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    Alex Morgan for this year's Scottish player of the year?
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    As a nation we are fairly poor at settling abroad. We are crap at learning new languages and our players rarely last very long. I think Greg Taylor is a cracking player and could end up playing for a good team in one of the stronger leagues. The good thing about going to the second level would be he could have a year 1 or 2 to adapt to both the new culture and the new league. Burke struggled with both when he went to RB Leipzig. Would it have been better if he'd been at a lower level and enjoying his time on the pitch? Gauld hasn't made the impact we hoped for at one of the top clubs in Portugal. I wonder how it would have been if he started with a team with lower expectations. Liam Henderson will be playing in Serie A next season and a successful first season in Italy. Would it have worked out so well if he'd gone directly to the top league? Bates missed out on promotion but worth remembering he joined them before they were relegated. Harper could be playing against Barca and Real next season but had to start a division lower - although I realise he isn't the typical Scot abroad. Paterson, McGinn and McLean are examples of players starting lower in England and then moving up to the Premiership quite quickly. The point I'm trying to make is that there are some benefits to starting a bit lower down when moving to another league. It's then up to the player to get to the next level - whether that is with a promotion or a transfer to a better team.
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    Hi Davy just to check that you received my £14 sent 25th June, bbfi65👍
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    I'm in the south of Spain for two weeks starting Saturday. I was planning a day trip to the rock next week but I'll hold off till the week after.
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    It was definitely offside. Whether someone being a few inches offside should prevent a goal is another argument but under the current rules they were correct to disallow it.
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    Davy - just want to check you received £12 posted to your account on 28 June Jeff Sinton
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    Money sent via PayPal Davy👍
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    Raith Rovers - Nacho Novo Dundee - Nacho Novo Rangers - Nacho Novo Morton - Nacho Novo
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    I dont want our players playing for GB because I dont support anything GB related. I'm a proud scotsman and I dont want to be part of GB or the union. I wont apologise for it either.
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    Adidas have made an advert for arsenal's new kit, with Tierney's name on the back of the shirt
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    Probably got more medals than you've been to Celtic games since he joined.
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    Yes great watch. Interesting article here on the housing estate where the series has been set around https://www.theguardian.com/cities/2019/may/17/goodbye-to-gomorrah-the-end-of-italys-most-notorious-housing-estate
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    Laurence Shankland just damaged his career signing for Dundee United. Ffs.

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