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    Rangers have already submitted their appeal for Morelosโ€™ red card.
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    If we host it we don't have to qualify right??? If so am in. I ve not seen us qualify for anything since I was 16.
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    Is it not a tad harsh to send a player off 24 hours before a game starts? ๐Ÿ˜‰
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    Burke was excellent today, ripped st Johnstone apart with his pace and power. His two assists were excellent. Hopefully he's fit for Valencia as that would be a good test for him.
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    Right, two guys died in a plane crash.... sad. I cannae get all this wringing of hands over someone 9 out of 10 folk had never heard of? 4 weans died in a house fire down south and yet plays second fiddle to this story.
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    Think how many he would have if Cullum Paterson's head was there to meet them in the box
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    Guys tops are advertised by professional footballers or models posing as such. Pouts, ripped denims and wind blowing in a wind machine never feature. Why do this when advertising the woman's top unless you're a sexist twat that thinks that this is acceptable? Just because the guy raising the point has decided to go for a bit of fame off the back of it doesn't make his original point wrong.
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    Whats your problem Dalgety apart from just being a fucking dick. I'll explain it once again since you seem to be a bit thick. No manager is going to tell a team or the players to lose a game ..but plenty of chairmen would have made it clear to a manager and consequently the manager would give the impression to the players that he wasn't that concerned. Now give it a rest with your stupid smart arse comments
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    Man City 4-0 up on Chelsea. Embarrassing for English football this.

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