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    It's not designed for 3 or 4 daft huns jumping on top of it. Rangers fans were nothing but complete and utter scum on sunday. Dress that up however you want. Ticket arrangements were fine, forgeries, fake crushes and s cretins forcing open emergency exits so fans without tickets can get in is a mile out. Rangers statement thereafter is what you'd expect from a club that is riddled with sub human scum from top to bottom. I'll not even start on the song book.
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    Fed up of Chripper's constant negativity. Think others value our players more than he does. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/leicesters-last-gasp-callum-mcgregor-18870070
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    Even if that rumour was true, the front section of the stand is about 2/3rd of the way down. So would be closer to 3000. I’ve seen a couple of different videos of the crush, one from the wide open space behind the crowd and the one from the gate. Huns are keen to paint it as a potential hillsborough, when in reality it was more like a Next sale for angry men.
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    I wouldn't expect them to actually do it. They could promise it, then water it down out of meaningful existence. It'd just be another 'vow' to break. But you're probably right. ** This is not investment advice, please consult your financial advisor. Your home is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. TDYER63 is regulated by the Financial Services Authority.
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    Could be a catalyst for league reconstruction. How long before the financial advantages of Rangers and Celtic both visiting twice a season are viewed as more trouble than it's worth by the directors at other clubs. If this hurdle could be removed then perhaps we're on the road to a 16 or 18 team top division.
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    Thought that Harry Souttar was Australian now
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    I think that sums up why he isn’t even considered anymore. The only Scot on the park worth paying attention to is Robertson.
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    Good tune but that video always freaked me oot, nightmares the night 😆
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    Seems as if there will be two teams from the Nations League, who will be in the play-off round against the ten group runners-up. Two knockout rounds, with the three remaining teams qualifying. I imagine it will be the best two Nations League teams who haven't reached the play-offs (or automatically qualified). To be confirmed in late September though.
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    It seems to be that when in the past FIFA drew the whole thing, this time around they seem to be letting the individual administrative body do their own draw (draw for AFC has already taken place). Think UEFA are determined for the Nations League to continue, and probably banking on world cup expansion, but now finding it complex to juggle the two formats into one that keeps everything competitive.
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    In my head Clyde1998 is a bully wee fan of a certain vintage who enjoys fine wines and the occasional cigar. Don't shatter my illusions!
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    This is not a direct point to you, Craig (I'm just using your post to assist me). You hear people talking about an independent Scotland NOT being admitted into the EU (just have a look a people posting in the comments page of the BBC or any of the newspaper websites). I must ask how on Earth anyone can think that? When almost every country on the continent of Europe is a member, why on Earth would Scotland be rejected? It defies logic. I live in Southampton and have an English colleague who says 'You wont be accepted' and his informed, educated, erudite, insightful and detailed explanation for this is? "Because you won't" "Because you won't" "Because you won't" If Scotland wants to join the EU or EFTA, she will be welcomed with open arms.
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    He's the mayor of Norwich so he should be okay
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    😂 , aye, all you FX gurus out there please do not load your position long of sterling on Tidy’s advice . A customer asked me the other day if I was holding gold in my personal portfolio as he was thinking if investing . I told him I moved out of gold when I flogged the family reserve to Ramsdens 4 years ago for 200 quid .
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    And of course Gordon wasn't asked what he exactly meant at the time was he. I think you could actually get around keeping Scotland, Wales and NI as "countries" at least in the current sense that they are within the current UK constitution. It's what it means for England which is why it's a total non-starter. I can't think any federation whose founding involved having its largest part broken up. I mean you might just be about able to do it if you went back to they dark ages when England was a collection of kingdoms like Wessex, Mercia, Northumbria and the like but I don't think even Gordon Brown could invent a time machine.
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    Good choice. Do the North Pole have a team?
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    You both spout the same shite after every Aberdeen loss but are posted missing when they play well Aberdeen clearly have a problem travelling for european matches but the two home performances gives a glimmer of hope because they played well in both home ties.
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    In and out in about 5 mins longest part was the finger prints... oh and the Blonde was smiling today!! As said before it's easy well apart for the form! lol...
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    Yes! Considering a few years back all we had to hang onto was Fletch at Man U, and now we have serious players at Man U, Liverpool, and Arsenal. Add to that top six teams seriously sniffing around Fraser, and Gilmour possibly coming through the ranks at Chelsea in the next year or two then I think things are looking on the up.
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    Don't feed the troll. Squash and tennis are the middle England boys game. I am happy for for every Scottish team to do well. Some aren't. Simples.
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    Their defending has been quintessentially Scottish for the last 5 minutes...
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    So is the idea that Indyref was rigged however I would have thought that you of all people would be willing to consider both possibilities 🙂 I think the article is simply putting the suggestion out there that he is a driving force. Given his involvement in the Brexit referendum, and that he is now the PM’s senior advisor , suggests he has a reasonable amount of influence.
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    My tuppence worth 1. Unless all the polls were faked, the polls gave a pretty consistent picture of Yes being more likely lower than No, also taking account of shy/silent Nos and don't knows turning into Nos. It could have gone either way but hardly surprising that No prevailed. ( If anything, more surprising that Leave edged it in 2016.) Doesn't seem to need a conspiracy theory. 2. The referendum night 10pm confidence of a No victory based on postal votes may stick in the craw, but as far as I recall the SNP had equal access to the postal votes and must have known what was coming. Certainly they did not complain of any wrong doing at the time. 3. Opinion polling has continued a slow if steady increase in support for indy, in which pattern 55/45 readily fits. It's not as if polls were at 60% yes, suddenly mysteriously slumped to 45 on ref night, then sprang back to 60 afterwards. 4. I'm not saying there was no skullduggery but I have not seen positive evidence of it, just suppositions that 'I wouldn't put it past them'. Surely the main battle, the focus of energies, going forward, is who gets to vote next time.
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    When you select married you enter the details of your spouse (visa approved).
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    I’m pretty sure a cover over a disabled section isn’t designed to accommodate scumbags jumping onto it. But if you want to defend it, then that says a helluva more about you than anyone else, I actually thought you were a decent guy before this post.
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    I assume the cover over the roof is to save disabled supporters from the elements, not purpose built for scumbags to jump all over it. Ive seen many a last minute winner for away teams at pittodrie, but only 2 teams have supporters that feel the need to jump all over the roof of the enclosure in front of the stand. These people are fucking cretins and hopefully they’ll all be identified and charged with criminal damage and endangering life.
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    Was just about to say the same but he’s a hun kinda trying to justify it collapsing
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    Pitch invasion after a winner at Killie? Seriously you lowlife wankers, get a grip. First weekend of the season, and the scum are at it again, SFA, police, government, someone needs to take serious action against that horrible club.
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    How dare you leap frog my shite musical memories thread with your shite weather thread 😡 Yes, its sticky, but I would rather be hot and sticky than shivering in my fluffy dressing gown. In fact , its so hot I purchased an oscillating fan from Living Social the other day. Over 2000 of them were sold, by the time it arrives the central heating will be back on.
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    have you tried using the ATAC guide that has been road tested? http://www.associationoftartanarmyclubs.com/euro-2020-qualifiers-visa-guide/
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    Yeah I was still able to use my FAN ID (Which acts as a visa) from the World Cup on my second visit to Russia in 2018 but a friend of mine who travels extensively told me he didn't write everywhere he has been. I don't think they are that thorough about it. They would receive around 20+million of these applications a year.

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