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    It's always been an issue. From day one and from the very first ball that was kicked on it. Personally, the home advantage issue is an irrelevance. Every team has home advantage for whatever reason. It's the fact your pitch is utter shite, looks utter shite and plays utter shite that warrants comment.
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    If the ormond still posts in the same forum it's still the same ormond to me
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    Exactly mate...but they make this huge song and dance over a wean throwing a lighter. Its beyond belief with the cunts
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    Nobody said all rangers fans are the same and nobody said being a bigot is about religion, I'm not sure why you mentioned that. I'm intolerant of thousands of hun cunts and their weekly sectarian pish they spout, if that makes me a bigot then sign me up to the bigot club.
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    What's the craic with regards to keeping awards, titles, points, etc from previous entities? Do they carry on? Do I still carry the World Champion stuff for accumulated points?
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    I’ll post that video o’ you dancing two weeks ago cunto. 😂
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    An assist and another good performance by Kenny McLean tonight by all accounts.
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    See if the rest o’ you kents hudnae banished me fae the top flight...... Jim Beem, Scoobydoo and JockStrap are first on my list. 😂
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    If I hear a repeated creaking on the stairs and the landing and a scratching at the walls tonight, I'll know that Herbert Chapman has come back to have it out with me !
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    I agree. I think McGinn and McTominay would be great together. 4 goals in the last 6 for McGinn and the momentum Villa have suggest he may well be playing in the EPL next season. Would like to see him playing against better opposition each week.
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    True enough.. but you can naturally expand that to "success at one club or nation does not mean you'll enjoy success at another" At which point the whole discussion becomes a bit pointless Neil Lennon's one example.. 3 consecutive titles for Celtic. Moved to Bolton and I'm not sure he won 3 consecutive games in 2 years. Mourinho's another.. One of the best managers in the world after Ferguson, and probably the most adaptable. Won the league in Portugal, Spain, Italy and England. 2 Champions Leagues, a trophy cabinet bigger than the average house and handled some of the biggest names in the world: Modric, Ronaldo, Figo, Lamard, Drogba, Zanetti, Eto'o, Ballack, Hazard, Makelele, Benzema, Essien, Marcelo. Mourinho's 'best 11' is a properly good side and he's handled a lot of massive ego's along the way. Yet, at Man Utd he couldn't do it. Couldn't win the league and ultimately being unable to handle one stroppy Frenchman consigned his tenure to failure. Still, he'll probably go to Germany, win the league and maybe another Champions League. So every appointment's a risk. Nothing is a guarantee of success. Shelley Kerr has a UEFA Pro license, and she's been successful with an international football team. In the men's game she managed at a low level, but was successful there as well. Qualified the women for their first World Cup, and while there's 2 top teams in the group, they just beat Brazil, who are a top team themselves. Her appointment as head coach of the men's side would make a lot more sense than McLeish's appointment did.
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    yes that is my point.
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    He'll be haemorrhaging fortunes on out of date, expensive IT equipment in an attempt to compete with the top posters around here.
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    Strachan is a little twat. Always has been . Always the smart arse but this time it’s caught up with him. He’s not as sharp as he likes to think he is. This has been coming for a while. Ive no sympathy for him.
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    The board was fucked a long time ago. Then allowed to drop further into bawbaggery when repeated attempts by that fat cunt above to reincarnate himself time and again with the sole purpose of destroying the board. How anybody cannae see that is beyond me. The fat cunt sitting in his scabby armchair trolling between here and creeping on folks private lives through his social media obsession. Cunts he disnae even know. FFS. Life in his flea infested shit hole hoose I suppose. It’s no’ as if any cow’s going to gie his scabby, mauchit tadger a handy never mind a ride.
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    That's a decent article but he should also be pointing the finger and the other clubs too for meekly accepting the old firm is all that matters bollocks. There is hope of change in Scotland as far as I'm concerned. Anyone who speaks out about the ridiculous set up here is more or less laughed at. The media in Scottish football genuinely think 10 in a row is amazing, the reality is it's a fucking embarrassment. I really hope we or at least hearts or ICT win the Scottish cup.
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    In Full agreement with Mr. Terry Munro's assertions regarding Rangers fans.
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    It's all gone depressingly and predictably quiet...
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    Has it aye? Luckily your opinion means fuck all. Forgot Pittodrie is well know for it's bowling green surface.
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    Personally, I wouldn't have a problem with a woman managing the men's team. If she knows her football, if she's a good organizer and a great motivator I'd have her in today.
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    The debate around how long dinosaurs survived after the impact is interesting. The different factors that affected different creatures (falling temperatures, loss of habitat, impact on the food chain, etc.) has led to speculation that their demise could have taken anything from a few years to 10,000+ years. Inevitably, different species probably shuffled off the planet in different timescales. I read something a while ago as well that said that had the dinosaurs in the vicinity of the hit been sufficiently sentient to be able to look at the sky & make observations, they'd still probably never have known it was coming, as the compressed air would have vapourised them before they'd have spotted it. I think what humanity possesses that dinosaurs (obviously) didn't is the capacity to predict, control & alter our environment so that if we predict an impact, the preparation time would still allow for some salvaging of the human race.
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    Wrong, some members had already sourced another home, however in a private tendering process the board was handed over from anon to anon, anonymously.
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    Because big Jessies like Paterson might get injured and miss the rest of the season...... oh ......wait a minute......
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    I'd say it'd be a perfectly valid viewpoint to hold that people who glorify military conflict are scum. Particularly in this day and age, when all our "wars" are slaughtering brown people for economic gain.
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    Brilliant - been checking in here for a new episode in light of the shite-mageddon the other week. Keep them coming!
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    That's my journey to work sorted for tomorrow Cheers mate, keep them coming
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