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    I wonder if Lennon has told Peter Lawell that he’ll need leave mid-training camp should he get the gig full time The Hibs club is hosting a soul & 60s night in July. We all know how Lenny loves dumping his responsibilities onto Garry Parker so he can swan off to supporters functions from his previous clubs
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    Oooft. Brendan leaving for a bigger club and Celtic fans coming to the realisation that Celtic is just another diddy club from Scotland and nobody really cares about treble trebles or 10IAR. Especially not Brendan Rodgers, despite what Celtic fans previously thought.
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    Hamilton were 22/1 and Dundee 28/1, not that I contemplated either. Great result for Accies sadly.
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    Thanks mate. First I've heard that. What a clown.
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    Mate I'm full of gear and showing my support for militant republicanism through song right now. I don't have time for this nonsense. We'll agree to disagree Go back to Kilmarnock and tell them you won a debate with some arsehole on the internet. You'll be elevated to Marvin and Bullet hero status.
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    Chris Williamson suspended for ......... Well you can guess what Maybe Mr Parklife will be on to tell us that it is all a mirage again ....... (Just to be clear - i have no idea what is going on down there) Tom Watson's memo
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    So, you're saying that a player's worth is ultimately dictated by the club he's with? I'm not disagreeing with you, just asking. I think we all rate Tierney, but the way that it is now, if Robertson was purchased then it'll be somewhere between £40m-£70m), whereas no team is willing to pay £25m for Tierney. And you could say that Tierney has more club experience, played more games in Europe, won more medals than Robertson, and he's what, 3 years younger? Are Liverpool bigger than Celtic? I don't know, but the EPL has certainly a far bigger reputation than the SPL. And that's the crux of the matter, an EPL club will never fork out £10m on a Scottish player who has never played outside Scotland. Visit most EPL club forums and they see our league as a team full of farmers. They don't value Scottish football. Well, I'm not disputing that Dembele has a better all-round game than Griffiths. However, I'd say that Griffiths might be the better finisher. Two goals against England is nothing to be sniffed at. Oh wait, Craig Gordon went to Sunderland for £9m a while back. That's the highest one that I can think of.
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    One step ahead of you
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    The only concrete bid that have come in for Tierney has been from Everton. He's been linked to Man United and Arsenal, but that's just paper talk. No top 6 team in England require a left back, so if Tierney did leave Celtic for the EPL it'll probably be to a club like Bournemouth, etc. He'd have to do what Van Dijk did and prove to people in England that he can play outside Scotland.
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    Honestly don't see anyone buying Tierney.. No one needs him at this point. A shame Luke Shaw's found some form, for sure. And the reality is that in any market, you pay what you have to. And with so little money in Scottish football these days, it's a bargain bin that can't command much in the way of big fees, now and for the foreseeable future. Bit of a quiz for you.. How many players have left Scottish football for a fee of £5m+ in the last 10 years? I can think of 6. VvD, McGeady, Dembele, Forster, Wanyama and Armstrong. 6 in 10 years. The English Championship has had more than twice that many just this season.
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    Go and have a look at the 'headbutt' again...and then tell me how many other players over the years, could have been charged by the authorities for doing the exact same thing. The whole thing was an absolute farce, and as someone else stated, robbed us of a top-class striker.
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    The first was 98% Bannan. Put Fletch thru 1v1 with a lovely ball over the top from deep in his own half.
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    Sorry, but saying that Shetland should only be shown on BBC Scotland - and that's essentially what you're saying - is akin to saying that Vera (based on novels by the same author) should only be shown in the NE of England and the Sopranos should only be shown in New Jersey. These are all programs that have wide appeal and to some extent could be set anywhere, the location is secondary to the underlying story. In the future, maybe a Scottish Broadcasting Corporation may make drama of the quality of Shetland and sell it to an international audience - including the rUK - but under the current settlement programs of this appeal will naturally be on the network channels. If this new channel is to be successful then it'll be in doing two things. Firstly, having programming which is specific to Scotland and which has limited appeal outwith Scotland. Currently there is some of this in the BBC 1&2 network opt-outs but the new channel provides a lot more scope and airtime. Secondly - and specifically to News and Current Affairs - presenting a different Scottish perspective to that which comes from - predominantly - London. At the moment there is very little of this. Reporting Scotland - or the football and murder show - has proven to be incapable of doing this to any great degree. Some of this is institutional, some of it is practical. For example, with something like Brexit, which dominates the news, if there's a 10 minute piece on the Network six o'clock news, do you need to rehash this in Reporting Scotland? Outwith the news, Scottish Current Affairs coverage is next to non-existent. You have FMQs, Sunday Politics and Politics Scotland on a Wednesday afternoon, all of these are only on when Parliament is sitting, the odd 30 minute piece of investigative journalism and that's about it. There was a good example last night of what the new channel promised on The Nine last night. They had a longish piece with James Cook in Madrid covering the trial of the Catalan leaders. That's not strictly speaking Scottish news but it is International news which is of more importance in Scotland - for obvious reasons - than in the rest of the UK and so deserves more in depth coverage.
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    Did it in the Centenary season. A win at Hearts would clinch the league. Couldn't get Celtic end tickets so got Hearts tickets instead. Lots of Celtic fans in the Hearts end which saw a lot of fighting even before kick off. Me and my mate stayed quiet. Hearts went 2-0 up then Mark McGhee scored midway through second half. Left at that point to go around Celtic end as was a horrible atmosphere. Thankfully stayed 2-1 and 70,000 saw us beat Dundee 3-0 the next again weekend in the safety of Parkhead. Would never do it again. Had done the same couple of weeks previous at Easter Road. Centre stand. Everyone quite quiet with it being the Hibs end. Peter Grant scored and practically the whole centre stand went up bar about 2 Hibees sitting near us. The look on their faces!
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    It’s not even about loyalty, for his own legacy staying and finishing the job properly until the summer.
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    Rodgers has always struck me as a self indulgent slightly delusional twat. Not surprised at all at his behaviour, totally in keeping with his character. If I was a Tim I’d be raging at how he has behaved and would wish him nothing but the worst. I’d also be worried about him coming back to try and nick a few players, Tierney, McGregor etc. If he does, I would hope they have the sense to tell him to get fucked. Some of his comments already to Leicester fans sums him up. Total cunt of a man
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    Hi Davy, I’d like one seat if you can and I’m trying to get back to the station for the train to Bologna. I’ve just pit the payment through using PayPal. Thanks
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    Hi Davy, can I book two seats on the rimini bus please, cheers
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    Davy, Finally decided to get of my backside and book this trip. Can I please book 1 place on a bus Rimini to the ground and back. Cheers
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    Can I book 2 places please Stewart Crawford Ross Adam's
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    Can I have two seats please? £25 payment already sent
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    If any team can fuck it up, Scotland can
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    The Orange Order and Sash strips are the equivalent of the Club putting its tongue in its cheek while publicly 'condemning sectarianism in the strongest possible terms'. Its a wink to the hard core to say 'just ignore what we are having to say, we don't mean it'.
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    Celtic are drawing up a list of celtic minded replacements for Brendan Rodgers... Police Scotland said the sex offenders list has never been used this way before....
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    Strongest team should start both games. This is Scotland, no fucking about
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    Rolling Hills ?
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    🍻 Love how a colour can wind up so many folk 🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊
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    I always liked big Dunc, even for a Hun.
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    ‘Grass’ is a term used by criminals and morons to protect criminals and morons.
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    I’ve not been spending as much time on here recently as I used to. This new fella Chripper. He’s a troll right? Surely. The only thing that makes me think maybe not, is that erstwhile sensible posters are actually engaging him. Even so. A troll or 12 years old. Has to be one of the two.
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    If people want to keep it running with me then fair enough, I'm game. Just know that I'm going to give it back. Deal with it, people. Deal. With. It.
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    Maybe one day we’ll find out if there was anything deeper going on.

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