours are lovely, IMO and that purpley/thistle colour always looks good on a Scotland shirt - I think the lassies netball team had a similar type top at either a WC or Commonwealth Games. Good material too, and done a fair bit of sweating/hiking/running in it and it's holding up alright.
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    It was funny but he's no legend. He's a greetin faced whiney arsehole.
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    Good result for Celtic tonight, four Scots started. Christie and Forrest have both scored against Lazio and played quite well. Celtic are top of their group and have qualified already. Surely this goes against the theory that they only play well against spl fodder. As I have always maintained we have a decent pool of players but are missing good players in key positions. Hopefully this will change over the next few years but we should still be getting better results in the present.
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    I think people are getting carried away with their "success". They've only reached 1 major finals in the last 30 years. Euro 2020 - beat Belarus and Estonia. Lost to Netherlands and Germany. I won't be better on them in the play-offs. Nations League - Lost all 4 matches against Bosnia and Austria. World Cup 2018 - Finished 2nd in a group with under-performing Czech and Norway sides. Lost in play-offs. Euro 2016 - Very lucky that the top seed finished bottom of the group. They did however do really well in this group. They have shown what a difference having a couple of good centre-backs can make, and a forward that can score on a semi-regular basis.

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