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    Just me who thinks this scapegoating of O'Donnell is a bit bandwagonesque? Everyone now jumping on the idea that he's simply not good enough, woeful even. I was at the game and, yeah, he wasn't great. But the whole team were poor. The other full-back was equally as bad and not one person would suggest he isn't good enough. I think we can do better than O'Donnell at RB but not right now. It seems like a witch hunt when he, and the rest, need support. He'll probably get booed now because everyone is getting in a frenzy about needing someone to blame. I hope we have better options at RB soon, as I hope we have better options at centre forward and centre midfield and goalie. But O'Donnell is a decent player who has achieved much at club level, consistently playing well for the third best team in the country last season. I'd say back off and give the lad a chance.
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    I believe that Scotland has taken the fullest force of England's psychological shaming and humiliation over the years as they have perceived Scotland as their biggest threat. That rugby match was a good example of Scotland ALMOST beating England. As was our last football match against them. I would argue that these are prime examples of us lacking belief.
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    Living in Ireland for the past 12 years, and comparing their relative success and national self-confidence with ours, i've come to the conclusion that our problem stems with Scotland's political arrangement. I have zero scientific measurement of this, let alone any way to prove it... but it remains my resolute belief.
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    It may seem like a crazy idea, But back in late 2017, we played a friendly against the Netherlands. Ryan Jack played right back, we did lose 1-0, but Jack definitely put in a fine performance, a performance at right back that’s better than any I’ve seen from our natural right back O’Donnell who’s been nothing short of horrendous and is way out of his depth at international level. At this point I never want to see SOD name near the team again. Performance after performance is just terrible from him. And I feel he’s ran out of anymore Chances, it’s clear he’s nowhere good enough and he’s only getting in the team due to facilitating the 4 at the back role. The Group is gone for us, so why not try something that actually seemed decent first try and go with Jack RB? It may have been in late 2017 but back to the point, he put in a fine shift and with the group gone it's worth trying since O’Donnell is a non starter for me at all anymore, he’s had his chances and he’s been terrible at every one.
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    More shenanigans going on yesterday. These people are morons.
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    Different game entirely to the likes of Friday night. Will be a complete sell out, cup final atmosphere.
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    every time he played looked like he was wearing roller skates (for the first time).....
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    Football is a team game. It's a different beast to boxing and tennis etc.
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    I firmly believe our teams have mental barriers to deal with and Clarke mentioned it after Friday game. ( I am not allowed to use the word ‘alluded’due to a previous post which upset a reader.) I think Southgate recognised it in his English team and brought people in to help. We need to too IMO.
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    I'm the same, club football seems a lot like just supporting a franchise.
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    you were clearly in a coma during the Vogt's reign......Kevin Kyle, Paul Devlin, Stephen Crainey, Scott Dobie, Maurice Ross, Lee Wilkie.......
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    Like the rugby fans, the football fans will flock back when the team competes, it's not necessarily about winning, it's more about competing. The governing body also has to be sending out the right signals and be seen to be working hard to get that competitive team out there. You can say the SRU have done and are continuing to do this, can we say the same about the inept and bias SFA?
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    I'm the opposite. I have this feeling for Scotland, but not for any club. I fell out of love with my boyhood club because I can't be arsed with all the nonsense associated with them, and now I really just support any club with a Scotland international. This means I support loads of clubs, but don't feel particularly emotional about any individual one of them.
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    That was around the support the Nazis had before they came to power - Godwin's law i know However the analogy is still the same The shitstorm that the right wing media and politicians will drum up if No Brexit / Soft Brexit will galvanise the English electorate into a frenzy of English Nationalism that will put Siol Nan Gaidheal to shame
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    Couple of things. The video is clearly taken from above sea level. I'll say the observer is at 25feet. That gives us a horizon for the sea at 6 miles using the formula here... https://sites.math.washington.edu/~conroy/m120-general/horizon.pdf The buildings we're told are a further 22 miles away. So using the same calculation in reverse, the height you'd need to be at to see that far would be 336 feet. (Use the 1st diagram in above link to give you observer to sea, then flip the triangle for sea to buildings.) Therefore anything above 336 feet may be visible to the guy with the camera on the video. There are 12 buildings on this list over 400 feet, including a few over 500... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tallest_buildings_in_New_Orleans
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    Honestly RB, I am sick to death of listening to my own negativity. Being Scottish really drains a half glass full mentality down to dregs of cheap whisky. Tonight I am going to drag out my flamenco dress from Benidorm 86, click my maracas , order in some tapas, play my Enrique Inglsais tape on loop and neck bottles of Rioja till I have convinced myself I am Spanish. You could do worse than put money on them getting beat by the Faroes tomorrow.
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    As much as he pulled off a couple of good saves, D Marshall is not an international goalkeeper. His positional sense is questionable at best and he is costing us another major tournament.

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