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    Glassius half emptius.
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    I'm aware that this thread is going to cause outrage, I mean, "How dare he criticize one of our best players!!", I hear people say, and yet players like Stephen O'Donnell and Oliver Burke regularly receive pelters on here, without much or any resistance. Apparently the better the football you are, the more immune you are to (justified) criticism and the more you can get away with. Tierney made his debut on April '16, coincidently the same time as Oliver Burke made his Scotland debut. I think 100% of the people here would agree that Tierney is the more competent footballer. He's seen as a shining light for Scotland and a beacon for the future, whereas Oliver Burke is seen a figure of fun. He's seen a big lump of a boy who couldn't really give much of an effort for anything, especially football. Both Burke and Tierney made their Scotland debuts at the exact same time. Tierney has racked up 170 club appearances, meanwhile, Burke has 84 club appearances under his belt. (Blame Wiki if those numbers are wrong) Tierney has pretty much been the first choice left back since he broke through the ranks at Celtic and as for Burke, he's been a bench-warmer for every club he's been with. And yet there's only four Scotland caps separating them. So, either Burke is mad patriotic about Scotland or Tierney would rather scream into a megaphone in front of a jumping, flee infested Green brigade, than represent Scotland. Scott McTominay has only been a part of the Scotland set-up for a year. In the next couple of months McTominay will have played more matches for Scotland in one year than Tierney has in three (mostly injury free years). Even Oliver McBurnie will have played as many matches for Scotland as Tierney has in three years, in the next couple of months. I don't expect many (if any) people to criticize Tierney because as I said, the better you are, the more immune to criticism you become... at least in this place. I'd wager good money that I'm criticized in this thread more than Tierney is. I have no agenda. I'm not trying to stir the pot. I'm just stating plain facts and it's an issue that Steve Clarke has to address.
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    Aye the best one I heard was along the lines of "If he played for Newcastle or Everton no one would be fussed about him" - Aye I look forward to the day when we can knock back Newcastle and Everton players. Also in comparison to McGinn, McGregor for example he also seems to not mysteriously lose the ability to pass the ball the length of himself when he pulls on a Scotland jersey
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    Haha, how very dare you. I canny even be trusted to stuff leaflets through letter boxes . When I saw the link I thought you meant a gig at the BBC news. Was gonna try and get you a slot on the weather.
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    Think this article has been written by someone with a very basic idea of how eligibility works, the Driver example is not as clear cut as the article makes it out (as he effectively grew up in Scotland as a kid, like Jordan Rhodes as his dad playing football up here for so many years, and both went through so-and-so years of Schooling in Scotland to make them eligible.), plus you have the "gentleman's agreement" between the home nations, so would not say it has much substance to it. Would file this under slow news day (and probably the papers Editor only just skimmed through it). Clarke was at Hamilton v Kilmarnock on Saturday (imagine checking up on his old team more than seeing new players)
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    Man. United midfield options until January are: Pogba Matic McTominay Fred Andreas Pereria McTom is first choice there now as Matic really declined end of last season. If you look yesterday you had him and Pogba sitting infront of back 4 with obvious licence for Pogba to move forward. If Clarke goes with a 4-2-3-1 I'd have Mctominay and McGinn in the two. McGinn plays as the box to box midfielder for us, never asa number 10.
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    Why not? When we had Gordon and McGregor at their peak competing I don't remember anyone screaming for both to be included, so why would it be different for outfield players? I can go back when folk wondered how we could squeeze both Bobby Murdoch and Billy Bremner into the same team; usually the world-class Murdoch got benched.
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    Lionel Messi could become eligible to play for Scotland if they changed the rules to allow Argentinians to play for Scotland. It's clickbait nonsense.
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    Could be where the opposition has lost possession (from a tackle maybe) and the ball is intercepted
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    Can someone tell me where all the Aberdeen fans who normally frequent this forum are? 🤣 Poor old Vanderark has been ploughing a lone furrow.
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    Apparently Celtic are going to sign Greg Taylor as early as next week. If Taylor turns into a top left back (he has all the attributes to do so) that'll mean we have three top notch left backs. If it does happen there's definitely scope to play all three together. Tierney reminds me of Gary Neville. At youth level Neville was a top center back, but he got shifted to right back, mainly due to his height. I could definitely see Tierney playing in a three as he's got a good leap on him. Let's see how committed he is to playing for Scotland first, though.
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    That was a great moment. (One of the few good moments of a strange match) Just underlines his leadership qualities. I also loved how he made it his mission to get in James's ear when he scored (James's Dad passed away 60 days before he moved to Man United) and gave him words of wisdom as well congratulations.
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    Maybe Rodney Marsh? I remember a story that when he played for England under Don Revie, Revie told him: "Marsh, if you don't follow my instructions today, I'll be pulling you off at half time" and Rodney Marsh replied "blimey, at QPR all I usually get is an orange".
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    100% tackles won 100% aerials won 21 forward passes 8 ball recoveries 4/6 long balls 3 fouls committed 3 fouls suffered 2 interceptions
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    Has he rolled in the shit you saw first? ...... cos you are one bitter dude!
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    See that George Johnson made the bench today for Feyenoord
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    My mums disabled. Fud!
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    I suppose my thinking is that if he was "suicided" someone would have to get to him in secure housing or wherever. Especially if as you say there already seems to be questions over whether he was being properly supervised. Showers wasn't supposed to be taken literally - more of a raped by Mr Big in the showers comment - so you have some mix up, which can't really be pinned on any staff member - that see's a whole term lifer in contact with Epstein and he takes the opportunity under "jail rules" to do a nonce. He's a full-term lifer so another murder won't make any difference to him, you pay off his family through some back channel, he won't say anything because he knows if he does, he can be got at. This sort of thing happens in Law and Order all the time.
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    It was a fucking joke ffs
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    Apparently there was crush as the turnstiles today as Hibernian fans desperately tried to exit the stadium.
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    For not knowing what social media is, Chripper spends a lot of time on it checking players pictures ....
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    If i didn't know any better i would think your trying to create mischief. Conspiracy theorist.
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    Hibs got one back. Here's hoping..🤣
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    Give him games against San Marino and the Kazakhs.
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    Somebody like Celtic should have tried to sign the guy when he was available for buttons.
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    99% of the time I don't care about England or their results, I don't even go out of my way to check their results. All my focus is on Scotland... however, my interests grow if England reach the Quarter Finals+ of a tournament, it's then my ABE instincts engage.
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    ABE have always had my support and they always seem to come up trumps.
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    Not this Scot, I'm afraid. One national team for me... The rest can get in the bin
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    I don't think anyone on this thread who has pointed out that Kilmarnock have questions to answer regarding their match day arrangements or the fitness for purpose of part of the ground have sought to excuse any of the behaviour of Rangers fans and in fact have gone out of their way to say it's unacceptable. I've no issue with home clubs deciding on what away allocation to provide, regardless of whether or not the ground is full. If club wants to accept that loss of revenue for whatever reason, that's entirely within their right. What they do have the responsibility to do is to ensure that adequate procedures are in place to ensure that proper segregation is in place which might mean ensuring that only people with purchasing history can buy tickets for the home end. A friend of mine was at the game with two young nephews, one who, lives locally and supports Killie and another who was over on holiday, supports Rangers and was sitting on his hands. She said that when the goals went in it was apparent that there were lots of Rangers fans around her. I'm not sure if there was any bother and she's not the sort that would be intimidated by that. its a bit hypocritical though to give it the big one about cutting the away allocation and then effectively giving a nod and a wink and sellng tickets to away fans for home areas. And before anyone says "aye but they should nae be in the home end", I'll point you to the thread for every away Scotland game on here entitled "how do I get tickets to the away end". I thought the comment from the Kilmarnock director about the players going to the fans was also naive. You could probably see that happen any weekend, especially with late winners or equalisers which are always going to get a bigger reaction from players and fans. A lot of clubs deal with that by bringing out a line of stewards in front of the stands with 10 minutes to go. Maybe something they should consider.
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    The arrogance is literally dripping off this fecker. Like I or wings or anyone needs the endorsement of a self appointed toss like you. You are going cross eyed because you are wanking yourself into oblivion.

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