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    Couldn't bring myself to read any of Chripper's posts.
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    Hopefully you allow the laddies to go out courting by the time they are 30
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    Or maybe people just think outside the box more than others. Joshua Kimmich has played in one World Cup and Confederation cup as a right back, and excelling! Now he plays as anchorman for Germany, whilst playing right back for Germany. Alaba does the same, plays right back for Bayern Munich and anchorman for Austria
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    Congratulations on your discovery of Scott mctominey. You are officially awesome and everyone loves you πŸ‘πŸ»
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    5 and one of our own
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    You ready to admit NS is a strategically headless chicken at this point? Honestly if I had been allowed to lock every SNP politician in my cellar since the LEAVE vote, they'd be in far better shape to achieve independence than they are now. Instead we have this boak inducing shite. Just shows how utterly lost she is IMHO.
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    Spot on. One of the big complaints of Strachan at the end was how he ignored McGregor and under used Fraser. He stuck by certain players that had dropped a level and needed to be dropped by us.
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    You have called me worse in person I suppose ya pie. πŸ˜‚ Yer wee slip on the keyboard will suit the residents Huns on here tae. πŸ˜„
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    I wouldn't put much by what Strachan and our present failure of a manager think of players. Strachan ignored Start Armstong for ages, Ryan Fraser and Calum McGregor too. Don't forget how hesitant he was to let Andy Robertson start qaulifiers. Btw Cooper has been called up by us at least once and been on the bench. Your talking bollocks as usual.
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    Rolling Hills is 25% Motherwell fan. (unless he is just a troll planted to create posts, and made that up as he thought it would trigger me) Never sure if being an old firm fans slightly patronising 2nd/soft spot team is actually worse than them just hating us.
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    Not sure a genuine whistleblower / website would get so much mainstream attention.
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    Play a 541 which can become a 352, 3511 or a 343 when on the counter attack. 541 makes it harder to score against us while we have a midfield with alot of pace in which we can change things quickly.
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    I said about 18. Because every kid is different. My oldest was able to go at 16 but he's a big lad and Street wise, as well as eminently sensible. Takes after his Mum's side of the family. My middle boy is 17 and totally different. I wouldn't feel comfortable with him going on his own at the moment. My youngest is 13 and quite frankly I wouldn't trust the little bugger as far as I could throw him. He'd likely be standing with the fuckwit throwing stuff.
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    Yeah a good young team, but weak in certain areas unfortunately, namely goalkeeper, right back and up top.
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    I would chop McGregor, I don't really rate him anyway. If a player is good enough he's more capable of adapting to different roles. This fascination that we have with playing players in their "natural" roles is a big part of the problem why our kids are limited. From an early age they're pigeon-holed to play in a position and that's that. In Holland, Germany and France, etc, especially those three countries, their kids (5 years old+) aren't set positions. One match they play one position and the next they play another, then another, and another. Look at Davids, Gullit, Seedorf, Beckenbauer, etc, those great players could've played in any outfield position without looking out of play. Robertson is approaching world class, If he isn't there already, McTominay is really coming on age at United and Fraser is doing brilliantly with Bournemouth. Fraser has proved me wrong, as I didn't really rate him, but this season he has been tremendous. Robertson began as a left winger, he's now a left back. McTominay spend a lot of his youth career in attack for Man United as well as midfield and defence. And Fraser is playing more of a free-role with his club. I'm positive that all three could make for a dynamic midfield. In an ideal world yes, Robertson would be at left back and Fraser would be further forward, but look at our midfield options. I'd laugh if it wasn't so pathetic. As for right wingback, I don't know. Maybe Phillips as he's played that role a lot for WBA.
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    18 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Deary me.
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    Time for an eye test I think, at first glance I thought there was 2 Smurfs on that badge.
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    How many more players are in this midfield? To be honest you are starting to convince me that Robertson out of position is not as idiotic as it once sounded. He is a world class left back when playing in a world class team. We are not world class and we do have Tierney for left back. We could probably muster a decent team for a 4-3-2-1 formation if we could find a couple of central defenders, a right back and a centre forward..
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    * A big chunk of the population who despise the concept of being Scottish. People like you.
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    I'm getting close to Strachans 62 years and looking forward to being even more out of date than I am now. Although I guess if you want to air your views on telly you'd be better getting with the the plan.
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    Maybe you should reread my post. I didn't say his Dad, I said parent/carer, stop making up quotes to fit your own rant. I didn't say anything about punishing him. I was wondering why a 14 year old had the means and opportunity to do such a stupid thing. Again stop making up quotes to fit your own agenda. Suggesting that the boy has any sense based on the team he follows is utterly ludicrous. I'm glad my choice makes you chuckle. It's not my boys I'd be worried about. It's morons like the 14 year old and other fuckwits that throw missiles at the football. And the "you and likes of you" comment is pathetic. You are assuming opinions based on the team I support. Grow up for fuck sake and actually read my posts and stop assuming I'm every rangers supporter. I represent me. Not a football team and not its support.

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