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    Give me a game like this Dundee derby anytime. These boy's may not be paid the money the ballet dancers of the EPL do but god they give it there all, loads of goals, crunching tackles, real football. Fantastic advert for our 2nd tier. Even better. Backed 6-2 when it was 4-1 12/1 cashed out.......
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    Celtic and the Young Boys kept apart
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    We would like you all to fuck off 👍 We think youre a bunch of cunts as well.
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    Lolz. I love that you're on a Scotland supporters forum trying to defend yourself for calling one of our players a "bitter hun cunt" with no real basis for any of that other than he's a Rangers fan, and now you're all butt hurt because you got called out on it. I don't give a fuck what pejoratives people use, but at least try to not use them against our lads if you're an actual fan! He also has talked about how he grew up as a Scotland fan living in England and how he used to wear his Scotland top to school as a kid. Can't have been easy for him. He's a good lad in my book. I'd call him a "crackin' hun cunt".
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    UEFA Europa League group stage draw Friday 30 August 2019 (13:00) BT Sport stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f49s2b2Cjjk Pot 1 Sevilla (ESP) Arsenal (ENG) Porto (POR) Roma (ITA) Man Utd (ENG) Dynamo Kiev (UKR) Besiktas (TUR) Basel (SUI) Sporting CP (POR) CSKA Moscow (RUS) Wolfsburg (GER) Lazio (ITA) Pot 2 PSV (NED) Krasnodar (RUS) Celtic (SCO) Copenhagen (DEN) Braga (POR) Gent (BEL) Gladbach (GER) Young Boys (SUI) Astana (KAZ) Ludogorets (BUL) APOEL (CYP) Eintracht (GER) Pot 3 Saint-Etienne (FRA) Qarabag (AZE) Feyenoord (NED) Getafe (ESP) Espanyol (ESP) Malmo (SWE) Partizan (SRB) Standard (BEL) Wolves (ENG) Rennes (FRA) Rosenborg (NOR) Basaksehir (TUR) Pot 4 AZ (NED) Vitoria (POR) Trabzonspor (TUR) Oleksandriya (UKR) F91 (LUX) LASK (AUT) Wolfsberger (AUT) Slovan (SVK) Lugano (SUI) Rangers (SCO) Cluj (ROU) Ferencvaros (HUN)
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    I was only 3 but I remember my grandfaither telling us the mythical story of a Scotland player scoring 4 😂
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    I do ya cheeky wee spug. I also remember our next game on national TV (mind that?). West Germany beat us 3-2 after a dodgy free kick (mibee) to knock us out (...only one qualifier then children), and they did feck all in that world cup.
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    If Scotland don't score a goal over the 3 games i will donate £20 to a charity of your choice. If they do score you stop posting on this board for a month?
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    I'd go with this i think: McBurnie Forrest - McGinn - Fraser McTominay - McGregor Robertson - Mulgrew - Hanley - Palmer McLaughlin Can't be throwing MacGallivray into these games. And I still just don't trust Marshall's distribution. It was poor in the last games, and it'll cost us sooner or later. McLaughlin's also playing for a team tied for 1st, while Marshall's shipping goals all over and in the relegation zone. Yes, different tiers, but it's going to affect their mentality and the choices we make. I'd rather go with the confident guy. Mulgrew and Hanley is the only pair that really makes sense. They've both got experience, they've played together before and Hanley's playing at the top level while Cooper isn't. Taylor did well last time, but it's Robertson 100%. At right back, not much between them. Putting Palmer in is a bit of a risk, as if he has a bad time against Cheryshev (who has shown he's capable of doing that to people) then his international career is probably over. I think Palmer's a bit more agile that O'Donnell tho, so might be better able to stay with his man on this occasion. McTominay.. nailed on. I want to play Armstrong as he's super consistent and reliable and that's what we need. But given that he's not even played half an hour of football this season, it's really hard to justify putting him in. He's not going to be fully match sharp. McGregor's the obvious alternative to me. Moves the ball well.. can disappear sometimes, but i just don't see McLean or Jack as more reliable options. McGinn could play deeper, but I'd rather see him further forward, going beyond the striker, and having the freedom to close down all over without it leaving gaping holes in our defensive shape. So McGinn edges out Christie for the attacking mid slot because of that workrate and ability to disrupt. The wide 2 are the wide 2. They're the best we have. Up top, it's McBurnie for me. It feels too soon for Naismith (he's said so himself), he's just played so little football.. and Russell isn't a center forward. Given that Jack Harper's good looking move to Getafe has morphed into a crappy loan to LaLiga2, there was maybe a case of Shankland given he's scored 7 in 3 league games, but oh well. Of the options in the squad it's got to eb McBurnie for me. Certainly not confident, given the absences. Fletch, McKenna, Tierney, Gordon and a match sharp Armstrong would all be in my 11, but we've got what we've got available. Just got to hope for the best.
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    The point is that the portrait they painted of Davidson was absolutely fuck all like the reality Her number of surgeries ? Her courting of extremists ? Dark Money ? The Orange Order, Rangers FC and sectarianism had more of an impact in the increase in Tory votes than Davidson did All swept under the carpet
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    Is it any wonder nobody believes the News anymore and Fake News is a thing ? The amount of shite in the last 24 hours about Davidson was incredible and had no relation to the reality
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    It ends with Chick Young rimming David Murray in his office on Friday sportscene like the good old days. 👍🏻
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    Sorry, I forgot your team were eliminated by European giants.
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    It's almost as if you have a wage bill that's bigger than the other 10 clubs combined eh? That said, didn't help you when Cluj stuck 4 past you at home.
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    Fuck me, it’s like having EK Celt back. 😂
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    That also says Tim is a sectarian term ya zoomer.
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    You're right, he didn't ban *a* BBC journalist, he banned the entire organisation. BBC Scotland isn't the BBC, I've heard it all now.
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    No and no, but I'll take that as a compliment. ☺️
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    Informative analysis as always. Two questions.... 1. Are you James Kelly? And if not... 2. Are you his son (born in 1998)?
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    She 'won' (in 2017) by opposing something that wasn't even being proposed. (They may as well have proposed it!)
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    We’re not in as bad a position as some would make out. I’ve just seen the ROI squad and there’s 4 or 5 players in there I’ve never heard of including a guy from Shamrock Rovers.
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    Enjoy your enlightenment. clearly lists hun as a sectarian term. https://nilbymouth.org/history/
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    I'm hoping that Steve Clarke has been working on Angus Gunn. Reports were that he was considering switching last season. He could go straight into the team and be a hall of famer before long, or wait for an England cap and maybe only get a handful.

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