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    For starters, it's written by GB who thrive on living on the edge of the law in everything they do, yet are first to moan when they fall foul of it. I'm not disputing that football fans are ill treated (my bus got searched before it even left Killie on Wednesday for booze) but the GB make a rod for their own back and IMO, get away with a hell of a lot as it is due to the sheer number of them and the police won't intervene majority of the time. They ( and their hangers on/Bhoys/SMV/whoever else) continually let of smoke bombs which like it or not are banned, break seats regularly etc etc and as a consequence the wider Celtic support get treated like criminals before the even enter a stadium. It works both ways, the police are in the wrong a lot of the time but the likes of the GB love sailing close to the wind in terms of the law. OBAF act or not.
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    Really? Personally I'd say it's a Teflon shoulder pad job. Blaming the nasty bully authorities for fans being cuntish. If the football fans behaved then the authority bully boy tactics they claim would be obvious and rightly criticised. I've never felt that the authority figures at games were mistreating me. On the contrary, I'd say they were letting the Scumbags off lightly too often hence the escalation in bawbaggery this season.
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    Shut yer monkey hole you Hun cunt.
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    Yes, but I'd be talking to him (just like I'd have a word with Logan). I get 'gamesmanship', mind games, niggling the opposition, etc. but leave the away support out of it. Winning should be enough. Celebrate with your own fans.
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    Good Guys :- Michael Stewart, Steven Thompson, Tom English, Chris Sutton (surprisingly) Wanks :- Billy Dodds, Alex Rae, Billy Dodds, Neil McCann, Billy Dodds Retards :- John Hartson, Charlie Nicholas, Andy Walker, Chick Young, Derek Ferguson, Kris Boyd Boring Cunts :- James McFadden, Willie Miller, Pat Nevin Blah :- Kris Commons, Steven Craigan
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    Not any Aberdeen fans obviously. Sorry my mistake.
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    It's not an alright jack attitude, I'm merely pointing out that I behave and I'm treated fine. This is also what I see at games. I have no opinion on the OBAF act. My point is more the GB trying to play the victim card, again. As if everything was a fucking conspiracy against football fans. Rugby fans can manage to drink and sit with opposition fans without resorting to bigotry, vandalism or violence. So they should be treated better. And the 99% thing contradicts your many comments about how many bigots follow Rangers. Behave like scum and you'll be treated like that. The sensitivities of the well behaved football fans should be outraged by their fellow fans behavior not the authorities ham fisted ways of trying to sort it out.
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    I don’t think he’s actually Colin O’neil.
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    Aye your manager & captain being the worst offenders for feigning injuries.
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    You get the board in to a linguistic adventure. And just proved my own point. Lose the hate kid xx
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    could do a job. still wanting dick
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    He was celebrating with his own fans. That scum sing sing about his sister dying and call him all sorts of mongos etc. Quite right that he enjoys beating them You one of these creepy bastards who says women shouldn't wear short skirts when after they get raped too?
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    Pleasure to meet you Mr. Rubble in Astana. It gave me great pride to be introduced by yourself to your mate as “The Hun Hater” 😂
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    I am sure there will be a lot of fun laughter and smacking of arses when you and bonny get together.
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    You should’ve worn that in the gaybar last week when you were dancing with me.
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    Whit you worried aboot? That fake ain you were strutting aboot wae in Kazakhstan looked braw. Yer real ain looked better on that Kazakh model lassie though! 😂
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    Paul dickov should be the new Scotland manager
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    Duncan Ferguson got the jail for waving his head at Jock Mcstay
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    No brainer Darren Fletcher
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    Ahhh the old days....self imposed old school swear filter.
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    Throw inflatable goats on to the field in reference to the SFA being goat shagging masonic bastards
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    Infiltrated by monkey bastards for the benefit of one club more like.
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    The Northern Irish Rangers fan hates Neil Lennon. A stunning development
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    I'm Scottish. The EU is due a broken nose. Maybe a couple of broken legs even...

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