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    Right, two guys died in a plane crash.... sad. I cannae get all this wringing of hands over someone 9 out of 10 folk had never heard of? 4 weans died in a house fire down south and yet plays second fiddle to this story.
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    What? Like going to Paris in a Kilt?
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    I have paid this fee ever since I have a Telly , but since the 2014 Ref and now Question Time Debacle at Motherwell , I have no faith in The BBC being impartial , I have cancelled my direct Debit , what is the consequences of this action
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    To be honest it’s not really a new idea. Wings lays it out so even the layman can understand it, but there’s some who don’t want to understand. Scotland being a subsidy junky is a big fat lie Westminster and its unionist fan base like to tout to scare the less politically minded. The likes of Alan know it’s a lie, but he’s one of those who would rather see Scotland be seen as a scrounging basket case whilst in reality its resources are being raped for the benefit of another country. But I get what you’re saying. 😉
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    Well worth a read. Maybe Alan could educate himself also. https://wingsoverscotland.com/the-outstanding-balance/#comments
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    Burke was excellent today, ripped st Johnstone apart with his pace and power. His two assists were excellent. Hopefully he's fit for Valencia as that would be a good test for him.
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    Have the BBC camera guys at Pittodrie been drinking? Some rather strange angles being used.
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    Man City 4-0 up on Chelsea. Embarrassing for English football this.
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    Could get it up on the Pittodrie walls maybe? Inspiring stuff x
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    It's not just case of simply "not liking bigots", it's a case of wishing the entire membership were dead and that's bigotry on my book, bigotry this particular poster has betrayed on more than one occasion. Dont get me wrong, I have no time for the OO as an organisation and if it died off tomorrow I wouldn't shed any tears - I think it's pretty much withering on the vine though - but while I know there are some complete scumbags in the OO there are also some decent people who have deeply and and sincerely held religious views, not ones I agree with myself, but ones they're ever bit as entitled to hold as anyone else.
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    photoshopped? Never saw the game SH, just listened on the wireless. But any team coming away from Rugby Park now with a point or result is a good thing. You must be proud of your team pal. I know I mention the plastic pitches on here but apart from that Killie are a great side. And it is great to see. Still not a foregone conclusion for the replay although Rangers will be favourites. If we can't win the cup then love to see Killie winning it mate. C'mon Auchinleck today. Now Hearts better be on their game there. Levein is thinking about playing two up front and everything.
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    And that is classic whataboutery. I see absolutely no one has even remotely tried to discuss the kick to the head. Just the usual TAMB "but, but that bad hun dived" responses. And you wonder why Rolling Hills comes on and trolls you. You get what you deserve in that regard.
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    Rolling hills why don't you let some of the other patients have a shot on the ipad and you can go and play with some crayons or something ?
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    Jumped on the train today at Berwick-upon-Tweed to go meet a mate in Edinburgh. The bunch of toffee nosed Henry cunts with red cords stood on the platform was incredible. Rugby truly is a game for rancid putrid wankers. I forgot to mention Tweed jackets and cunty bunnets too. Vile specimens.
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    Aaid you are a scream ! And I stand by every single word I said about those orange scum. Aaid and I really should meet up in a Premier inn or a Travellodge for a tender all night long shag sometime.
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    I feel if the SNP made a big issue regarding a points system like Australia they would have half a chance convincing no voters, as it stands she is promoting open arms approach which is swaying a lot of folk not to vote for her. If we get independence and become a successful country don't you feel all and sundry, from down south and across Europe will want to be here. Skilled people certainly should be welcomed but only after we as a country are doing all we can to ensure our young are considered first, ie apprenticeships, skills training etc. For a full generation or two it has been too easy for employers to opt for foreign tradesmen before taking the time to develop our own. I for one would make a policy of 1 local youngster be employed as an apprentice for ever 2 non indigenous employees to ensure we don't need to keep importing our tradesfolk.
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    That’s £25 paid by pay pal bud see you in Italy
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    Beautiful. Think I've found my new screensaver. 😍😍
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    I wish they'd just bloody hurry up and ban rolling hills and his pal big maple. Tedious. Clogging up the forum day after day with utter shite.

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