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    Could well have confused many. Like the Indian fella who got a kicking for saying he was from Delhi and not LondonDelhi
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    It really i a waste of time trying to discuss any thing with a condescending twat who has competed a course on everything apart from courtesy and manners.
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    Your post deserved nothing but laughter. As does this one. So, again.. Imagine thinking you know more about nutrition and sports science than the people who are actually paid to do that job. Let me guess, you're a part time philosopher that moonlights in sports science at the weekend? You're an absolute whackjob. A funny one, but a whackjob all the same.
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    No. You laughed at my post about him needing 60-80g of protein per day. That's 100% fact. If you want proof then do your research. The consensus around Celtic fans is that he is lightweight. Generally i don't take much notice of Old Firm fans as they aren't that educated. But they do watch him every week. If you want to pick holes in what I've said about nutritional then you must have facts to back it up. And yes, i did a course on nutrition. I think it's sad that you appear to be of those people that think knowledge, and a thirst for knowledge, is a bad thing and should be friend upon. What's even sadder is you wouldn't dare say that to my face. Typical ned keyboard warrior.
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    WHIT? Whit thread? ootside noo. Do you even lift bro? I bet you wouldn't say that to my face! No seriously, i missed it Edit: Found it. Yellow card for shite meme usage.
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    A prediction: People will be moaning like fuck saying it's all doom and gloom if we lose People will be moaning like fuck saying it's all doom and gloom if we draw People will be moaning like fuck saying it's all doom and gloom if we win
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    I doubt it, they love him at Villa, probably second only to Grealish and he's the local hero. Probably explains why he was both Player's and Supporter's Player of the Year last season.
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    It would definitely help if he bulked up the way that Christie has, though. No. Even the white lads are tanks. I did and he's definitely learning that you DON'T have to drive forward and attempt to beat your man every single time you receive the ball. I'd say that that's progress.
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    You found a way to laugh at stupidity with out rewarding it with an upgrade. (very important to some people)
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    Any chance of moving all the drivel about European employment law and an eight Scotsman rule to some thread that is of less importance and interest than the Scottish players in action one. I suggest the "Why not to have Craig Gordon in goal one"
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    Would it be silly to suggest that the physios and nutritionists at Parkhead might be aware of this and have him on the correct program not one suggested by some muppet on the internet ( not you, of course).
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    Tbf I agree that Johnston should be on a heavy weights program with a high amount of protein in his diet. He looks to me like hes a hard gainer in terms of muscle building.
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    Jinx. It was for home leg. Not that you ever hear these songs at Ibrox.... 😜
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    Can't believe we need UEFA to do this for us. If the SPFL were to dock them three points for this pish they'd only have to do it once or twice and the problem would be solved.
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    If that's the case, we're fucked
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    Don't see the issue. Walter is a Leg Ned. Chavvy tattoos etc. It's why the club always made sure he wore smart slacks and brown brogues to try and cover it up but these things have a way of getting out.
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    Greg Taylor to Celtic for £3m is the rumour from the Record today. Apparently Killie knocked back the initial offer of £6m plus Boli Bolingoli.
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    I should think so too, not the place for that nonsense 😄
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    It is a problem position for us, unquestionably, and it could get even worse if the rumours linking Fraser Forster with a move back to Celtic turn out to be true. In the next squad I'd expect to see Marshall, Gordon and one of McLaughlan, Kelly or Clarke. There's also the Portsmouth goalie, McGillivray, who could be in contention. Not an enviable choice of talent there but it's the best we've got at the moment.
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    Some of them will regret Legia not scoring. 😂 Its a tricky one, as Rangers really need a 2 goal lead at Ibrox, can see a score draw and rangers out.
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    No not Hun logic, you just work with fuckwits.
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    It was great to see Celtic humbling the Swedish champs with 5 internationals in the team..... looked far superior. And Ryan Jack was terrific against Legia from what I’ve heard.... definitely someone I would have about the national team (even if it’s for cover at right back), has come on leaps and bounds under Gerrard. Apologies for the positivity......
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    Wow, Scotland is responsible for more than 50% of the deficit yet they are STILL desperate to hold onto us. Would it not be cheaper to get rid of Scotland than exit the EU ? My heart soars at the love and generosity bestowed upon us.
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    I'm absolutely fkin sick fed up to the back teeth with the SNP's softly softly approach. It's way beyond time they were taking the gloves off. That's if they could get off their knees asking permission for another indyref long enough of course.
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    I didn't mention specific Nationality. Yes, footballers are entitled to the same protection, respect, care, consideration, as the rest of us. But unlike people in a "regular job" they don't have to give it their all. How many people would say that players like Neymar are being treated like anyone else? He's basically on strike (on holiday) whilst still being paid by £900K per week at PSG. Yes, he's being fined £339k for his no-show, but that £339k is just a "good behaviour" clause that was written in his contract. So essentially he's still being paid whilst being on strike. Yes, this is all kinds of regular. May last year UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin said that he wants the European Union to revisit their rules on freedom of labour and put a cap on (EU) football players being able to move as they may, because as the current laws stand it creates a lack of balance in European football. I can't see this happening. But what I can see happening is leagues putting a cap on the amount of non-national that actually play. I've read a lot of law documentation (both EU and UK) and I haven't read so much as a blurb about footballers being legally obligated to be picked by their club. Me give up? Nah. That won't happen. Unless you show me documentation proof (Believe me, there is none) that a football player has to play for his club, you simply do not have a leg to stand on in this debate. What you're essentially saying is that footballers have a EU legal right to play football and be picked by their manager in every single match. Is this what you're saying?

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