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    "Jolly Boy John posting complete and utter shite every fucking day on the Tartan Army Message Board is for real ! Scotland and Gala Bingo forever !"
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    More has been posted on here about the Brum stuff than what happened in a full week at Easter Road. Sweep sweep Scotland. Exactly why we have such issues.
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    Today was good day, with McTominay starting and playing really well for Man Utd in the last 16 of the champions league, and Jack Harper supposedly signing a pre-contract deal with Getafe, who are currently sitting 4th in La Liga. It got me thinking from an optimistic point of view again. What could we be looking at just 6 months from now (best case scenarios)? 1 - Robbo is ELP champion with Liverpool 2 - McTominay staring regularly for Man Utd 3 - Harper playing in La Liga 4 - Bates playing in the Bundesliga 5 - Henderson playing in Serie A 6 - McGinn and McGregor running the midfield at Leicester 7 - Hornby getting games for Everton first team 8 - Gilmour senior debut at Chelsea 9 - Armstrong starting regularly for Southampton 10 - Fraser still going strong at Bournemouth, or possibly a bigger EPL team 11 - Tierney playing for a top 6 EPL team 12 - Burke actually getting game time down south 13 - Christie, Forrest, McKenna, Souttar staying on form where they are or on to bigger and better things 14 - Young lads getting regular starts in SPL (Middleton, Johnston, Henderson, Hastie, McCrorie etc) 15 - An actual decent right back has emerged I would be delighted with half of these coming true. In reality we might see one or two of them...
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    Hi Davy Is it still possible to get 2 seats on the bus f r om Rimini to /from San Merino? Sorry, did nt read forum properly, thought tomorrow was last day! Can pay £25tonight.please confirm if OK to go ahead and pay if we'll be OK for 2 seats?Many tbanks
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    When he scored he jumped into the crowd, there was a steward trying to push him back on the pitch. When camera changed angles the steward was carted away by the police 😂😂😂
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    Fuck me, 17 years ago. I was still at school then 😏
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    It was Liam Cooper,s 100th game as captain for leeds . He's made almost 140 appearances for them
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    People who want the re-introduction of national service (and corporal punishment in schools) should be smothered in their sleep.
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    Hadn't appreciated that Armstrong had such a big impact today from the bench. Assist for the first and then his lightening run down the middle led to the free kick which Southampton scored.
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    Eh! Back another day 🙄
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    If I’m in bed and I remember I need to do something the next day I’ll pick something up from the drawer at the side of my bed and throw it across the room on to the floor
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    A bit off piste but when the 5p for a bag first came in Asda in Dundee put security tags on their baskets as the locals were fecking of with their stolen goods groceries in them.
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    Yeah, but you know what happens if you don't keep the thread tight, before you know it we'll be debating Shamina Begums mothering skills or playing daft, type "black guy wheeching on a supermarket trolley" into google to see shocking result stuff.
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    Should get himself over to Japan then.
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    My only concern for that is Kazakhstan away. I don't know any of their individual players to base this on, but having a look at some of their previous results (added to the travel) it looks like they're probably a level above the likes of San Marino. If we can open with a win over there then i believe we will win the other 5 games against the lower ranked teams which will create a sort of mini league between ourselves, Russia and Belgium for the top two spots. Although as I said previously, Belgium will win that and leave it down to our two games with Russia. That's my prediction anyway. Either that or we'll win the four games against Russia and Belgium and lose the other 6...
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    I'd be astonished if the Leave campaign ever thought they were in danger of losing the votes of the racist and anti-Semitic demographic - it's such an obvious core constituency that the idea would scarcely need to be articulated. The only thing that would astonish me more is if Remain spent any time looking at a strategy to court that section of the electorate. They were Leavers whether Leave wanted them or not. If Francois was a cleverer politician he'd accept that Leave cornered the vast majority of that market, like it or not, and then try to make a case to the effect that that wasn't who they were courting. His problem is that he'd struggle to make a coherent case so he walked into a trap e.g.: `All penguins are birds` `How dare you say that all birds are penguins` It`s like the Seed of the Gael fannies and the Independence Referendum - they were obviously going to vote Yes but it doesn't mean that the campaign ever courted them. Francois ` difficulty is that racism was a dog whistle element of the Leave campaign.
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    Your 'tubby xenophobe' is bang on the money in that clip. I so hope they have a 'peoples vote' so I can watch the people shove it up his arsehole yet again.
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    If people stop posting complete and utter shite i wont get angry. A poster calling himself Stinky and asking where he can get a deep fried pizza and Irn Bru in London fills me with nothing but rage and this total bumpkin halfwit from Bristol telling us about his mind numbing plans for Saturday have me howling at my computer screen.
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    No wonder your missus goes out all day. She probably goes out to get away from you. What a boring lumpen twat. Why the do you think anyone is interested in your shite post about chucking a stew in the oven then factoring in a snooze. Jesus wept as some of the inane pointless drivel that pops on on the internet.
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    Thanks mate. Refer to Duncan Ferguson who had to spend time in Barlinnie for a cheating wee cunt. Scotland Forever.
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    Will Self giving Mark Francois a death stare after the tubby xenophobe takes exception to the suggestion that racists and anti semites tend to be a wee bit Brexity https://www.bbc.com/news/av/uk-politics-47497183/brexit-will-self-and-mark-francois-on-racists-and-anti-semites

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