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    I actually think Stevie fletcher should be starting for Scotland up top in the play offs... if he fancies it.
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    Aye Morgan trying to take any moral high ground is hilarious. Seems like some in the media couldn’t wait for this to happen.
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    The hypocrisy of this is comical. Yes the Bulgarians have an element of racist wankers, but for the English to act like victims, and morally superior is comical. The English fuckers were doing Nazi salutes earlier. Piers Morgan should STFU as well.
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    Each to their own. It represents the best opportunity we've had in some time of making it to a major finals even though I believe we will need to win the draw for home advantage to have much of a prayer. For the record we have already been promoted to Nations League B as a result of topping our group.
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    Can’t see us beating Serbia or Norway tbh.
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    As things stand we will face one of Bulgaria/Romania or Israel at Hampden. Finland who we would have been set to face have a great chance to qualify automatically, if they win their remaining 3 games, at home to Armenia and Liechtenstein and in Greece then they are there. Even 7pts from the games will be enough for them as long as Bosnia don't want their 3 games which includes a game v Italy. Assuming it ends up being Bulgaria/Romania or Israel they will have a draw to decide which plays us, the other 2 will go into the Nations League Group A play offs. If we win that one off game at Hapmden we will then play the winner of the other semi final which looks increasingly likely to be between Norway and Serbia. There will be a draw next month to determine who hosts the final. That draw will be absolutely crucial to our chances as currency I can't see us beating either away from home even if we win the semi final.
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    Is it me or does Ryan Porteous look suspiciously like The Green Goblin from "The Amazing Spiderman"?
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    Hi Davy, 2 seats required from Limassol please. Will transfer money via PayPal once confirmed. Cheers, CD Doonhamer
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    From the second that I signed up here I've been at the end of incredible amounts of abuse, taunts, you name it. I think THAT was the catalyst behind my attitude, not the other way around. A quick search will pretty much prove my case. I pride myself in always being respectful, never calling anyone names, etc. Again, a quick search will prove this. And you're wrong, because I've been so combative people have pretty much given up goading me. They know that it's a waste of time. But now they've went completely over the score with this one. Here was a guy who signed up, just to talk about football and have a bit of a sanctuary away from the hurly-burly, as was the reason you signed up, as I recall. Certain people from minute one calls him a fraud and accuses him of having more than one accounts. For what? Because he agreed with me? Oh, heaven's forefend! How can that possibly be! </sarcasm> What IS the evidence of me creating an alias just to agree with me? I mean, as I've said, I've warded off all the sticks and barbs that have come my way, single handed, with a smile and a wink. What's to be gained by registering as another person in order to agree with me? As evidence has proved, I don't need anyone having my back. You're one of the decent people here. If I were you I'd have a wee talk with the people who accused that poor guy of having more than one accounts, as they've ran him off the board. That's how it's going to be in future, if anyone registers here, and has the temerity to agree with me, they'll be accused of being me and the lunatic fringe of this place will replicate the angry villagers scene in Frankenstein. What a paranoia forum this really is.
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    He hit him with his appendage and injured him? McTominay must be popular with the ladies then. 😏
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    Davy Many thanks and money for 4 seats from Paphos transferred. Cheers A
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    Hi Davy, looking for 1 seat from Larnaca please?
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    Awa tae fuk. If you get a chance to score a goal you take it. It's not Armstrong's fault that the goalie is a dafty. McTominay booked again though. I think if he gets another one he is suspended again? That needs to be managed properly with the play off in mind.
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    Thanks Davy - cash sent safe travels!
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    Monster Munch is a waste of space, as for poncy boy Allan, he should STFU and focus on his one pass per game career, Shankland will have a better international career than both of them put together.
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    Christie is not good enough - or disciplined enough - for international football right now. Just like two years ago he was not good enough to be trusted for Celtic. Ryan Christie has the potential - if he is properly managed - to be as good as Kernny Dalglish for Scotland.
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    GiveN the fucking state some folk have got themselves in over the Shankland call up Im delighted he scored. Cunts like Kris Boyd and Scott Allan, both model pros of course, saying he wasn’t up for it. Thats as well as our own ever increasing dickhead fans that base talent on the size of a players club and wage packet. 😂😂😂🙈 Shanklands reaction to his goal and also the boy Findlays was fucking great. Both absolutely buzzing. You think they give a fuck about who they were playing against ? Do they fuck. 👍⚽️⚽️
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    Well here is a reflection. For all that we have had a woeful run of 4 bad defeats, it's difficult to see us having made it out this group as it has turned out. Russia seem to be doing so well, that it's hard to see how we could have overhauled them, under normal expected circumstances. I mean, suppose we had won in Kazakhstan (with any manager of your choice - had it been Strachan still in charge, or Clarke in early, or McLeish). We'd be on 12 points. And if we'd beaten Russia at Hampden, we'd have been buzzing against Belgium. But it's difficult to see us getting many or any more points than that, i.e. we'd be on 15, and Russia on 18. You could more easily imagine us only getting draws against either Kazakhstan (away) or Russia) at home (i.e. we'd be on 13, and Russia on 18 or 19. It's difficult to see us catching Russia on their form as it has turned out (ie they are almost matching Belgium like top seeds, whereas we needed them to be much closer to us). What was really dispiriting of course was losing 8-0 over two games, home to Belgium and away to Russia. Which were had to take, becoming one of the a punchbags of the group. But narrow 1-0 reverses would have seen us just as distant, points-wise. Put another way this group was always a long shot, and we just have to hope, somehow, that adversity forges a new improved team to play in the play-offs. he hope is that Clarke was right in saying the last Russia game is hopefully the lowest of the low, and he seemed pleased the crowd was higher than expected tonight as if feeling we can pull together and pull ourselves up to the standard required.
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    I'd have Chris Martin in the team before McBurnie - he actually got goals and assists for Scotland. That's one call that Strachan got right.
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    There is no comparison between McBurnie and Shankland... Shankland is a Diddy and McBurnie is playing top level fitba
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    Good movement from Shankland all through the game tonight. A couple of excellent balls across the box in the first half. Docked one star because of the quality of the opposition. but certainly worthy of further consideration despite the provocative nature of the OP.
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    Agree with this. Can't understand the criticism of McGregor. He's an excellent player who is currently off form at his club. Why would he be different for Scotland? Lazy of the coach to pick him, he obviously needs a rest.
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    I thought he did well tonight. A tough task considering the conditions, but some nice touches, movement and got in to good spaces - taking in to account the opposition. I thought he did well against Russia too in the wee bits of the ball he got. I hope he keeps his place, and if I had to choose between him and McBurnie, I'd give Shankland the nod again for November.
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    Doesn't it just? This is actually the saddest thing I have ever read. Do continue lad(s).
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    My favourite memory of Italia 90 is a betting one. Owner of my local Chinese restaurant gave his new KP who’s just arrived from China £7000 to put on Argentina to win the opening game against Cameroon at odds of 1/7 thinking it was the easiest £1k he’d ever make. The slightly confused employee put it all in Cameroon at 8/1, owner went racing back to bookies to cancel the bet but the cunt bookie refused. Well we know how that turned out, I only wish I’d been in the bookies to see him collect his £63k, it was a local bookie not a chain and he was a total wanker of a bloke.
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    Morning Davy Looking for 4 seats from Paphos..please let me know if that’s possible and I will send money. Cheers Andy
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    He’s absolute garbage. As is the entire Sky coverage and shared build up / studio for Scotland/Wales/NI. Insulting pish.
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    https://www.tamb.net/forum/index.php?/topic/13237-tamb-where-did-it-all-go-wrong-part-ii/page/9/#comments "Are you referring to the guiser and his numerous profiles? Using new usernames for a couple of days before retiring them and returning to other IDs that have been set up previously. It is truly tragic. Seems to have a hell of a lot of time on his hands." See! He does actually think i have multiple accounts. He even thinks we're the same people. I know that you think that he's kidding, as let's face it, the idea of it is crazy. I mean, why on earth would people make multiple accounts and talk to themselves? I'm genuinely embarrassed for Farcity. And for once, i don't mean that in a condescending way. I'm seriously embarrassed for him. What's the common denominator? Good grammar? You owe me a pint.

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