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    Rangers fan tries to slate fans for vile singing after his own supporters were glorying murder, rifles and pistols all in one song. Brilliant 😂😂
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    Nobody will have to move, but what gets me about these Alans who believe their British identity will be diminished by Scottish indy is their hypocritical lack of respect for any opposing view. 'Scottish independence would destroy my British identity, but 300 years of union with England hasn't diminished anyone's Scottish identity, oh no. Now shut up and eat your cereal'.
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    FWIW, as a woman, I think this complaint is a total overreaction. Football tops ARE worn as fashion items by women , you dont need to play womens football or be a blokish woman to wear a football top. I am pretty sure there are plenty previous adverts where the football top is being worn by a more ‘athletic ‘ ( for want of a better word) woman. Why should there not be a picture of a woman who is wearing it as a fashion item . Tbh I could complain the model they have replaced her with suggests all women who like football should have short hair and wear no make up. You would be as well sticking the top on a silhouette if we are going to moan about things like this.
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    I have an idea that you're a tediously dull prick.
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    What was it ? The new JD Sports advert for the wummins Scotland top ?
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    Precisely. Do they not stop for a moment to think what they are saying or arguing for. They are effectively on national television going berserk at Scots who want better for themselves. They are arguing the toss that their country (Scotland) is an effectual, useless place with nothing of note and they are begging to be kept by their English masters. Unbelievable. If they really hate their country that much and have such a low opinion of it what are they doing staying here and moaning?
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    I think he could play where Fletch did for the last 2 games. It wasn't like he was trying to get on the end of every chance, more just holding up the ball and bringing forrest, fraser & christie into play in the final third; something I think Harper would be capable of. The worry is that people will judge him solely on his goalscoring and not what he can bring to the team in terms of build up play.
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    I think she is fantastic, a complete breath of fresh air. Take into account Mhairi Black, and the women seem far better than the men in government.
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    Tory Michael shaking his head, aye cheers ya prick, you offer loads. I agree with slasher, its time to boycott this pish, the BBC is the stasi. Hand on heart, I hate these utter cunts.
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    Guys tops are advertised by professional footballers or models posing as such. Pouts, ripped denims and wind blowing in a wind machine never feature. Why do this when advertising the woman's top unless you're a sexist twat that thinks that this is acceptable? Just because the guy raising the point has decided to go for a bit of fame off the back of it doesn't make his original point wrong.
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    Just like any other No voter - best of both worlds! All the benefits of living in Scotland while being part of a glorious broad-shouldered global power (and part of something even bigger - the EU!) Also you might fear you'd lose all your cushy sassanach-subsidised goodies in event of separation.
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    You forgot about the iron x
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    That's not right. People wear sporting goods as fashion accessories all the time. This advert may have been designed to appeal to a different market - lassies that like to wear sporting goods as fashion items with a pair of ripped jeans? Maybe it's actually the other way round, maybe it's those who find the advert sexually provocative that need to have a word with themselves? I just saw a lassie wearing a Scotland top.
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    Yup, a dull prick. Thanks for confirming.
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    Look at her jeans, she clearly has ventilation issues. So just because of that she shouldn't be allowed to model the Scotland shirt? Shame on you.....
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    The lassie is sitting with her legs wide open at 90 degrees. If you think that's an acceptable way to sell a football top, then you're a complete zoomer.
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    Thick hun in believing any old lie he reads in the Daily Record shocker.
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    Indeed. They basically swung the Brexit vote in wales too. Don't give a hoot if this sounds racist, but most of them will never vote Yes.
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    It's clearly provocative, look at everyone talking about it. So let's ditch that discredited line of thinking. There's a clear difference in how the pictures are shot. How people feel about that fact is up to them.
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    It would be interesting to see the make up of that 12% i dare say it would be mostly made up of more senior citizens which then gets us onto another topic of our southern neighbors retiring down south and moving up north and enjoying a better lifestyle,that then drains our public finances
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    Since i'm not an Irish national i don't get to vote on referendums or Presidential elections, so i can dodge your question easily enough! (the answer would be Yes though)
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    I’m not denying the guy is most likely a bell end, anyone that takes pleasure in getting this AD taken down is a bit special but that’s a provocative / sexy / whatever term you wanna use picture and appears to be marketed for the guys as much as the girls
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    Fair play, any particular reason?...any other elements of society not to your liking? What if they dont like your culture? Is it ok for them to "destroy" it? Do you feel threatened or was it the way you were raised..maybe a twirling band stick hit you on the head? OR are you jealous?
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    What are the models like on that fake Asian site you buy your fitba tops from? Do they have ladyboys with their cocks poking out their ripped jeans? 😆🤨
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    I never commited suicide. It was a culmination of things. I spent months and months becoming exasperated by Hun cunts grassing me up and me receiving bans. I have friends on here(not just online wanks). I have no reason to read total fucking liars like Renfrew and Hunbear again and again.
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    The SNP strategists are fucking hopeless at the moment It should have been obvious that an attack was going to come and Fiona Hyslop should never have been anywhere near that show Should have had Mhairi Black or Tommy Sheppard on
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    Oh and Billy fae "Livi True Blues" or whatever the fuck they are called can go shite through his flute and then shove up his loyal orange cunt.
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    Quite few people on twitter have made the point that given that unbelievable QT audience tonight you'd think Motherwell was a strongly loyalist town that wants to leave the EU and is a no-go area for the SNP. When in actual fact it voted for Scottish independence, to remain in the EU and it's Holyrood and Westminster constituency representatives are all SNP.
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    The BBC have stage managed that beautifully, time for a new approach of uncooperation. The government of this country being treated like some sort of insurgency. Let's behave like one then, stop playing fair and hit where it fuckin hurts!
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    An audience of Alans, although Ive only seen the last 5 minutes. Fuck the lot of them, fuck the unionist tory audience plants, and fuck Hugo.
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    From what I've seen (a couple of games for Malta and few games for RMD U19s in the UEFA League) he's more used behind the 9. When he does play up front his role is less as the main goal threat and more similar to how S Fletcher was used in the last Scotland game. Get the ball to his feet and feed the runners. Don't think he'll ever be a prolific goal scorer but he's got some good attributes that make him worth keeping an eye on. Good feet, quick without being lighting, strong, big enough to cause problems in the box at set pieces and be useful for defending them. He's make a good understudy to Fletcher if that the system McLeish wants to play going forward
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    Do you own a top? Do you always wear the full kit? Why should women be treated differently? Are you suggesting your girls aren't allowed to play football? Your point is bollocks.
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    I must be looking at a different picture, the one I’m seeing is of an attractive blonde, probably a model, sexy pose, fuck me eyes, wripped jeans etc
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    100% its that Chripper. Guaranteed.
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    What a complete and utter fucking bellend
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    Women's football is probably the biggest growth area in the game just now and deserves the right to be treated equally in this regard. The SFA were right to get the fashion model image pulled. It was a ridiculous thing to do in the first place. The guy complaining has a daughter that plays the game so I can see why it pissed him off.
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    Absolutely no mention of Ross Thomson on Reporting Scotland tonight. Compare that with Mark McDonald where they door stepped his constituency office, despite him not being there, and then did a vox pop with people in the street asking them to describe how outraged they were about his alleged behaviour and asking whether he should resign. With Michelle Thomson - who remember was completely cleared, never charged with anything and in fact she was never actually accused of anything - they had a lead story which included an interview with a couple who'd sold their house to her company being encouraged to be angry that they'd sold below market value - something which presumably they were aware of at the time.
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    Im not offended but its right the picture was removed. The woman's shirt should be advertised the same as the guys and bairns is.. As a sports shirt. Right decision to remove.
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    Didn't realise they were referees too along with fellow north Brit, Douglas Ross.
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    While I agree with you about the double standards, I don't think that Salmond is a fair comparison. Salmond is a vastly more higher profile and important figure than Ross Thomson and it is a much bigger story. A fairer comparison would be with either Mark McDonald or Michelle Thomson and - so far - the media coverage has come nowhere near close to the level in those two cases, even though the allegations in Ross Thomson's case - which don't seem to have been denied so far - are much more serious.
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    Do the Scotland women's team, and their fans, need a certain type of JD sports model to tell them the "correct" way to wear clothes? Only a "sexist twat" would think that

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