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    What goes on tour stays on tour.....
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    I see Chripper is on a one man mission to ruin every thread on here
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    The Yoonstream will be pumping out the "look how bad Brexit has been, Independence will be worse" as Project Fear II. This is how they'll try and win over those most resistant to any form of change. Although I must say that I love the idea of Holyrood running circles around Westminster after seeing how incompetent they really are...
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    I think you and ‘Stevie G’ blether a power of absolute shite.
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    Don’t upset big ramy. He’ll throw down his gloves onto the ice and challenge you to a fight, just like they do in glesga.......
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    Why are you apologising to a guy who hates u. Hates anything rangers. And continually name calls on here?
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    I've taken 2-2 on my correct score double. That would suit us fine, our traditional title rival dropping two points and obviously Rangers dropping them too is a nice bonus.
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    “and was tipped for the top by just about everyone who seen him play.” Much like the Lisobon Lions this suggests the writer was born within 30 miles of Glasgow.
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    Ah the old wanting to watch your team play in the Scottish Cup on TV for 2hrs whilst on a stag do, shocking eh. I forgot Celtic fans were such cultured souls when abroad. I'll sing Broadback Brimmer whilst I'm in said pub if it makes you feel any more cultured.
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    You lost the argument as soon as you put rangers & dignity in the same sentence.
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    Update from Donald Tusk. There will be NO change . The backstop stays. "I hope there is place in hell for the brexiteers who didnt and still dont have a sketch of a plan" EU are ramping it up now and seem raging with UK
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    He should have been cited but when you see Shinnie getting away with his Superman dive few weeks ago, there's not much surprise.
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    That depends if we have better replacements. The main strength of Bates is his instinct to defend and in particular to smother opponents (not literally) using his physique.
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    https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/competitions/premiership/steven-gerrard-decisions-have-been-going-against-rangers-for-years-1-4779084 Seems like daft cunt should listen to his own advice. A true prick of a man.
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    Gerrard has his on Clarke's attempt to get Defoe banned
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    Nah mate, your definitely not in the brackets of paranoia, most of your posts are pretty balanced. There are others whom I would consider to be the driving force on the keyboard behind the mask that are RH and BR. Makes for good viewing tho
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    Have you got me as the man behind those 2? My point about him being a Rangers player was slightly tongue in cheek, but... I do believe the SFA/SPFL are shit scared of Rangers and Celtic. The SFA rules wouldn’t stand up to any challenge from lawyers etc. and anyway there’s generally little consequence or backlash from giving shite decisions against the diddy teams.
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    Let’s have an 11 man squad.
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    Generally Rangers fans think officials are pro Celtic, Celtic fans think officials are pro Rangers, every other teams fan know that the officials are pro Weegie. Saturdays decisions were outrageous, theres no way that the SFA can think that that is acceptable. Dallas should be sidelined/demoted for a long time, same for the linesman. The ref at McDiarmid isnt much better, I watched the game and just assumed that Weah was booked. Defoe should be banned for diving, you could say he anticipated contact and went down, I will call it what it is, he is a diving cheat. We almost have a title race, theres 4 teams doing very well, and creating a bit of excitement in our game, theres another 3 marooned at the bottom fighting for their lives, it should be exciting, but people are speaking about the refs being at best incompetent, or at worst, and most likely cheats. FFS SFA get it sorted, if they cant do the job, sack them, if you cant replace them here, get foreigners to do the job, they cant allow the same things to go wrong every month.
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    And you think that's an "unpopular opinion" ? Where the fuk do you live? In a mosque?