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    With your industry analogy you're failing to take into account the fixed size of a football team. A company wouldn't hire multiple people for one position if it meant they had to get rid of their best people in other positions. I will tell you Clarke knows better than you no matter what, until you get your Uefa coaching badges. I mean how deluded do you have to be? If you are on a plane and it hits some bad turbulence do you try and burst into the cockpit and tell the pilot what he should do? I imagine you visit the GP and diagnose their ailments for them hahaha. Read up on the Dunning-Kruger effect for the love of God.
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    That's the least boring post you have ever typed out. Im a published author don't you know?
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    As much as this pains me from a club perspective to say, Jack needs to play right back.
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    On the bright side, chripper isn't going to post for a month because we scored. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
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    You can just imagine - "Am tellin' ye - descend to 352 feet!"
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    The fishermen will never learn
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    Which is fair enough but we play home games too and if fans go to say 75% of games home/away then why should fans who go to 50% get a chance of tickets before them? I think the new system is perfectly fine, in fact, it's much fairer. You wouldn't get first dibs at tickets for a club team if you never went to home games, so why should Scotland be any different?
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    Today was a reality check... we are miles behind. That was pretty much our best 11 and we were outclassed. At home.
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    As long as we have a clutch of Champions league players in the squad, there will be hope (rightly or wrongly) that with the right manager they can be moulded into a unit that can be at least as competitive as our celtic neighbours, whose players by and large play in the same leagues. That is surely not too much to ask. Or too much to hope at least.
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    We weren't playing with a number 10, that was one of the problems. McBurnie was poor but he had zero support.
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    O'Donnell was absolutely honking though, for the last 30 mins Mulgrew stopped passing to him. I'd get Jack in there for Monday, get McTominay off McLean on, McGinn off Christie in and Phillips in for McBurnie.
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    Was listening to the radio on way back from game and I think Tom English hit the nail on the head..... we are mentally weak, have been for a long time! No doubt there are players with the ability out there, but once Russia started to assert themselves on the game the team completely crumbled. Even Robertson looks a complete shadow of the Liverpool player we see week in week out. Only when Christie came on did we start to play more on the front foot again. The first 15-20 mins were looking so promising as well. And am sorry but Oโ€™Donnell is so far off the pace at that level, itโ€™s scary. Jack in at right back until Tierney is fit.
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    That was incredibly poor. We all knew it was over tonight barring a win - even a draw probably wouldn't have been good enough. We can't defend. We always look like conceding, always. We are not good enough to play counter-attack stuff. We will ship goals, and we are pretty fortunate it wasn't 5-1 even - Russia off the two posts ; a great save from Marshall plus that chance from Erokin when he tried to place it in rather than firing it home. We started so well too. It's a natural instinct to defend after going ahead, but as someone mentioned in here, it was almost like we scored too early. SOD is a trier, and I'd love to see him come good for us ; but he's not cut out for it at this level. Christie was our best player. Fraser had a brief moment or two but otherwise resembled someone really fast just running about. McBurnie had some decent hold up play but squandered (probably harsh considering the lack of support/good Russian defence) his final or through ball. A horrendous campaign. Everything about it. Struggled to beat Cyprus ; unbelievably stodgy and unconvincing v San Marino but got there in the end ; Belgium away defended well but lost goals at horror times before HT and 93rd minute ; and tonight at home going out with a shot on target! (apart from the goal). What are Northern Ireland doing? Yes, they've played their four easiest games - they've got Germany and Netherlands x 2 to come now - and may well miss out ; but for them to have 12pts is an excellent achievement. If that was us in their position, absolutely would be on 9 or 10pts. Worryingly - we used to be quite good at Hampden and that kept us in qualifying groups. We are utterly dogshite away from home! We are all but out of this now at the half-way stage and for this to be our national sport too. Writing these posts for ten years. No one cares really. The SFA squander and blunder their way through and we'll get 35k turning up singing ''we'll support you more'' etc. I'm starting to wonder if actually not qualifying is a blessing ; we won't have to show ourselves up at a main tournament (or even hosting 2 games of a tournament). It'll take a lot of luck to get through the Playoffs - yes we'll have at least one home game ; but would we win in Oslo, Helsinki (they probably won't need one), Sofia, Belgrade etc to get to the Euros? I don't think we would. It'll be all very Scottish and we'll lose 0-1 or something in Sofia. I think the only game I've avoided watching with Scotland through choice was the Spain one after Levein's 4-6 Czech game. I think I'll miss Monday's game and nothing how ridiculous and diddy a nation we are, we probably will end up getting a point or even turning over the Belgians.
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    I'll give it ago mate, I couldn't give a shit about England tbf
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    Whereas radiometric dating has been peer reviewed throughout the world by thousands of scientists If only they had viewed a 3 minute video that debunked it
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    Maybe that is why youโ€™ve had Theresa May as your MP for the last 30yrs ....๐Ÿ™‚ I will be on holiday in Turkey if we have a GE on the date that has been mooted. There is no way I will be applying for a postal vote, I will be giving a proxy vote to someone I can trust. Not because I necessarily think there is anything untoward with postal voting, I just want to know my vote has actually been received.
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    In a nation the size of ours to have that many postal votes. Aye I think that is real dodgy.
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    The guy that did the work on Mt St Helens was a creationist and made an arse of it. http://www.tim-thompson.com/plaisted-review.html That's hard work. Easier to say a big god did it and ran away. Although there is a bush in the Mojave desert that is over 11,000 years old (by two dating methods).
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    "Using his experience in Russian football, where he scored a massive eight goals in just thirty-nine games, Garry O'Connor is set to make his stunning comeback to lead the line for Scotland".
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    I laughed but tonight wonโ€™t be shite. Fraser, forrest and McGinn well run riot tonight
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    Yes, itโ€™s fine. People are already watching shite on the pitch.
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    Ignoring your unrelated tangent about SAF not all of the top teams have top centre-backs. The reason few of the top teams play 3 central defenders is because with the game advancing with such attacking full-backs the wide areas are such an obvious 2 v 1 overload. So you think we have weak central defenders so we should sacrifice an attacking wide player (an area we are stronger in) to accommodate another player in a position weโ€™re weaker in? Makes zero sense to me. We should play to our strengths not our weaknesses.
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    Paid for 6 to larnaca
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    Inventing the false number one tactic, well have to try something after 20 years of abject failure
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    On a serious note, itll be beyond ridiculous if mcburnie gets boooed
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    Thats me getting into that moment where I genuinely think we will win, the hope is rising ๐Ÿ˜‚ Scotland 2-0 Russia - Mulgrew free kick and James Forrest tap in at the death to kill the russian spirits Scotland - 1-0 Belgium - Ryan Fraser curls one in from the edge of the box, think Alex MCLiesh 1982 scottish cup final.
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    Jo Johnson getting revenge on his brother for all the years his socks were wanked in
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    My preview piece for the upcoming games https://www.spitballingpod.com/football/2019/9/5/scotland-arrive-at-crucial-juncture-in-euro-2020-qualifying
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    A decent allocation? It's less that 2% of the capacity when we're guaranteed 5% if we want it. Looks like the SFA have taken a reduced allocation based on interest. Hopefully we'll get more tickets if we need them.
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    That's certainly a big part of Labour's problem in Scotland, they've always - with a couple of notable exceptions - viewed Westminster as more important than Holyrood and so anyone with talent and ambition would see Westminster and not Holyrood SNP he place to be, It was an open secret that they considered their Scottish MPs to be the A team and MSPs to be the B team. Those chickens came home to roost in 2011 when they lost the bulk of their front bench and ended up with the current bunch of non-entities, who were essentially list placemen and women who were never expected to be elected.
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    Thanks very much, PayPal sent.
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    No for two reasons 1. He doesn't want to play for us anymore. 2. He's slow as fuck.
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    I'd still be very sceptical about any cold calls as others said. If you're looking for something/info you'd maybe safer now doing your own research then initiating your own call/email to a known party.
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    Agree. All cold callers should be told to fuk off pretty smartish IMO.
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    It's not good stuff. Worse than normal cannabis imo.

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