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    An assist for McGinn. Villa are putting wins together and it's not hard to imagine McGinn in the EPL next season. I like it when the international break ends. We can go back to thinking we've got great players. 😉
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    Every constituency in Scotland voted remain Every economic forecast shows that Scotland will be hit hard by leaving the EU Signposts and weathercocks They should and will however state that it is for an Independent Scotland to decide whether to rejoin or stay in the EU - see my first sentence
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    Hopefully we can win tomorrow and Killie can push on for second.
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    Indeed. The problem Leave voting Yessers have is that our whole mandate for indyref2 is based on being anti-brexit. It's a circle they find difficult to square.
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    And in any case people are confusing matters here. We are voting for our independence not the SNP. Backers of independence come from many political backgrounds and if you support Scotland bcoming independent you tick Yes at IndyRef2 ....simple really.
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    The NS disciples on here are all identity politics nutcases. I can only assume the SNP is now infested with this cancer. Sturgeon is an Angela Merkel clone... she sees the same future for Scotland as ‘Germany’. She is not independence.
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    Are they going to abolish the national football team if we vote NO again? Based on recent performances, even I might be tempted to vote NO if that's the deal?
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    Sorry but you are so wrong. I hate generalisations here but Brexiteers (your No and Brexit voters) are massively die-hard unionists aside from a very small amount. The Rule Brittania Brigade who will do anything to protect the UK and most definitely their union. The sort thar would vote No in indyref2 even if the entire Tory and Labour MPs took a dump in their mouths. They will vote No under any circumstances. You won't be able to convince me otherwise so explain why exactly should the SNP be chasing lost causes?
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    So europe takes priority over scotland to you? Well that is an independence killer right there and no i am not backing a torie brexit deal, why make up nonsense
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    Who said anything about chasing brexit voters? What i am suggesting is let them come to us its very simple, like it or not scotland has no say in the direction of travel , that only comes with independence,,,,independence only comes if we can reach out to the whole spectrum of different voters left/righ/leave/remain, we need all their votes so we can then say to our EU nationals that they are welcome, how is that hard to understand🤷‍♂️ In the meantime you ask me what our msp’s should say to EU citizens? The truth and that is they have no influence on uk politics and that is why we need independence
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    That's correct, many did stay at home. There was also a drop overall in those voting in the General Election (in Scotland as opposed to England and Wales). We also had to deal with "paper candidates" and informal unionist alliances in many constituencies. Some people did not SNP because of Brexit but I honestly don't want their votes again unless they are prepared to accept Scotland in Europe. I won't be taking any lectures from hampdenloon that actually wants the SNP to betray what the majority of it's voters and to fucking back the Tories Brexit deal.
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    Anyone that describes themselves as an activist is often a complete bellend.
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    Thankful folk like me dont have much influence? The folk who took the party to within a whisker of independence and above 50% of the vote count in 2015? You dont know me from adam, you have no idea if attend party meetings , which i do. Also how would you possibly know what influences myself or associates have in anything? was you not one of the members who ridiculed me post brexit and just prior to the snap GE when i suggested the SNP would struggle to get 35 seats ? Was that not enough of a wake up call to actually sit back and at least take onboard some different opinions, thats why the party is on the down, due to people like you and you young activists who have inluence on the party 🤔🙄
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    “We the SNP believe in the European Union and are disappointed with the referendum result, however we also believe in democracy and will respect the vote” it’s not difficult, let Labour take the hit from remain voters and the Tories from leave, while pointing out the democratic deficit for Scotland.
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    Aye, walked past him after the match as his dad was encouraging him on the “F**k England” Didn’t seem as funny after that. (Probably just me)
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    You aren't actually allowed to implement a rule forbidding foreigners to play in a squad anywhere in Europe, it is against European Law. Brexit may actually change that in this country but that's another topic. Anyway that is why England got around it by introducing a home grown rule which is open to any nationality but they have to have been trained for 3 years at an English club between the ages of 15 and 21 (they plan on changing this to between 15 and 18) which obviously massively decreases the chances of many foreigners being trained in England between those ages. Cesc Fabregas to use an example is currently 'home grown' in England as he was brought to Arsenal at 16. Now obviously he was actually home grown through the La Masia academy in Barcelona, the FA have identified this flaw and that is why they are reducing the age to between 15 and 18. Therefore in this instance Fabregas wouldn't have been home grown as he would have only been trained in England for two years from 16 to 18. Hope that makes some sense but it is definitely a rule which is the way forward here.
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    Every fan is entitled to feel pissed off right now, we've went from being a reasonably well respected footballing nation to a laughing stock in 25 years. We are at a point where we've got Scotland players making excuses to not turn up and others retiring early for no real reason. It's a fucking shambles right now, the SFA have overseen all of this. The fans have every right to be hacked off and to want an overhaul of the whole system
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    Choose whatever manager you want and it won't change the path we are on. Scottish manager or European manager/successful at club level or success at international level we have had them all since 1998 and all have failed. Time to look at the facts that the players quality and attitudes should be questioned just as much if not more than the question of the managers. When we stop sticking our heads in the sand and realize we lack in-depth quality players with mental strength to succeed we shall continue to stumble along blindly. Sure we have the odd oasis like Andrew Robertson but one man does not make a qualifying team.
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    If he is I'll I genuinely feel sorry for him and I dont think we should direct too much I'll feeling towards him but it's open fucking season on the SFA if they employed someone with I'll health
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    The shambles in Israel should have been enough for him not to be handed the Euro groups. Sacking Strachan who seemed to have turned it around a bit with an undefeated 2017 and replacing him with Mcleish made no sense whatsoever. We all knew it would be him though. The cheap option. Whored himself around for jobs for ages, no cunt wanted him, yet the SFA saw fit to give him the most important job of them all. Useless bastards
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    Like stay for the full match?
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    Sacked yet? Actually incredible that he was employed despite clearly not being in his previous fully fit self. Anyone who'd watched him as a TV pundit during his sad wee pitch to get the Rangers job could see this. Yet, in a complete show of incompetence, the SFA gave him the managers job. Fuck the SFA and fuck Alex McLeish.
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    Another vote for all dark blue. Get those red socks to feck.

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