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    God. Another one. There’s nothing wrong with being optimistic. Doesn’t make you a happy clapper. I’m not clapping anything. To write off a campaign after 2 games when we’re just about to appoint a new manager is pretty stupid in my opinion. You (or I) have no idea what’s going to happen over the next 6 months. Russia are hardly world beaters. We’ve been to harder places and got a result. The sad fact is though we were always unlikely to get second place in this group, regardless of whether we beat Kazakhstan or not. That’s what happens when you’re in the 3rd seed pot. Won’t stop me supporting the team though.
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    Did you not used to wank over Arsenal or am I getting you mixed up?
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    Maybe realistic having seen our previous campaigns get spiked before they get started umpteen times has that effect , but you continue happy clapping - good for you . 4 points from Russia , suffering Jesus , have you watched Scotland at all ?
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    I see what you did there 😄
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    What happened to Bruce Arena!? I will be annoyed if he doesn't get it Joking aside, I think people need to stop being so critical, if its Derek then back him and give him a chance, after all MON didn't exactly have a great club career yet is NI best manager ever, arguably. And, its not Malky Mackay or David Moyes which has to be a bonus! Anyway, until I hear it from the SFA, I am not believing people who are "allegedly" getting the job!
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    Clarke wins manager of the year and nominated for writers award, but McInnes gets the job. Being the SFA, that would not surprise me
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    McInnes would be Levein again.
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    Fuck the Champions League. Fuck the EPL. And fuck Scottish cunts who give a fuck about either.
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    A Champions League Final being competed by two teams who haven’t won the their own league for a bawhair shy of 90 years between them
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    Couldn’t give a fuck either way.
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    By the way I am not a big fan of Ryan Jack but he actually played better at right back against Holland than O'Donnell and Palmer have in any game since

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