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    This is the weirdest RIP thread I've ever read. You'd never have thought on p.1 we'd have had 6 pages, ending up at Noah's Ark. Could only happen here.
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    I think it's pointed out more with Rangers because there's more. Sunday for example was a fucking disgrace. 90 minutes of a stadium singing about religious intolerance, mocking a guy with mental health issues and calling a guy a rapist. I genuinely couldn't support a team that's followed by so many utter cunts, with a club who indulge these scumbags and tacitly encourage their behaviour. So i'm sorry if it constantly being pointed out annoys you but i'll make no apology for doing so.
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    I love how bitter and raging Killie fans are getting towards Aberdeen. It's hilarious.
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    Taking delight in knowing the away tickets are going to real bears and not the Yessers and tarrier sympathisers
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    Its a shame we never lost WW2. According to Piers Morgan we wouldnt have needed subtitles ☹️
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    The headline I read was something along the lines of ‘ Teresa May goes back to the EU to get told to fuck off in 27 different languages ‘
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    I find it strange that you find a woman being abused "funny" given you get so offended about other stuff and are supposed to be a man of God
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    I'm going to stand up for the FA cup here, it is a great cup competition and I don't think any other domestic cup competition comes close to it. I pretty much agree with what's been said above but that's largely about the attitude to EPL clubs from the third round proper to the semi-finals, once clubs get to the semi-final, they al want to win it. The reasons are pretty obvious, there is so much money in being in the EPL and CL that you can understand why some clubs priories the league over the cup. That said, I don't know why teams that have no real chance of being relegated or finishing in the top four don't give it a real go. The FA have to take a lot of responsibility though for the way they've pissed about with it, starting with having the semi finals at Wembley up to having the draw after a Monday night game. On the other hand though the money that comes into the competiton via TV is very good and it's actually allotted pretty fairly through the entrants. What a lot of people don't realise - and I don't think you get this unless you support a lower league or non league team - is that the FA cup is in essence about three or four different competitions rolled into one. Obviously only one team can lift the cup in May at Wembley but lots of clubs can have very successful seasons in the FA cup and can win every bit as much as the ultimate winners. 736 teams entered the FA cup this season with the first games played in early August. Teams that come it at this level literally have grounds that are a rope around the pitch. Success for teams at this level would be a decent run perhaps to the second qualifying round where they might get a tie against one of the bigger NLN or NLS teams, perhaps an ex-league team like York or Torquay. For teams a bit further up the pyramid, they might be looking at a run to the fourth qualifying round and a tie against a conference side or even better to the 1st round proper and get a league club. For teams in the National League and Leagues 1 & 2, then it's the third round proper and beyond and a draw against an EPL club as Sutton did a couple of years ago. This to me is where the real magic of the FA cup is and is why it's the best domestic cup competition in the world.
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    Piers - Boys name . Derivative of German word Pierce. Also see : Prick.
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    I think you can judge a lot of the grief for Emilio by the utter lack of it for it the pilot.
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    Of? Just asking it's not a very common last name.
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    https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1078729108367044608.html From the same military psyops specialists that gave us Brexit and Trump. The @Conservatives have almost certainly deployed a government controlled psychological "weapon of war" and turned it against voters during General Elections in the UK.
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    I’m surprised Celtc haven’t been all over this like damp up a wall 🚑 🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️
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    Bringing out Orange away strips.
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    That Sinking Feeling is a film I love. It should be known and shown more widely. A screwball comedy in Glasgow. Aberdeen, Dundee, Embra, Perth - youse cunts will never beat the sheer, sweet, heartbreaking image that is Glasgow in the rain. Would recommend buying the BFI's recent crystal clear restoration of the film that is out on DVD and Blu-Ray. The bonus features include comes with a directors commentary by Bill Forsyth and four or five interesting short films he made in the seventies To conclude, it is a great film about The World's Greatest City.
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    Its in scottish waters, dont worrry about that, even the donald dewar median line does not get that far north
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    SEM? Why do you always assume that I've been pissed up whenever I've written anything online? I don't need a few cans in me to say what I think. Having met you a few times, we all know that there's no danger of you ever being any sort of hardman, unless of course it's when you're tapping away on your phone...Remember that time you threatened to grass me up to the mods for call you a word that you didn't like!? I still have that message from you! 😂
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    And by the way. I remember Scotland supporters singing about David Bechams wife. Football supporters are fickle. You are an Aberdeen supporter and would I accuse you of supporting a team who's supporters sing about the Ibrox Dissaster? No, I wouldn't. Because I would be classing you in the same category. Which I wouldn't. So don't class me in the same category kid. Or the other Rangers boys on here. Grow up son.
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    If that was the point you were trying to make, fair enough but I don't think you made that clear. Can you be more specific re this rabid attitude towards Rangers fans please? I tend to find people are quite positive towards you and fairbairn. sure we have arguments but most of the time we get on well enough, enough a can be expected among fitba fans. Of the other rangers fans who post regularly I can think of Debian, Rolling Hills and the white ceelo. RH is ridiculed but thats nothing to do with him being a hun, its because he's bat shit nuts. the other two can be argumentative and I often think Debian is on the wind up, particularly is Rangers are playing well. I just don't buy this ant rangers fan stuff thats been cried recently.
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    He’s a lying slimy little toad. Can’t stand him.
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    I will also stick up for the competition. Some of my fondest memories of watching football are FACup games. Watching a lower league or non-league club most games are pretty mundane. So the cup competitions are special. From the club's point of view it can be financially very rewarding and for supporters it's the chance to go to a place you have never been (and sometimes never even heard of). Following a club that is in non-league the dream is the first round and the hope of one of the bigger lower league club's away socyou get a day out and the club gets a windfall. If you get a TV game all the better (I think it was £68k for the first round ).the club's who make wholesale changes should be banned from the following seasons competition. I know most of the EPL club's won't care but at least you'll have a competition with club's that want to take part. Ian
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    Danny Fox signs for Wigan.
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    So will the next Cardiff City v Leicester game be called El Crashico?
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    Mark Baxter was a right back for Saints. Born and bred in Perth and had a real good heart on the field. Always got stuck right in. Ended up at Arbroath as far as I know with his buddy Aaron Doris who also did great at Arbroath.
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    Your comment (last paragraph) is a measured and reasonable response and from what I've seen of the tackle I'd probably agree. My response was about the pish "Hun" comments, as if it was a bad tackle that only a Rangers or ex Rangers player would do. Aberdeen fan in hypocrisy shocker. There's cunts in every team and every support. Not that you'd know it from the shite posted on here.
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    Thanks for demonstrating what I mean. Every time a Rangers fan on here comments on another team we get responses like this. "you can't comment because there's scum in your support" type of shite. But if I say it back to someone who blatantly demonstrates hypocrisy it's outrageous. The attitude on here is rabid when it comes to Rangers fans in general. So if you don't like posts like mine you should have a wee think before posting that type of shite yourselves. This is obviously not aimed at you in particular. It's a general comment.

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