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    Nationalism is a term used in a derogatory manner to try and group together anyone who ( in Scotland’s case) supports independance as swivel eyed loons. Alan criticises the EU as their dealings ‘lack class and diplomacy’ yet I can pretty much guarantee that if the indy vote had gone the other way and Westminster had been acting in the same manner as the Eu, which they would, he would fail to recognise this and merely state that we are the ones choosing to leave and why should they cut us any slack. Nor does he seem to recognise that he too lives in his own echo chamber. I dont have the dislike for Alan that others on here have, but he loses credibility by continually posting information that reflects his own tunnel vision.
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    It's pretty obvious that prior to going to Syria she was groomed, she was clearly vulnerable and was exploited and I imagine that would have continued when she got to Syria, as evidenced by the fact she was married three weeks after arriving. We've also got to factor in that she has had to deal with two of her children dying, therefore she's dealing with loss and with her current predicament, her mental health cannot be good.. As a British national the Government has a duty to bring her back imo and if it is determined that she has in any way committed a crime then she should be punished accordingly. It also presents the relevant authorities with a good opportunity to try and understand why she did this and most importantly, how she did it. That kind of information is invaluable in trying to prevent young people being radicalised as even though the Islamic States territory has disappeared, there are still plenty of them dispersed throughout Syria and Iraq and the grooming of young people is going to continue.
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    Celtic fans can no longer take the high and mighty stance towards Rangers when it comes to pitch invasions
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    I think Alans a cunt, I believe that to be very accurate. He used to post and try to debate stuff, now he just posts utter shite, even he knows that he is posting shite. He is the very example of SNP bad online. He has stated that there are no circumstances that he will ever support Scottish independence, which is fine, its his ideals and morals. He believes Scotland to be a country incapable of running itself, and one that needs handouts from the UK to survive, again, thats his opinion and he is entitled to it. The UK government could do anything, and he would still want to be a part of that country, and I think that says a lot. The SNP, the Scottish Government and independence in general, can be debated, debunked, criticised etc etc, but not by him. Theres British Nationalists on here, and they are capable of putting across their views, points and stats, and they should feel free to do so, but no one is as blinkered and obnoxious. I want independence for Scotland, but that doesnt make me a nationalist as Alan tries to paint it, the exact opposite as far as Im concerned.
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    I disagree, I dont think it is a good post, it’s an ok post, for Alan. Where I agree with Alan is on his statement about opponents being denigrated, though this is hardly new nor can it be blamed on ‘nationalism’. A figure of 80% agreement is also a bit idyllic but he probably just used that figure to emphasise the point. All political parties are guilty of constantly denigrating their opponents, even when a reasonably decent policy or idea is introduced by their opponents they cannot bring themselves to give it credit. If they do it is always followed by a ‘but’ , then they start rattling off something negative and often not even related to the policy or idea. Am I alone, or too naive, to think that a party that acknowledges another party’s idea as positive, or who has the guts to admit they themselves got something wrong , would be a damned sight more trustworthy than the constant sniping we get ? I include the SNP in this. Where I disagree with Alan in his ‘all nationalism is bad’ theory is that the people who want scottish independence are the exact same people who voted Labour en masse forever and a day in Scotland. Why are these people now described as blinkered and (negatively ) nationalistic when it was perfectly acceptable for the same hoardes of people to vote Labour all their life? It was ok for 80% of a country ( like Alan, I am using that figure more to emphasise the point ) to constantly vote for a left of centre party so long as there was no threat to the union, now that there is an alternative it is blamed on nationalism. It is disrespectful to assume that anyone who supports independance is an indoctrinated nutter who cannot think for themselves. Finally , he makes a veiled dig about the time people spend on here as if his time was spent on something more important. Everyones personal circumstances are different. He has 2 children, possibly young, and quite rightly his time should be focused on them. However not everyones personal circumstances replicate his and what they choose to do with their time is their decision. Unfortunately however this is just another example of Alan’s blinkered view of the world.
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    Bloody hell some people are far too obsessed with these player stat websites. Perhaps it's time to ignore these now ?
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    Hell of an accident. Every other club seem to be able to get a result at Rugby Park and keep the stand intact. https://mobile.twitter.com/JamieS1410/status/1097236838014701568?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1097236838014701568&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.killiefc.com%2Fforum%2Findex.php%3Fapp%3Dcore%26module%3Dsystem%26controller%3Dembed%26url%3Dhttps%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2FJamieS1410%2Fstatus%2F1097236838014701568
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    Brown remained on the park / scored the winner following exactly the same challenge Kilmarnock were reduced to 10 men for.
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    Hahaha absolutely raging ya fucking rocket
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    There’s some disharmony in the armchair ranks 😂😂
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    Now tv, you get 1 month free £7.99 for the 2nd month and that should cover the final series.
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    I’m probably not smart enough to put it into words without sounds like a tin hat muppet but we’ll never control our money supply, the media is controlled, mainstream and alternative and our politicians will never offer a real alternative.
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    Another goal for Hastie. Might just be a purple patch but there's also a chance we've got another good prospect on our hands. Reminds me a lot of Ryan Fraser.
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    She actually said Scotland was her first pick but successive managers have said she’s too young for international football
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    She doesn’t want to make a decision on her international career yet as she was born in England so wants to see if she gets called up by Southgate first
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    Yeah I know - I just noticed Aitchison scored our goal. Had checked the Alloa lineup earlier yesterday and wondered why he wasn't in their squad. But re the clip: very impressive. Good quick and adventurous passing under pressure!
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    Is she interested in playing for us?
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    Before yesterdays game Rangers could feasibly have caught celtic, albeit needing to score a shit load of goals. Now they will need assistance from other teams....canny imagine who would want to try and help Rangers though?
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    The bit i bolded and put in italics.
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    Man reading this had me howling with laughter.
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    "Doesnt seem all that brainwashed to me and zero regrets by the sounds She is only wanting back because the Caliphate wasnt what she expected - not that she doesnt believe in it" I didn't quote your post cos I didn't want to add to her exposure so I posted it in italics like we used to do with Sinn Fein when they were on the telly. My point was that Mr Dawkins was only really playing to the gallery there was no insight into what he was saying. I think by defintion, if you are 'brainwashed', you will have no regrets about what you have experienced. you will stay faithfull to your beliefs. I think if you do not have some fixed religious/ spirtual belief, your experiences will define you beliefs, end of. Can I be one of the great thinkers of our time?
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    She is like that religious idiot who went to that island and died and you laughed about it. Ha ha. Maybe if she gets back you could invite her round to yours for some raw lung and burning some animals alive in cages in your back garden while you pick apples and talk a heap of shite.
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    Richard Dawkins‏Verified account @RichardDawkins She’s OK with severed heads – they were “enemies of Islam.” In same breath, she wants UK to accept her. Legally she has a case. Morally she should go to an Islamic Republic. But maybe doesn’t want to be arrested for driving, singing, dancing, talking to an unrelated male, etc.
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    It's a comment on the hypocrisy of people who don't want British people who've gone abroad and done bad things to be able to return because they represent a danger to society and yet want to be able to deport foreign people who've done bad things here for exactly the same reason. Views that were pretty widely expressed yesterday in various media outlets. Same mindset as ex-pat Brits who don't realise that freedom of movement applies to them as well. FWIW, I have very little sympathy for her and the situation she finds herself in.
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    Oh Alan, your cunt level just keeps increasing.
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    Right, two guys died in a plane crash.... sad. I cannae get all this wringing of hands over someone 9 out of 10 folk had never heard of? 4 weans died in a house fire down south and yet plays second fiddle to this story.
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    Good chance Ireland could be one country by then. Would give the bid a bit more symmetry anyway.
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    You'd need to have some kick to mangle a row of seats. It's caused from overcrowding and people putting more pressure on the seats by having their foot on them for balance when there's several people squeezing up. You can believe what you like I suppose, but only one of us actually witnessed it happening at the time, and it wasn't you.

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