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    We took our little grandson to the away game at Blackburn a couple of weeks ago. His first ever away match. He’s just coming up for 21 months. We were taking photos of him & on one of them by chance he’d nicked his dad’s bacon butty & was pulling a silly face. He just looks on this photo, in his jeans & Town shirt, holding the sarny by his side, in that split second, like an absolute hooligan. I just can’t look at it without bursting out laughing.
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    Craig Levein will become head of my newly founded Department of Evolution, looking into ways of evolving things that don't work, into ways that they work even less, aka 4-6-0, He will run the department with an iron fist, but refuse any blame when he fails. The triangle wheel was his greatest invention. Aberdeen wont exist any more, well not in its current state anyway. After Scotland is towed to the Caribbean, this ensures World Cup qualification, good weather and no more midgies. Unfortunately Aberdeen decided to be attached to England so they can still vote Tory. We were offered land in return for Aberdeen, but refused, insisting that they keep Alan Brazil, Michelle Moan and every Lib Dem cunt instead.
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    This is a very interesting interview I came across Tierney done with the s*n before last months games against Russia and San Marino. It’s definitely one I’d presume may have went under the radar so thought I’d share it in light of him not getting called up and most of all us all really questioning his commitment to Scotland. The link to the interview is here - https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/4799694/kieran-tierney-scotland-euro/amp/ but to save yourselves giving the s*n views. here’s the full interview Copied from the article interview. KIERAN TIERNEY insisted he HAD to withdraw from the Scotland squad this month so he’s in peak condition for the play-offs in March. The Arsenal defender was kept out of Steve Clarke’s pool for the double header against Russia and San Marino at the Gunners’ request. Tierney, who played his first 90 minutes since April in the 4-0 Europa League win over Standard Liege, has backed boss Unai Emery’s decision. He said: “What I’m doing isn’t against Scotland, it’s for the future of my Scotland career. I need to help my body and make sure that I am in the best place possible for the next camp — that’s what it’s all about. “I understand it, Arsenal understand it and Scotland understand it. “I have been in pain playing since November or December, tried to get a proper recovery for a few months and then played through it. “I then had an operation and have eventually recovered. “It has been a long time since I played 90 minutes pain-free, so to play on Thursday night and then again on Sunday, then another two games with the national team is a lot. “When you are coming back from injury you have to phase yourself back and take it step by step. The reason that I got the injury was playing too many games in the first place. “So if I just jump straight back into playing three or four games in ten days it’s a lot for me. “It’s the kind of injury that needs managed, so it’s the right decision.” My stance on it is this, could this indicate Tierney never planned to play for Scotland this month and has been pacing himself for the playoffs?, again but make the interview what you will.
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    Makes you wonder if he could do this for Scotland. Would mean playing 3 at the though. Surprising that it's not really been considered by anyone. Could it work?
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    SNP will not get 50+ seats. 2015 was a one off protest vote. It won't happen again. If the SNP get over 40 seats they will have done very well. And they won't get that, if folk continue to be complacent and don't actually work hard to get the vote out. Folk continually get taken in by this media nonsense the the SNP should be getting "50+" seats and then when it doesn't happen, that same media try to tell us that because they didn't get 50+ seats the SNP "lost" the election. Don't trust opinion polls, especially when they are telling you what you want to hear.
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    Reminds me of my dogs who go absolutely berserk at me when I come home. One of the best feelings ever. 😍
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    I think that the being away from family thing could be a legitimate factor for players with kids etc. Which I don’t think applies to Tierney? Your EPL level players aren’t going to be juggling childcare and their wife working shifts and it’s these guys that are making themselves unavailable. Your Aberdeen, Motherwell, Killie and Hearts players are more likely to struggle with these sort of real life issues. The week of football hasn’t really changed much, I feel that factor is overplayed. We used to play Saturday and Wednesday, can now play Thursday Monday and be home 2 days earlier... Wednesday is still the last day you can play.
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    They are hardly staying quiet on events. They have actively encouraged the Spanish fascists.
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    I used to work with an absolute tool who would wear one of those sovereign rings that said Dad on it. Needless to say he was a monkey Hun. 😂🙈
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    Kilmarnock will be joining at the quarter final stage at this rate.
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    Welcome back You still as hot as you used to be? 😳
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    It was funny but he's no legend. He's a greetin faced whiney arsehole.
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    True, probably doesn’t want to take any more risks, I felt this was worth making a thread over Incase it went under the radar but aye fair enough mate
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    He doesn't have the workrate. Or the game intelligence. Or the positional sense. Or the ability to learn (something his past coaches have complained about). Apart from that, i'm sure he'd be brilliant.
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    Chris Sutton. After the 2nd goal. Quality. Man is a legend.
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    Celtic should win by a cricket score playing 3 at the back tonight... In all seriousness I reckon this could still work for Scotland
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    I share that, it felt like there was momentum in the initial aftermath, but at the same time you could argue it worked out in some ways, in that Boris Johnson is now the PM. Him in that role is a big plus point for the Indy argument. Plus, harder to suggest post referendum Britain was never given a chance to see how it would work things out. The 'UK' will have had two GE's and at least one new PM, but still not come to its senses. If rUK plumps for Johnson in a GE, again it will send a message about how different a direction they are looking in elsewhere in these isles.
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    A very average journalist with a huge ego and who vastly overestimates her own importance and intelligence. Her job at the Herald only lasted a couple of months because she was incompetent at the job and fell out with everyone in the office.
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    The only thing she's really "pro" is pro-Haggerty.
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    Hi to all. Been absent for a while, been focusing on recovery from ACL reconstruction surgery. New episode now online to talk about the recent squad announcement. Myself, Ben Ramage and Gordon Sheach, all TA members, discuss the necessity of Clarke figuring out his best XI over the Cyprus and Kazakhstan double-header. Available on iTunes, Spotify and Google podcasts. I have some really good interviews lined-up with former players over the rest of the month. https://audioboom.com/posts/7417515-clarke-must-find-our-best-xi-during-upcoming-double-header
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    Just looked it up. 0-0 in both 90s of the two legs then lost 1-0 in ET at San Siro. Their win was the season after in the group stage and was under Strachan: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/europe/7019611.stm
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    That's her. The daft hat is to cover her daft hair. Former editor of the Sunday Herald, she once outed Mhairi Black's partner because she was getting the better of her on Twitter. Hat or no hat, I'll be giving QT a miss tonight.
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    That can't be right, some boring wanker who spams the tamb constantly says that he doesn't care about Scotland.
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    I can go along with that (albeit the response could well be 'due to the troubles and the need for the Good Friday agreement in the first place, NI is obviously different'), but I see no real reason to accept the premise of the 'generation' argument. Enough has changed since 2014 to justify asking the question again and the SNP keep winning elections. That is justification enough.
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    I thought Clarke said he didn't speak to KT???? The fans deserve a lot more honesty but as always they remain tight lipped for fear of upsetting someone or tainting a players reputation.
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    Lot of pish. Fans are always attacked in Rome, the banner made no difference and they were quite right to ridicule fascism and a section of Lazio fans obsession with it.
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    The banner knitters have a lot to answer for - they will be tucked up in the weeg whilst decent fans get attacked
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    Paul Dickov should be given the manager's job on a month contract just to see how he does. Full time after if he gets 100% and plays well. Important play off coming up next year.
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    Can you imagine that? 😄 Or a video version, complete with football replay commentaries, explanation of team formations, models of the solar system, flags and banners in the background, assorted missuses (and misters) in the background, favourite drinks, .... etc.
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    Its definitely an age thing. I have Sky, Amazon and Netflix. Have 3 laddies of 18, 15 and 13. They all have access to watching any of those options in their rooms. Without doubt if I walked in their rooms and they were watching something it would be You Tube. I think its to do with attention span. A lot of the YT stuff is short bites of maybe 10 mins or so. I don't think kids want to commit/watch even a 42 min TV programme nowadays. Actually I will take that back a bit....my 18 year does watch more "TV" nowadays, films and programmes. Younger two are still very much favouring YT though. In amongst the multitude of pish I am sure there is some decent content on YT but a lot of if is very much home made "presenters" just waffling a lot of pish. Its like an audio version of the TAMB. The boy KSI who is one of those "fighting" used to make FIFA videos for YT. It basically involved him shouting and screaming and swearing uncontrollably at the camera. Kids seemed to like it. No idea why. Its brain numbing stuff. But then he's the millionaire so who is the stupid one?
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    You have said this a few times and accused a fair few of that. It really really isn't him. I know you have a thing for him but its not him, trust me. Ron had a VERY distinctive posting style which none of the other trolls have.
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    Not everything is so black and white and out in the open in politics.
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    Not yet. If the away shirt is decent then I'll probably buy that one and skip the home top. I still can't grasp how bad the home shift is. It's like it was designed by a team of five year olds.
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    I believe the SNP/Greens have a mandate right now, but there was no way anyone would give the SNP a Yes referendum right now especially with Brexit in its current state. Turning 50+ SNP MPs to Westminster before Christmas would be a fantastic sign that we do want a second referendum. Yet it seems some supporters/backers/voters of the SNP are the ones who might not be able to see the forest for the trees and toiling about them. For some who don't like Sturgeon or the direction of the SNP at present but strive for independence, I don't quite get why you would vote elsewhere/abstain - a bit like Hampden Loon's family who don't like Sturgeon, but back independence etc - are you really going to blow it at this point when Scotland are just about there? We have 4 elections in Scotland and save your anti-SNP protest vote for the local council ; EU ; or even Holyrood second vote. If the Brexit Party stand in every seat in Scotland, I think the SNP have a great chance of winning almost 50 if not more seats. We seen in the EU election and thanks to the Brexit Party ; the SNP won every single council constituency on the mainland plus Na h-Eileanan Iar. Either way its going to be a very interesting election - all over GB/NI. Scotland - you'll have areas like West Aberdeen/Kincardine, which was Lib Dem for a good while yet went SNP and then Tory in the last two elections. No doubt some of those Tories votes came from Lib Dems not wanting a second referendum but against Brexit ; but what do they do now? If you are pro-EU anti-independence, go back to the Libs or vote SNP? Then again you have Libs like that Cole Hamilton who are seemingly pro-EU but not over pro-UK. The Tories will most likely win it, but I think it opens it up a bit with Brexit debacle. Wales/England - today Plaid, Greens and the Lib Dems announced a pro-Remain pact in about 60 constituencies. I'll have a scan at what ones they are ; but it'll be quite interesting to see and if there will be any big ones e.g Jacob Rees Mogg would be a belter of a battle. Outwith the cities, look at the map ; England and Wales backed Brexit and backed it again in the 2019 EU election - lots of Labour areas did, but the last election they mostly voted Labour in 2017 ; but will they be able to do that? Many ex-coal areas wouldn't have the stomach to vote Tory, but they may well vote for the Brexit Party as a protest and that might even let the Tories in ; yet the same might turn around the southern Tory counties - pro-EU, fiscal conservative types may well fed up of the Tories and vote Lib Dem flipping the Surreys, West Country etc. NI - over half the seats will have some form of pact voting. Although the Alliance Party - who did pretty well in local council and won an EU MEP seat are planning on standing all 18 constituencies. We could well see the DUP losing 4/5 MPs. IIR there's about 6/7 seats where it'll basically be a pro-Remain party against the DUP.
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    Back on topic... When our new next door neighbour's big daft breengey dug comes bounding across for a clap from his new bestie. Silly beast thinks cos his heid can get through part of their wrought iron gate so can the rest of him!
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    It is. In fairness, though, you literally cannot tell the difference. It's not like all the stitching is wonky, etc, and the badge is hanging off. If you got five fakes and five genuines, muddled them up and lined them up, you wouldn't be able to tell them apart. DHgate are well worth the money.
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    Mon the Thai's https://m.dhgate.com/product/thai-quality-euro-2020-scotland-soccer-jersey/501742477.html?invitorid=qE7Fzi21
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    Nozza 0 Posted 1 hour ago Hi Davy, Could you please add 2 for the Limassol bus ? I will forward money on confirmation. Thanks for your efforts, brilliant 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Hi Davy, I posted the above on the main thread then noticed this one. As it says, lm looking for 2 x seats if possible. Thanks
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    Tierney played 90 mins tonight. Tosser.
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    I think your are possibly missing the point if you are listing two of the most driven players in the history of world football, who played for two of the biggest nations going, as examples of players who do want to play for the country. I will summarise. It’s not all players who might feel this way, only some. The “week of football” is a factor. The lack of success and continuity may have an impact. Think about yourself as a fan. You have been about here years. Do you still have the same enthusiasm now as you did 10 years ago when we would think nothing of firing off to friendlies at the end of a season or double headers spanning most of Europe? Or has the lack of success and the week of football, and possibly some other factors too, dulled your desire to follow Scotland. It’s certainly done a lot to kill mines, that’s for sure. Some of these may be reasons why our best option at centre forward doesn’t want to play. Likewise our best goalie and one of our best options in the centre of midfield. We have also seen the likes of Snodgrass and McArthur pass on international football as well in recent times. Its not just us. England have had Carragher and more recently Vardy give up on international selection. Possibly because they were never going to be first choice but Vardy would surely still be an England option even now? Giggs was a notable sicknote for Wales in friendlies especially. As I started, for the majority of us fans it’s not really conceivable that you wouldn’t want to play for your country. Especially us on here who have probably spent time and money over the years committing to follow Scotland. And probably equally as much time on here talking about Scotland. But I do feel, for SOME players, it’s not thought of anywhere near the levels of the “honour” and “privilege” that us fans feel it would be. It’s wouldn’t be a surprise to me if their commitment wasn’t at same level as ours and that translates into their willingness to play for Scotland.
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    Absolutely. We have to have the worst mindset on the planet for not giving a fuck about our national team.
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    If anyone's to blame, it's possibly Chripper
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    Took wee lass to a Wacky Warehouse for her 4th birthday party and we got 30 kids. Greet most of the parents as they come in and give them the free light refreshment voucher – one of the dads says ‘oh I’m going just drop Dave and come back in about an hour if that’s ok?’ I agree and he is out of there before I can actually nail down which one of the hyperactive wee bastards is his. No problem I think – I’ll just ask Mrs Whistle but she says she hasn’t got a clue either who Dave is but suggests Whistle Junior will know. Unfortunately Whistle Junior is up on level four of the climbing frame and showing no sign of coming down any time soon. I have to drag my fat arse up the apparatus, through herds of mental sugar fuelled ‘rules of the jungle’ kids and finally catch mine swinging from the monkey branches - she reluctantly agrees to help me track down Dave. She’s like a ferret and trying to keep up with her through the tunnel, over the cargo net, under the rolling sausage things has me sweating like an absolute beast. She’s well ahead and disappears around a corner when I hear her shout glaekit ‘Quick Dave my daddy is chasing you’. Before I can get around the corner they’re down the slide cackling like lunatics and all I can see is the back of a 3 foot Hulk disappearing to in to the distance. ‘Fuck it’ thinks I – I’m just going sit here and wait for their return. Unfortunately a fat, red faced man sitting uncomfortably at the top of the slide without an obvious kid of his own is not a great look and a couple of parents at the bottom were evidently wandering what I was up to. Luckily Hulk turns up but wee lass has scarpered. ‘Are you Dave’ I say in a voice that I am overly conscious of being a bit creepy. ‘Sorry my dad says not to speak to strangers’ – which is a fair point but it takes me all my restraint not to tell him that’s all well and good until his dad fucked off to watch Liverpool v Man U leaving him in a room full of them but before we can get in to logical discussion he is tearing down the slide. I launch myself after him in a manner that would be deemed out of control, reckless and a red card offence in current football parlance or a quick word that’s then rescinded on appeal if I played for the Old Firm. I get there just in time to wheezily point him out to my wife expecting a pat on the back for my efforts as try to avoid a potential cardiac arrest. To my surprise she says ‘That’s not Dave – he’s in the party hut having a drink’. Feeling slightly uncomfortable I’d just chased the incorrect infant down a shoot because two kids turned up in a Hulk costume she compounds it by smugly telling me she knew who Dave was all along and just wanted to see my fat derriere struggle up the spongey ladder to get to level two. We’re about to argue the toss when the eponymous Dave comes over ‘Thistle Junior’s Dad – I need a poo’. I walk him to the toilet like a condemned man and as I see it I have four potential scenarios ahead of me: I get a request for a help to wipe with the single ply paper being all that is between my didgit and a four year old’s anus. I stand and watch a four year old wipe his arse and talk him through it oblivious to if anyone is listening outside. I hang about outside the cubicle and give general motivation chat or ask how he is getting on hoping nobody walks in. Leave him in the hope Dad turns up before he shits himself especially as the cuffs on his Hulk suit don’t look particularly jobby tight and if that streaks on the slide it’ll ruin it for everyone. Option C is obviously the best of a bad bunch and stand outside the cubicle but unfortunately ‘Junior’s Dad – I can’t get the suit off’. So I’m in a toilet cubicle trying to unfasten his Hulk costume without looking and think I’ve got away with it when he says ‘Finished’ but unfortunately he means finished shitting so his knob is out and he’s expecting a wipe. I’m not getting involved in that so decide it is his dad’s fault he’ll do home with an itchy arse; make sure he washes his hands though as I am not a total reprobate. Curveball – Dave’s mum turns up and she is proper proper fit. I’m nervous around moderately attractive women so I’m looking like a prime gammon when a second EU referendum is announced on seeing her and the situation is compounded by Dave straight off the bat telling the now leading contender on the Cancer Mum Replacement List I watched him have a poo. I got all flustered and told her he needed help taking his suit off and that I tried not to look but couldn’t help it! Her looking at me really very shifty exacerbates the problem and all I can think to say is jokingly ‘He’ll make a girl very happy one day – like a baby holding an apple!’ And that your Honour is how I found myself in the position of having a sweaty red face, looking extremely dodgy whilst complimenting the sexual reproductive organ of a 4 year old in a public place. Where do I sign and date the register?
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    To be fair, the SFA/JD exclusivity deal is daylight robbery and racketeering. 😂

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