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    You really are a cunt, aren’t you. Society would’ve been a whole lot better if your dad had made a mess of your mums face instead.
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    It's a conundrum indeed. Racist abuse = unacceptable Sectarian abuse = bit of a laugh
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    As a comparison swap Steve Clarke for Mark Walters on the banner and imagine it displayed in the ground the week after he was getting bananas chucked at him. Not really putting the fun back into football is it?
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    Even when he signed and player for Rangers I always liked Ferguson, a top bloke albeit a wee bit unhinged. It was and still is an absolute disgrace he was jailed on the back of that, frankly, rather mild head butt. I also think it lead to us being deprived of a top striker for Scotland for a good few years.
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    Still game didn’t let me down. I set myself up for knowing it would be pish.
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    Thanks Davy. Money transferred.
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    Armstrong is easily good enough for the EPL as he has already shown.
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    Shut the fuck up you clown.
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    Its funny as fuck watching gumps like rolling hills pretend other clubs have sectarian issues to deflect away from their scum bag support. I think it's safe to say rolling hills is a scum bag too otherwise he'd be condemning it.
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    And herin lies the problem 100% the problem,,. you cant even see it..... which makes it worse..... you and your ilk have absolutely no clue what was wrong on wednesday night and what is wrong with that banner Mr Poke is 100 on the button... u are so far off the mark you could be speaking from furthest planet in the universe(or the second last one at leasy) Unbelievable
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    Theresa May is a fucking cretin.
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    Bates has scored for S V Hamburg.
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    McTominay, Robertson and Armstrong starting in the Premier league today. Plus a few Scots playing yesterday as well. I can't recall any time in the past 15ish years that we had so many Scots playing regularly in the top division in England. Definitely a good omen for the future.
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    You were likely a better dribbler in the cludgie than he was on the park
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    Was his cock too big for you?
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    EXTREME HUN WATCH This is a 3 hr warning that a Rangers football match is being played today. This should be be enough warning for armchair compliance officers to wash their eyes an get the typing finger exercised in anticipation of all the scandalous behaviour of the Rangers players and their fans. Remember and turn the volume right up. This won't affect all of you I know, some of you will possibly not be home from church 🙏, so you should get the vcr fired up soon. ps, enjoy the match
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    I know. I realized that far too late to edit it.
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    Cheers Gents, I’m a tad drunk now, thought we deserved at least a point, had resingned myself to relegation, now I’m not too sure. Byraway, fucking love Edinburgh ❤️
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    You've used that one a few times. What is it specifically that means others have their life revolve round a football team, but you don't? A guy who also has thousands of posts on a football message board. Is it because you don't go to games and other people do, or something else? Edit to add that this was another raging post, so Debian was indeed correct about you
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    £1 a ticket, there would be people taking the gamble of an easy cheap 2 points. I think they are doing the right thing here.
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    Not one to condon arson but these types of bars are a complete embarrassment and could perhaps benefit from a torching. Always wondered what sort of cretin travels to Spain to spend their 2 weeks drinking in the Bob Malcolm suite of the ‘Billy Bar’ or whatever cringeworthy name they have chosen
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    You’ll be flying Catalan flags at next home game along wi the Palestinian ones then.
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    Wow wow wow those Spanish polis had better watch out ! Big Maple the world's greatest Scotsman and self proclaimed hardman you don't want to mess with is getting angry He'll turn up in Valencia in an eye watering chequered suit (that he thinks is tartan), inform them that he is "a legend" and give them one final warning or else.
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    100% right in every aspect, but when you can just retort with "but we haven't qualified for any thing for 20 years" you really are wasting your time pointing things out.
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    Of course it's obvious, as it perfectly sums up how low we've fallen. It wasn't like it was the core of the point that I was making. The point is that in my opinion Scottish football is rotten to the core. If you disagree with that then fine. Personally I can't see any shoots of growth. When writers write articles about religious bigotry being a blight on Scottish football, is that obvious? How about articles that underline that persecution based on colour is wrong? That's obvious, too. How about Newton's law of international gravitation? That's obvious. Just because something is obvious doesn't mean that it shouldn't be explained or written about.

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