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    Another hun pretending to care about abuse victims
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    But more to like than any other party IMHO
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    Not surprised your the first to comment. Football related and in the news. Got to admire your ability to read minds. Go for a bit of personal abuse and maybe the mods will close the thread in record time. Just another Tim not wanting to accept Celtic are closely associated with historic child abuse so you use diversory tactics from the off. Go on, once and for all admit something negative about your club.
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    I agree. I dont think the sugar tax is bad either , even if it was a Westminster policy. My daughter drank far too much Lucozade and after the sugar tax rise they reduced the sugar. She hated it and stopped drinking it. There must be more examples of that. She now drinks more water. Anything that reduces the amount of sugar people take has to be positive for health. And I really cant see the problem with lowering the drink driving limit either.
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    Did drink driving related deaths not fall to lowest ever recorded? I may be wrong 🤔
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    Counter-balance it by watching or reading all the material in seedy Westminster dealings. Project Windrush, ignoring pleas from residents of Grenfell Tower who forecast the disaster, the blatant brushing under the carpet of paedophile ring in Westminster, going to an illegal war in Iraq, the blatant lies and false promises of Bitter Together etc etc etc.
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    For me it will always be independence first, hopefully we can have the EFTA type relationship with the EU post indy, until then i connot imagine myself ever voting anything other than a pro-indy party and i hate the greens. My hatred of weatminster runs far deeper than that of brussels
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    I strongly advise not googling that at work.
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    Only object thrown onto the pitch tonight was a white towel apparently.
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    Rangers maybe regretting getting rid of Pedro ? 🤷‍♂️
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    EddardStark 31 Posted March 3 What a shame for United there. what a shame for the rangers there. 😁😁
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    Bannan has played best for Scotland when we're up against so called weaker sides who like to sit back. He seems to be good at unlocking their defences but struggles against better sides. He might come in handy in the next 2 games...
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    Having lost two of my closest childhood friends through a speeding driver, personally its great to see the road traffic deaths at near all time lows, is that not a positive? Who gives a shit if its through more speed cameras or more stringent drink driving legislation, bear in mind road death are skyrocketing down south
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    and I am probably in the minority of one who is always happy to see Bannan in the squad.
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    we tend to struggle against wee teams away from home. we struggle with big teams also but tend to play better against them even if we don't get the result. Scotland seem to always play poorly away from home against teams we are expected to beat. if we get another Albania away performance - one that bucked the trend - we will easily beat Kazakhstan. That will suggest that McLeish has perhaps stumbled on to something. If however we revert to an Israel away type performance then we are in for a long miserable campaign. The jury remains out but I am cautiously optimistic. Shame Christie is injured though.....
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    I have enough confidence in Bates & McKenna with McTominay in front of them that we wouldn't have to play players out of position to make us harder to break down.
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    Not condoning any of this latest nonsense but its not exactly a recent development. Dick heads have been running on the park having a pop at players as long as I can remember
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    Jack Harper I think....signed a pre-contract with Getafe
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    Just read he's been out 4 times already this year because of 'illness'. someone get the lad some Imodium, we need him fit and scoring
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    Apparently he had a rampant dose of the skitters recently
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    Fraser says he doesn't want to play on an artificial surface.
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    Bain Bates McKenna Tierney Palmer Robertson McTominay Armstrong Fraser Forrest McBurnie
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    Cardiff & Bournemouth have said they don't want Paterson or Fraser playing on the plastic pitch due to past injuries
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    Unfortunately we're missing some players we could have made use off and as usual a couple of surprise inclusions. Being positive though there should be enough quality in that squad to do what we need to do in these games
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    Eck compared him to Fletcher, saying he has the best hold up play out of the forwards in this squad
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    Archer, Bannan, Morgan and McNulty call ups are undeserved imo.
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    Indeed and I admire him for going where is heart lies. He feels English and wants to play for them and that is how it should be.
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    I think the Easter Rd one has been slightly blown out of proportion. It looked to me as if the boy thought he'd be a bit of a smart arse and run down and boot the ball away from Tavernier before he could get to it. They've both got there at the same time and a bit of a scuffle has ensued. The boy should obviously not have been over the barrier and should be slammed for that but I don't think he's went there to confront or attack the player and it's certainly not at the level of what happened at Brum.
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    Best in Europe...he cannae be, Kieran Tierney is better ffs
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    I am sorry but Westminster is satin compared to EU being like a mischievous little schoolboy in comparison. I keep hearing people scoffing why do you want independence but want to join the EU as you won't be independent. Sorry but that is total and utter garbage. The UK may or may not be leaving the EU. Now excuse me but I haven't seen the addition to our calendars of a new national holiday called UK Independence Day on the day we voted Leave. The UK was and still is an independent country in the EU as would Scotland be. During their time in the EU we have seen the UK government CHOOSE not to join the EURO, CHOOSE to wage an illegal war on Iraq without backing of the EU and now being allowed to leave the EU. All sounds like choices only an independent country could make. Those of you who hate the SNP think of the alternatives if you will. The Tories? The party of looking after the Home Counties and lining their own pockets and have a large swathe of it with pockets of UKIP AND BNP-esque politicians who have a total disregard for Scotland and always will. We have seen that much with scummy treatment of Scottish MP's suggesting, openly on microphone they fuck off or commit suicide. Now onto Labour - another party that has no interest in Scotland other than to get enough seats here to unlock the door at No 10. Look how pathetic they were when in power in Holyrood before the SNP - like night and say compared to the SNP. Also lest we forget we saw the Tories and Labour in their true colours. Across the board the whole of Scotland in all areas backed remain and their Tory and Labour MP's supposedly representing them actually voted to back the Scotland Act in Holyrood but once back amongst their masters in Westminster their tune changed and they betrayed Scots by backing bills to push through Brexit. People should keep their eyes on the end game here - independence. Independence for Scotland is what it says and is the end goal. Back independence and Scotland benefits for the future and you then get the chance to vote for whatever party/government you want unlike now where we take what England votes for. A post-independent Scotland's political landscape will change immensely in any case. The SNP will have to morph into something else and may even split into different new parties. The Tories and Labour will need to re-invent itself and restructure - they will be like toddlers learning to walk and fend for themselves without their parents looking after them from Westminster. How well they'd do depends on how quickly and how well they adapt and leave Westminster behind and their ability to embrace a bright new future. Either way Scotland independent is the big goal. In the EU or out of the EU I'd take that if independence was achieved.
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    This for me, snp are nothing more than a means to an end. to be honest, the minimum pricing of alcohol or drink driving limits aren’t that bad. Why do people feels so strongly about that or immigration for that matter. What is it people hate the snp stance on these subjects?
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    From a further look, looks like it's just window dressing, just pretending to be a breakthrough. So a bit like the Vow, let's people pretend it's what they want, makes people feel better about voting for it, but ultimately nothing of substance, nothing that can't be reneged on later.
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    The EU is pure globalism, giving up national sovereignty to a large, soviet style state, don’t get me wrong I’m no fan of Westminster style politics but it’s probably better than the alternative, don’t worry though no politicians will deliver on Brexit and Scotland might get to vote again in a few years.
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    PIAK, I'm one of the folk who just don't get that, so would like to hear why you feel that way. Why are you attracted to the UK above Europe?
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    He’s definitely the type of character that would take a strop like that. Wouldn’t surprise me. Good keeper but a complete penis of a man
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    Are we? We've gone from McGregor, Gordon and Marshall (who were all very good) to a much lower standard. I think we are bang average in this position after years of being very strong.
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    Strange timing given the squad's about to be announced. Surely not a problem with the relationship with the manager given their Rangers days together. Is it 2 fingers to the SFA over the ban? Maybe Is it having to haul his 37 year old body 4000 miles next week and back? Maybe Is it that at his stage he's not got much left to gain from committing to Scotland while trying to prolong his club career? Quite understandably it could be. End of the day - 16 clean sheets in 42 caps seems a high figure for a Scotland team for me. I don't have the comparison stats off hand. Top class shot-stopper and prone to prone to playing well in the big games. He'll be missed on the pitch and now we have a decision to make on the next No.1
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    Time to increase my Raytheon and Lockheed Martin share percentage.
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    Did Aaron Ramsey get a hat trick at the weekend?
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    I dont, we are far too subservient to do that. I think that all nations in the UK are, its not a Scottish only trait.
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    Is it surprising? The English are fine "backing" Scotland in a condescending fashion, because we're often garbage, but when we're actually good the truth comes out and the daggers usually get drawn.
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    Enjoying the podcasts mate, downloaded them all now and listening in car for work commute. I was reliving the horror show that was Belgium at Hampden under Craig Brown this morning...still remember the deathly silence at the end of that game. I hadn't appreciated it was so early in the qualifying campaign and i hadn't heard the story about Archie Knox and the runner. Suggestions for future ones Christian Dailly, Gary Nasmyth and Faddy and as suggested above, McCoist. Also, Jim Leighton was my hero growing up and he had plenty of ups and downs to talk about with Scotland.
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    Keep it up mate, your approach is refreshing and is a breath of fresh air from our largely hopeless football media.
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    I am very keen to hear the latest one with Craig Levein, fair play to him for spending the time on the subject with you. I have no idea how you are getting these interviews together, and would not expect you to reveal that, but I am loving your work.
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    Winston Churchill was a treacherous cunt who fucked Britain did not go down too well last time I aired it.
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    Had a couple out the Jura Journey last night and had a bad feeling about it. I have a feeling I should stick to the superstition.

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