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    Looks like he has a train ticket for teeth
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    I don't watch much football anymore. Tonight made me remember why. Celtic were dogs breath bad. Don't even deserve a swear word. Just awful. Malmo v Chelsea was on in the pub at the same time. Chelsea had to make an effort. Valencia got out of second gear for about 90 seconds for the two goals. And that's the best we have to offer from Scottish football. The entire system is diseased and it will not get better. Quite glad I don't partake anymore.
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    I will not be alone in saying "thank fk for that!" 😝
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    This. I'm more annoyed about the ABC
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    At least half of that number are SNP members who voted Leave for that material change in circumstances
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    Kilmarnock's average attendances are around 5k. I believe that after cutting down their debt they fluctuate between small losses and 6 figure profits on an annual basis - squirrelhumper and co can perhaps confirm. They have a lot of community initiatives. Whether they are a "top club" based on current league position or performances doesn't mean they are not a small community based club like Motherwell. Obviously it depends on your study comparisons but I think that descriptions stands up to scrutiny. If some players or managers or pundits or fans don't like it then their pitch they can take it up with the SPFL and FIFA. Otherwise Killie and other clubs are perfectly entitled to put down the surface they best considers suits their clubs needs as long as it is FIFA approved - as is the case at Rugby Park.
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    6 goals in 34 appearances, which doesn't sound great - but as we saw recently he works well with speedy wingers and attacking midfielders. Definitely should be in the next squad and would have no problem with him keeping the starting jersey. Just great that we have an option like Burke back in the frame now. Perhaps coming on as a sub might work best for him anyway - tired opposition defenders vs a machine like him? Could be match-changing.
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    Sensible argument kid. Never mind the good or the future of Scottish football. As long as it annoys someone on a message board. Stand on.
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    Hi Davy it was Graham Smith who paid. He put REF stitch on the payment.
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    When there is a new debate on Independence I feel the No campaign will argue the Scotland remaining in the EU was never an option on the Brexit vote, as we know the vote was for the UK exiting. SNP at the time suggested we all vote remain to help the Independence argument . I for one would love to live in an Independent country and not politically ever tied to any union ever again, be it EU or UK. My only problem is if we manage to achieve independence will we be inundated with people looking for utopia.
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    100% right in every aspect, but when you can just retort with "but we haven't qualified for any thing for 20 years" you really are wasting your time pointing things out.
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    Use the bridge one way, but fork out for the Kylrhea ferry the other. It opens at Easter only if the weather is ok. The mainland drive from it is interesting too. If you like hillwalking, then Bla Bheinn is great. Would not recommend any Skye mountains for beginners though. I nearly ruined my day with the route I picked off it. The Sligachan hotel has 400 malts to try. The scenery in Trotternish is pretty unique. Dunno if any of these float your boat.
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    Kilmarnock are a community based club, they have kids playing on that pitch every single night. Drive bye RP just now and the floodlights will be on and there will some sort of youth football on. We have no training ground, we used to train in fucking Glasgow but we brought training back to Killie and the difference in the interation between the club, players and fans is amazing. The pitch is getting relaid, we're spending guts of £1m on a new synthetic pitch. The current pitch has hosted several Scottish Rugby Internationals, it's UEFA compliant, we can play in Europe on it. Hearts have a brand spanking new hybrid grass pitch and have an injury list the length of your arm. We've barely had an injury in 18 months. Worst injury was a head knock to Broadfoot. Should be ban grass too? Give me a valid reason against synthetic pitches in the top flight?
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    If you accept the argument that Scotland needs more people then you need to accept they are entitled to their political views. It's ironic though, how it's considered politically sensitive to mention nationality in the indyref but the UK simply denied non UK Europeans the vote and to hell with the consequences. As if to say, it's our vote, if you don't like it f--- off!
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    Indeed. They basically swung the Brexit vote in wales too. Don't give a hoot if this sounds racist, but most of them will never vote Yes.

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