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    1) International level is the pinnacle of football. With no disrespect to the English Championship but it's two tiers beneath. 2) Better management and the players from those countries know their jobs and they play to their strengths. Our players simply look like they have no idea what's being asked of them. 3) People can may not like this, but I don't care. Scotland as a nation has been Anglofied. We seem quite happy being a cuckold nation. We're submissive and meek and we have no passion left. England own us. An example, on Friday "STV" showed the England match, and on Tuesday they'll do the same. Not exactly a sign of a nation who loves itself.
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    PIAK in throwaway remark with no substance shocker.
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    a good manager can get even average players to perform better or a different approach can get good players to perform better. In an ideal world these players would be self motivated but this isn't an ideal world, its a footballing world where the players will easily down tools and take the huff because they do not like the manager. There's recent examples of a good change in management having a great effect on teams, Northern Ireland are performing better than us with arguably worse players, Killie were garbage and now Steve clark has them playing way above what anyone expected. Those are good examples of average sides punching above their weight due to good management.
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    Remember that last game well. It was the coldest fitba match I’ve ever been at. I remember some smart Alec tookhis top off at kick off and said he wasn’t putting it back on until we scored (clearly thinking we’d score straight away). He was nearly hypothermic by the time we scored after about 70 odd minutes 🤣
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    "Traitor to England" Alan gets everywhere
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    In the big scheme of things this probably isn't the end of the world, but there is something that I can't quite put my finger on that is profoundly depressing about this story. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-47627749
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    Saying players should give their all for the country regardless of the coach is naive, you ever worked for a boss that you didn't like and decided I'm going to give my best regardless because I'm doing this for my family, it's a nice thought and hardly it works like that, the Manager and leadership make a difference.
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    Thanks Davy. Should have received payment.
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    I’ll bet that was funny in your head?
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    Hardly hypocritical, she's been in favour of a people's vote since the get go.
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    I don’t see why he wouldn’t take it. He’d look at players like Robertson, Tierney, McTominay, Fraser and Gilmour and think he could get us qualified for a finals.
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    Michael O'Neill took a while to get going. Things we do know- McLeish has been decent before, and it's too early to sack him.
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    Well, maybe not Pirlo and Iniesta, but a lot of people do think that they have a strong midfield. Countless times I've read people saying "We're well stocked with midfielders". I can't fathom that opinion. In the build up to the previous match someone said that our midfield will boss the game... I can only hope that that was said in jest, otherwise a lunatic asylum has lost a patient.
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    You're wrong. We don't have a good team, I think the previous match was evidence of this. And you're saying that we need strong management in order to get the players to play? Yeah, well, if they were good players who CARED they wouldn't need motivation. Representing their country should be all they motivation they need to beat a team ranked 114 in the world. It's about time we stopped pointing the finger at the manager and began blaming the players. There was an incident in the match where two Kazakhstan players head-butted each other whilst competing for a high ball, funnily enough we had no players in the vicinity as they might get hurt. Our players are not only spineless but they're also below average. But wait till the SPL gets underway again, Christie and McGregor will begin dominating St Mirren and Dundee and then all of a sudden Scotland fans will paint them as our Pirlo and Iniesta. Same old Scotland, always delusional.
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    Yes worried that we might score a few goals ang all is forgiven.
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    McAllister (Derby) was a late call-up. Replaced an Aberdeen player I think.
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    My POV in this is we can go down the old route of people like Strachan (best of the bunch ) Moyes, Macckay etc or we can try a different approach. Lets be honest, no one with international pedigree will take it. Given it to someone like Fletcher or even Kenny Miller would give them a chance of establishing a career in management. Wales, NI and others successfully did it with Mark Hughes, Gary Speed before his sad passing and now Giggs ( jury is still out ) NI gave the job to Michael O'Neil after a disastrous time at Brechin ( !!!!!! ) Germany with Klinnsman and Louw.It makes sense to go with a younger person ( both have great affinity with Scotland fans ) and if they are successful then they will be head hunted but at least they will be successful. The current situation of getting managers sacked by multiple clubs just cannot continue
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    There are some desperate shouts here. But, seems desperation is the mood of the moment. Seems the consensus is that McLeish is no use and won't get us to the Euros. If that's the case the the sooner he leaves the better. This could be the best possible time to try something new. For example if ever we are going to try a risky option - whether a Darren Fletcher or Scott Gemmill or a "modernising foreigner" - then there is no better time than now. We have a raft of games with a chance of qualification but no expectation. So like the equivalent of Solksjaer (not exactly a premiership success) brought in to see what he could do, in a supportive context. They have a few games to get up and running. If it doesn't work, no harm done, say goodbye at the end. Then bring in a big game specialist who relishes a challenge, on a short contract to take a tilt at the playoffs. Could be a part time manager who doesn't need to give up the day job. Just a thought.
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    Hiya Davyboy, I need to cancel my coach booking as i`ve now managed to `ponce a lift` to the game by car, sorry to be such a nuisance, i`m booked on either coach 26, or 31, i`m not sure which one because there is a Tam Banks on both of those busses........ Haaah, so i have a namesake over here.... Anyway Davy, either buy yourself a couple of well earned pints from my fee, or just add it to the TA charity.... Thanksalot mate...
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    Davy, can you mark me and my mate as return to Rimini only? We are going to head into San Marino earlier in the day for a look around. Craig M on bus 31 Thanks
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    Strachan 100% deserved the bullet. The fact that the SFA had fuck all plan except giving it to a auld zoomer is neither here or there.
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    This. We're out now anyway, might aswell get rid of the cunt and build for the Nations League play offs.
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    McLeish will not walk and unfortunately he's going to be our manager until at least June as even he isn't shite enough to get a bad result in San Marino. If they did sack him it still wouldn't be enough, McRae and Petrie need to follow him, they're the ones who insisted on giving him the job.
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    They could make a 10 minute show featuring you and it'd feel like it lasted 31 hours.
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    It would be hilarious and The Jakeball would no doubt still survive it.

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